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Have You Considered a Career in Aircraft Maintenance?

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Region Northern Taiwan 北台灣
Name of Institue or School Lufthansa Technical Training Taiwan
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Lufthansa Technical Training has established a unique training program in Taiwan. Our training is approved under local CAA, European JAA (now European Aviation Safety Agency, EASA) regulations and recognized by the US FAA, offering students a wide range of job opportunities after they graduate from our school.

We have built all the training facilities needed to provide an international training environment of the highest standard, including a variety of training aircraft. Several training shops, mock-ups and simulations allow “learning by doing”. Fifty percent of the training is hands-on to allow the students to develop the practical skills necessary for high standard maintenance work. The classroom training is supported by various training aids, models, simulations and computer based training units which were developed by Lufthansa Technical Training and are now used by many other airlines as well.

Instructors for aircraft related subjects are all licensed. Teachers for general subjects have an excellent educational back-ground to ensure the best teaching quality.

Our school is located on the campus of the China University of Science and Technology, Hengshan Campus, Hsinchu County. The university is our partner and we share facilities with them. Together we operate the China Aviation School.

The training aircraft include the following:
1 x B727
1 x C119 and 3 x British Norman Pilatus (BN2’s) - propeller aircraft with reciprocating engines
1 x Piper and 1 x Cessna
1 x Ultra Light Aircraft
1 x F104
1 x F5-E fighter aircraft

If you are interested in a life-altering course of study then look back at the skies that brought you here. Take that same vision and apply it to your future. Lufthansa Technical Training will provide you with the professional training that will give you skills valued worldwide.

Number of Students Maximum 15
Type of Classes Offered Full-time
Part-time Class Schedule
FULL-time Class Schedule Monday to
Classes Begin

Classes begin at various times through-out the year. A new class starts approximately every three months.

Street Address

200, Chung Hwa Street, Heng Shan Village, Heng Shan Township

District Hsinchu County 新竹縣
Location Hsinchu County 新竹縣