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Experienced ESL Instructor
03/28/17 No Canada Yes New Taipei City 新北市 Either One Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Experienced teacher looking to change environments and begin a new job. I've worked in Taiwan for the past eight years in the same school. During which time I've been an ESL teacher and manager. My goal has always been to teach and help others find and expand their own skills. I'm now looking to return to teaching full-time as it really is my passion.
Trilingual Canadian up for Teaching /Tutoring
03/28/17 No Canada Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan In the past fifteen years, my curiosity lead me through jobs as varied as mountaineering guide, skydiving instructor and project manager for a home building company. I distinguish myself with my ability to build strong relationships with my coworkers, superiors and subordinates alike. Coaching, leading and teaching has always been a part of my jobs and my communication skills allow me to efficiently train and motivate pupils and coworkers alike. I'm perfectly bilingual in English and French and I have a highly functional level of Spanish. I have always oriented towards both teaching and business. Plus, stepping out of my comfort zone is always very attractive to me so before thinking I may not be interested in a position, give me a shot!
Language exchange in Taiwan (Hsinchu)
03/26/17 No Taiwan Yes Hsinchu City 新竹市 Either One Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hi, I'm David. Hope I can find a foreign friend for language exchanging. I am now in Hsinchu and is available after work about 7 o'clock. I can take you around the city or just have a cup of coffee! Though I don't have the teaching experience for chinese but I'm a native speaker. Also, I want to practice english speaking skill so hope you are an english speaker and we can use both chinese and english to communicate.
03/25/17 No Germany Yes Taipei City 台北市 Part-Time Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Choose your tutor with care, dann ist Deutsch lernen gar nicht so schwer! Let's study in a fun environment using game-and theme-based learning approaches to facilitate your progress. Your target is to prepare for your next exam to study/work abroad or get the promotion you are eagerly waiting for? With me as your fun, caring, and patient tutor with a passsion for German and two years of experience in teaching we will conquer all your goals. 選對號老師, 萬萬無難事.
Experienced ESL Teacher Looking for Work
03/24/17 Yes USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Hi! I'm an ESL teacher with 4.5 years teaching experience looking to start work in early to mid April. I've taught 3.5 years for HESS (Taichung and Taipei) and have recently returned to Taipei from a one year teaching job in Busan, South Korea. My experience is primarily teaching kindergarten and elementary school, but I'd prefer to teach older students (elementary -adults). I'm looking for a school that can offer 14-20 hours a week, a block schedule, and an ARC. I have a masters in fine art and I also speak mandarin. I'd love a job that can make use of these skills, however, this is not a necessity. Please contact me for a more detailed CV and/or to set up a time for an interview. Thanks!
Canadian APRC Only 500nt / hour
03/23/17 No Canada Yes Taipei City 台北市 Part-Time Part-time Mornings and Afternoons Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hi, I'm from Canada and I’ve taught in Taiwan for over 16 years. I'm also a Resident of Taiwan holding my APRC Permanent Residency Card. Free now Monday-Friday mornings (and early Tuesday afternoons). Very experienced with 16 years of teaching here having taught all ages and levels including many company groups and Taiwan Government classes (Chungwa Post Co. Ltd. / Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau / China Trust Bank). Including: 5 years Julia American School / 4 years More English / 6 years American Eagle Institute (+1 year Thailand). For Tutoring, all locations considered (preferably close to an MRT) but nearer my home or school just 500nt/hour for 90 or 120 minute classes. HOME: Ximen MRT / SCHOOL: Da-An Park MRT-Dongmen MRT Looking for private 1-on-1 students (much cheaper bringing a friend), schools, companies or groups to fill any hours. Please write me for my resume / pictures / references etc. for your consideration. Thank you for your time.
french teacher
03/22/17 No France Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Bonjour! My name is Thomas, simply my goal is to help, tutor people in French (native language) or english, as people helped me before. I'll enjoy talk with you in french and help you improve your french. Feel free to contact me! Looking forward to hear from you!
English Teacher Looking For Part-time Work on Wednesdays
03/22/17 No United Kingdom Yes Taichung City 台中市 Part-Time Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I am currently teaching at a school in Taichung, but I am looking for additional sub hours on Wednesdays. Prior to coming to Taiwan I used to teach English at Chongqing University of Technology. I am 120 hours TEFL qualified, have a Masters degree.
Learning Chinese like you are making a nice friend
03/19/17 Yes Taiwan Yes Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Part-Time Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Learning Chinese like you are making a nice friend. It's not that difficult.
Teacher Immediately Available
03/17/17 Yes USA Yes Taichung City 台中市 Either One Details
Hello, I am in search of a teaching job in Taichung or another city in Taiwan. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree, and have teaching experience with adults.
Certified Teacher with much Exepereince Avaialble
03/14/17 No USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I am native born USA citizen whose mother language is English. I am Looking for a position as a Teacher. I come with enthusiasm, dedication, and much experience. I graduated with my MBA IM from a top-rated school and taught for 4 years at the university level to international students. I also taught for over 2 years in Japan. I took a TESL course and am a certified teacher by the FLDOE (Florida Department of Education -USA). I also study Chinese as a 5th language. I currently live in Taipei and am looking to use my skill set as a teacher.
Available Now, Bachelors Diploma, USA National
03/13/17 Yes USA Yes New Taipei City 新北市 Either One Details
I am an American citizen and native English speaker, with a Bachelors degree and 3 years teaching experience, staying in Taiwan for at least 2 years. I have experience managing classrooms of up to 40 students. I will work in Taipei and Taoyuan, and possibly nearby areas like Hsinchu and Keelung. I have worked with children of all ages, and adults, for universities, schools, and non-profit organizations, including South East Asia Center, where I worked with children who spoke Chinese in their homes. I've also tutored private students for ESL, GEPT, SAT, and ACT preparation, and worked for Northwestern University, located in a suburb of Chicago, USA. In terms of university credentials, I've completed 16 masters (postgraduate) credits in education, and have a bachelors degree from DePaul University, which is located in Chicago, USA. After graduation, I worked on a research project with a professor, and published a peer reviewed academic paper in English, on educational software.
I can teach Chinese
03/13/17 Yes China Yes New Taipei City 新北市 Part-Time Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
I'm Sarah and live in Xinbei. I can teach Germany and Mandarin.
Available Starting Summer or Fall!!
03/12/17 Yes USA No Japan Either One Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hi, my name is Adam. I have taught English in Japan for 2.5 years now. I love it. I like teaching all age groups. I've taught every kind of lesson, from business English to general conversation! I'm moving to Taiwan in the summer. I'm hoping to find a job starting in the summer or fall of 2017! Please contact me for a more detailed CV and I will promptly reply. Have a nice day!
Experienced Teacher
03/09/17 Yes United Kingdom Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Hello, I`m from London, England and I'm currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm a TEFL certified teacher and have over 10 years teaching experience with ages 3-15 and tutoring experience with children to adult age. I`m looking for either part time or full time teaching hours either in Banciao and surrounding area or possibly in Neihu. I also hold an APRC and an open work permit. Please feel free to message me for any more information!

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