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Shipping to and from Taiwan - Overnight and Parcels

Sometimes, you need to get something from Taiwan back home in a hurry. How much will THAT set you back? For most back-home locations figure overnight letter from NT$600 to NT$1,000. How long would that take? Well, as long as you send it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, you'll be ok for a one-, or a two-day trip depending on the destination. Even sending on Thursday from Taiwan is good for many areas.

To hook up with your friendly, neighborhood Taiwan overnight carrier, you can just dial their toll-free number listed below and arrange pick-up at your school. They are quite the English savy bunch, these shipping types, so you'll have little trouble getting down most of the details. Always best to have a local Taiwan friend close by to seal the deal and confim your address in Chinese.

No account? No problem. They can take cash and make change on the spot. Before you come to Taiwan, it's quite easy to get an account with any of these carriers. That way, you can just give them your account number and they'll bill your credit card (or your brother's account where he works!).

If you've got a few kgs worth of stuff you just HAVE to send from taiwan back home, you could send it via an overnight carrier... and pay a fortune! (Overnight documents only, eh!?) parcel But, the Taiwan Post Office can help you send up to around 20kg per box depending on where you're sending to. Included prices and delivery times for such parcels are below.

mail box

A final note, you CAN send documents using the Taiwan Post Office's own expedited, overnight-like service. In the main just add about two more days to the premium overnight services' delivery time, and pay just 1/3 of what they charge. It DOES work. Your intrepid reporter tried this very Taiwan Post Office service. All arrived safely. The downsides: you need to GO to a branch of the Taiwan Post Office, and no spiff 800 number to call 24 hours a day to check arrival. You can check the arrival online, but it is all in Chinese.

taiwan shipping rates table