AD Number : 597 2017-06-12


Teaching English and Living in Taiwan Models & Performers, Photoshoots  image
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Your Nationality Taiwan
Gender Female;女
Age 38
Your Mandarin Ability Intermediate
Your English Ablility Fluent
Height 150-155 cm
Weight 60-64 kg
Current Hair Color Black
Natural Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Bust - Chest 34 in.
Waist 29 in.
Hips 27 in.
Inseam 23 in.
Shoe Size US Size 7
Bra Cup D CUP
Type of Modeling or Performance Work I Prefer General Model,Fashion Shows,Runway,Catalogs,Magazines,Corporate RP Video,Voice Over,Spokes Model,Trade Show Presenter,Singer,Dancer,TV Commercials,TV Performer,Recurring Character in TV Show,Music Video,TV Host,Recurring Character in Movie,Broadway Musical or Dancer
Describe Yourself, Your Modeling & Performance Experience and Approach (300 characters)

I've done MTVs on class course where I'm included of 3solo, we done some steps and dancing among others. We have to film for a day so we all knew the steps , prepared clothes to wear, put on make-up, hair styled and had scheduled , theme , music for the whole day.
Photo shoot for apparel of online store , set the date, background, make -up , hairstyle.

Years of Modeling or Performance Experience 2
Highest Educational Level Achieved Masters Degree
Highest Educational Level Achieved in Taiwan
Highest Educational Level Major Other
Highest Educational Level institution Name Master of Development Communication University of the Philippines Open University
Bachelor's Degree Achieved in Taiwan
Bachelor's Degree Major Mass Communications
Bachelor's Degree Institution Name Lyceum of the Philippines
Currently I am a(an) Graduate School Student
Type of Work Sought Part-Time
Accept Emergency Cases Yes
Are you in Taiwan Yes
If you're Not in Taiwan, Month You will Arrive
Your Location Taipei City 台北市
Postal Zone 1045