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International Health Program

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Region Northern Taiwan 北台灣
Name of Institue or School International Health Program, National Yang-Ming University 國立陽明大學
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●IHP At a Glance
The International Health Program at National Yang-Ming University became operational in 2002.

This program seeks to train students with interests in international health issues and equip them with capabilities in dealing with complex challenges in public health affecting all societies.

The program aims to recruit equal numbers of domestic and international students with the expectation of active learning and experience sharing among students from different backgrounds. Mandarin Chinese is the language used in the majority of classes at Yang Ming, but all the classes in the International Health Program are in English.

Entry level Mandarin conversation classes are offered for international students.
The International Health Program is a collaborative program of six graduate institutes at Yang Ming: Institute of Public Health, Institute of Health and Welfare Policy, Institute of Clinical and Community Health Nursing, Institute of Biomedical Informatics, Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Institute of Tropical Medicine.

Faculty members from other Institutes at Yang Ming also provide classes and tutoring.

(1) Providing education and training for students to cultivate the capacity to approach public health problems, and to design and carry out public health programs.

(2) Providing the platform for mutual learning and collaboration among international and local students.

(3) Drawing main public health disciplines to understand and address global health concerns through research, education, and international collaboration.

(4) Seeking to provide advanced master and doctoral trainings of research scientists and public health professionals from our nation and other countries.

●Master’s Program
The Master program is a two-year program which offers a Master of Science degree. Students are required to successfully accomplish at least 24 credits of formal lecture courses, and conduct a research-oriented thesis work.

* Qualification
Completion of a bachelor's degree in public health, medicine, and/or other health sciences or related fields at public or registered private universities and independent colleges; the diploma from these colleges and universities must be approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.

●Ph.D. Program
The Doctoral program is aimed to provide education and training for those with a need and strong interest in independent research. The average length for accomplishing a PhD program at Yang Ming is about five years. The candidate is required to accomplish formal course works, a qualification examination, and independent research which leads to results publishable on international scientific journals.

* Qualification
Completion of a doctorate in medicine or dentistry or its equivalent; or a master's degree in public health, medicine, or other health sciences or related fields at public or registered private universities and independent colleges; the diploma must be approved by the Taiwan Ministry of Education.

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