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Zen Practice/ Meditation Class

 02 2351 9399

Region Northern Taiwan 北台灣
Name of Institue or School The None Zen Center
Text of Ad

Come to see yourself for yourself.
Not just relax, not just tranquility, not just stillness.
It's Zen. It's You. It's yourself. Nothing else but true nature of yourself.
More about the teaching and The None Zen Center, please go to

Number of Students Small Class, less than 10 in each class.
Type of Classes Offered Part-time
Part-time Class Schedule
FULL-time Class Schedule
Classes Begin

Zen Practice/ Meditation Classes start in April: 1. Beginner's Class: a 4-session course meeting weekly from 19:30 to 21:00 Tuesday starting on April 9. 2. Advanced Class: a 4-session course meeting weekly from 09:30 to 12:00 Saturday starting o

Street Address

No. 241-2 (Floor 2), Jinhua Street, Taipei

District Da-An
Location Taipei City 台北市