AD Number : 658 2023-05-27

Italian Aspiring Model 188cm tall.

Your Nationality Italy
Gender Male;男
Age 25
Your Mandarin Ability Beginner
Your English Ablility Fluent
Height 185-189 cm
Weight 70-74 kg
Current Hair Color Brown
Natural Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Bust - Chest 39 in.
Waist 28 in.
Hips 30 in.
Inseam 33 in.
Shoe Size US Size 11
Bra Cup
Type of Modeling or Performance Work I Prefer General Model,Fashion Shows,Catalogs,Magazines,Corporate RP Video,TV Commercials
Describe Yourself, Your Modeling & Performance Experience and Approach (300 characters)

Hello! I'm Andrea , an Italian aspiring model ready to take the fashion world by storm. With my distinct features and a passion for self-expression, let me give you a glimpse of who I am.

At 188cm, I possess a commanding presence, radiating confidence and style. My slim and statuesque figure, standing seven-heads tall, lends an elegant and natural appeal to any fashion setting.

My expressive eyes, accentuated by long, alluring eyelashes, add depth and intrigue to my overall look. They create a captivating connection that draws people in and leaves a lasting impression.

Though new to the industry, I bring a unique skill set as a bartender, showcasing versatility and creativity. This background has honed my adaptability and passion for creating unforgettable experiences.

Years of Modeling or Performance Experience None
Highest Educational Level Achieved Senior High School
Highest Educational Level Achieved in Italy
Highest Educational Level Major Other
Highest Educational Level institution Name
Bachelor's Degree Achieved in
Bachelor's Degree Major
Bachelor's Degree Institution Name
Currently I am a(an) Other
Type of Work Sought Full-Time,Part-Time,Big Cases,Small Cases,Hourly
Accept Emergency Cases Not At This Time
Are you in Taiwan No
If you're Not in Taiwan, Month You will Arrive 12/23
Your Location Australia
Postal Zone