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Being Balanced in Liberal and Physical

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Region Mid Taiwan 中台灣
Name of Institue or School National Taiwan College of Physical Education國立臺灣體育學院
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*Established in 1961. Renamed in 1991(National). Upgraded in 1996

The first school ever in Taiwan for students specialized in sports, Taiwan Provincial College of Physical Education, was established on June 12th, 1961. To make faculty and students identify with the school and promote the concept of being balanced in liberal and physical education for building a strong country, the first president, Mr. Zhou He-ming, selected the shield-shaped emblem as the spiritual symbol of the School.

The School was known as "Provincial College of Physical Education." In 1992 when the School became national, it became "Taiwan Junior College of Physical Education" and then "National Taiwan College of Physical Education" (abbreviated as NTCPE) after July 1st, 1996.

Department and Graduate School of Physical Education
Department of Recreational Sport and Graduate School of Recreational Sport Management
Athletics Department & Graduate School
Department of Dance and Graduate School of Dance
Sport Management Department and Graduate School
Department of Exercise Health Science
Sports Science Research Center
Center for Teacher Education
General Education Department

International Programs
A: Graduate School
Students to enter the graduate school have to be those who graduate from universities or independent colleges with bachelor degrees or equivalent certificates and pass the entrance examinations of graduate school of NTCPE. Study time-limit is between 1 and 4 years with no less than 28 credits. Upon passing the degree examinations, the master degree will be granted.
B: Four-year college
Students to enter the four-year college have to be those who graduate from (vocational) high schools, five-year junior colleges or have equivalent certificates and pass the entrance examinations of NTCPE.
Study time-limit is four years with no less than 130 credits. Upon completion of the study and passing examinations, students will be granted degrees of bachelor.

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Type of Classes Offered Full-time
Part-time Class Schedule
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No. 16, Sec. 1, Shuang Shi Road, North District, Taichung City

District North District
Location Taichung City 台中市
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