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Region Mid Taiwan 中台灣
Name of Institue or School Providence University 靜宜大學
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The Catholic university, Providence University (PU) was founded by six sisters from the Congregation of Sisters of Providence, IN, USA. Upholding with the PU motto: Virtus cum Scientia, or Virtue with Knowledge, PU is committed to becoming “a university for the best interest of students” by emphasizing “student learning”. In addition to providing students with a learning environment of rich and open knowledge and a well-laid administrative and service system, we put strong emphasis on the student’s character education, and concern for the public and morality.
In recent years, we have promoted “Providence University the Volunteer” as the university’s core value, hoping to foster students with academic achievements and good conduct at the same time. PU emphasizes fostering the correct attitude toward life and value of students, and helping students realize the truth of “all things in their being are good for something” and so to exert their talents. This way, PU shapes a campus culture with “focus on conduct, respect for life, pleasure to help one another, emphasize teaching, and aspiration for academics”.
The educational goal of PU is to develop every student into “intellectuals with social responsibility”. Holistic formation and search for truth is the educational feature of catholic universities, and it is represented in fostering students complete professional competence and assisting students understand the meaning of their life. Through curricular planning and campus life, PU helps students discover their talents and self-esteem, stimulate their potential, induce their good nature, establish a solidarity spirit and realize that every life has a meaning and mission to human society, in order to prepare them into intellectuals with social responsibility. Particularly, in a time when the competition in higher education is exceptionally keen and the sense of value is confusing, it is the mission for PU to uphold with the catholic educational spirit in order to lead higher education to the track of virtue with knowledge.
The University is comprised of five colleges: 1.) Foreign Languages and Literature, 2.) Humanities and Social Sciences, 3.) Sciences, 4.) Management; 5.) Computing and Informatics. Within the colleges there are twenty-two departments, nineteen graduate programs, two Ph.D. programs, and four EMBA programs. In addition, Providence has five centers: Chinese Language Education, Teacher Education, Humanities Education, Service Learning and Foreign Language.

Number of Students 10828
Type of Classes Offered Full-time
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* Application Deadline: March 31 annually * MS & MBA programs taught in English * Full Scholarships * Top teaching University in Taichung

Street Address

No. 200, Chung Chi Rd., Sha Lu Township, Taichung County

District Taichung City 台中市
Location Taichung City 台中市