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National Chengchi University New IMBA Director: Jan-Juy Lin 林建智

New Director, Continuing Tradition of Excellence

Director Jan-Juy Lin 林建智
Director Jan-Juy Lin 林建智

Dr. Jan-Juy Lin is the new director of NCCU’s IMBA Program. Dr. Lin continues the school’s tradition of excellence in experience and academics.  He served as the controller of the Risk Management Society of Taiwan; the director of Taiwan’s Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund and the general secretary of the Ji-Yun Insurance, Culture and Education Foundation  He received his LL.B. from NCCU in 1986; his M.B.A. from NCCU in 1989; his LL.M. from King's College, University of London in 1995 and his Ph.D. in Law from the Center of Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London in 1995. Dr. Lin’s deep academic experience - in Taiwan, the UK, the U.S.A, Hong Kong and China - combined with his business background managing some of Taiwan’s largest insurance entities provides him with exactly the skill set to lead NCCU’s all-English IMBA program, taking over the reins from NCCU’s distinguished Dr. Samuel Chen, who so ably led the program for the last half decade.

Dr. Lin is particularly proud of the way NCCU’s IMBA program has become one of the leading program’s available in the world today. To note just a few of the school’s achievements:

  • National Chengchi University College of Commerce is now 47th in Financial Times Worldwide Ranking of Masters in Management.
  • NCCU College of Commerce Sister Schools Exceed 60, Standing Atop Taiwan Universities.
  • NCCU was the ONLY university in Taiwan invited to participate in the elite QS World MBA Tour, being asked to share the stage with 70 of the world’s leading school’s.

Additionally, NCCU students continue to distinguish themselves across the international stage:

  • NCCU student Tom Kung won the 2008 International Business Simulation Challenge, besting a field of some 900 competitors from leading universities around the world.


Director Jan-Juy Lin 林建智
Director Jan-Juy Lin 林建智

Dr. Lin specifically mentioned the strong attraction of Taiwan as a venue for advanced business study: the country’s enterprise density is extraordinarily high. As one of the few sustained Asian Tiger economies, Taiwan is home to virtually the full complement of Fortune 500 companies. Under Dr. Lin’s guidance NCCU is building an expanding network of relationships for students to be placed in research, internship and career opportunities in the world’s largest companies.

Dr. Lin noted NCCU’s outstanding faculty, with over 97% of professors holding Ph.D.s and 90% having studied in BOTH Asia & the West – and at the West’s leading institutions: Columbia University, Harvard University, London University, Purdue University, Stanford University, The Ohio State University, The Pennsylvania University, Uc Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, University fo Chicago, University of Illinois, University of Michigan , University Southern California – to name just a few.

Director Jan-Juy Lin 林建智
Director Jan-Juy Lin 林建智

For student’s facing today’s shifting environment – where the axes of commerce and industry are re-aligning – professors with global experience offer the greatest advantage for anyone interested in multi-national leadership

Dr. Lin noted that NCCU offers both a General MBA and a Specialized MBA. Specialized MBA degrees follow 4 concentrations: Finance; International Business; Management in Asia and Marketing. Another point that Dr. Lin raised was the way in which NCCU’s constantly reviews the course structure to tailor classes to the needs of student and the demands of today’s job market.