AD Number : 3959 2019-12-06

Taiwanese Tutor Wanted

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan Tutors of Chinese Wanted  華語教學工作機會, Taiwanese Tutor Wanted image
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Mandarin Ability Good

Preferred Class Times

Monday Morning Afternoon Evening

Tuesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Wednesday Morning Afternoon Evening

Thursday Morning Afternoon Evening

Friday Morning Afternoon Evening

Saturday Morning Afternoon Evening

Sunday Morning Afternoon Evening

Skills to Cover Listening,Speaking
I am a Native Speaker of English
Nationality United Kingdom
Degree Required Bachelors
Text of Ad

I'm looking for a private tutor who can teach Taiwanese. I have been living in Taiwan for a few years and my Mandarin is already pretty good but I'm always hearing people speak Taiwanese and I want to understand what they're talking about. I need someone who has a good knowledge of the language so that they can explain things to me - I like to ask a lot of questions! If you think you can help me out then please send me an email.

Age Level of Student Adult
Number of Students 1
Name David Young
Location Kaohsiung City 高雄市
District 大樹