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Welcome to National Taipei College of Business

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Region Northern Taiwan 北台灣
Name of Institue or School National Taipei College of Business國立臺北商業技術學院
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*The School was originally founded in 1917 under the Japanese occupation, and was named “Taiwan Commercial School of the Governor's Office.”

Later in 1921, the school’s jurisdiction was transferred to Taipei County and was renamed as “Taipei County Commercial School.” In 1922, “Taipei County Commercial School” was renamed and a night program was established. It was soon expanded into “Taipei County Second Commercial School.” After the retrocession of Taiwan from Japan to China in 1945, the two schools were renamed as “Taiwan Provincial Taipei First Commercial School” (day program) and “Taiwan Provincial Taipei Second Commercial School” (night program). December 24 was set as the school anniversary.

The number of the alumni has reached hundreds of thousands. Most of them work in business and industrial sectors, and are much welcomed by private and public sectors. They have contributed a lot to the economic and social prosperity of our country.

Accounting Information
Public Finance and Tax Administration
International Business
Business Administration
Information Management
Applied Foreign Languages

*Graduate School
The Business Graduate School has been approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit students in the academic year of 2004.

Two-year Day Program
Four-year Day Program
Extension Program

*Junior College
Five-year Program
Two-year Day Program
Extension Program

*Subsidiary School
Open College
Extension Junior College
Extension Business Vocational School

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Street Address

No.321, Sec. 1, Jinan Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City

District Zhongzheng District
Location Taipei City 台北市
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