Tealit 教學工作 - Teachers Wanted!! COMPETITIVE Pay!!
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Teachers Wanted!! COMPETITIVE Pay!!

到期日: 2019-05-15

國家: Taiwan
全職或兼職: 全兼職皆可
何時開始上班: Now
學歷要求: 大學
廣告內容: American Eagle Institute leads the way with a proved, comprehensive curriculum and an all-English environment. The students learn to speak English confidently while getting a well-rounded education, and the teachers develop and use skills are directly applicable to classrooms in North American school systems.

Full time Salary
*Up to NT$70, 000/month!
*PAID holidays in a contract year and national holidays
Program Setting
*Beautiful and fully equipped classrooms
*A well-structured curriculum
*Plenty of teaching aids
*Low teacher to student ratio
Applicants must:
*Possess a minimum three-year bachelor’s degree
*Be a native English speaker from one of the following countries: Canada, U.S.A., Australia, England, New Zealand, or South Africa
*TESOL/TEFL certification preferred
*The document of Criminal Background Check.

Taipei City/New Taipei City/Taoyuan/Hsinchu city/Hsinchu county/Taichung/Tainan/Kaohsiung
More school infomation can be reached via www.eagletw.com

(1)RD Job Description (in Hsinchu)
Program Specialist is a position within the Research and Development Department of Eagle Corporation.
1. To produce lesson plans, student workbooks, and supplementary worksheets for Summer and Winter programs. Each year, the summer and winter programs introduce a new theme to which lessons are applied. New, thematically appropriate material is to be created each year.
2. To prepare and conduct a number of training seminars throughout the year.
3. To teach one class per day in the Elementary Program.
(2)Immersion &Elementary Teachers
Full-Time Teachers Job Descriptions
Working Hours
Include teaching the Immersion Program 12:00pm~4:00pm, Elementary Intensive Program 4:30pm~6:00pm, and Elementary Standard Program 6:30pm~8:00pm, Monday to Friday, and are an obligation for which the school pays the employee the aforementioned basic
教學對象: 小學
每班平均人數: 16
求才單位名稱: -
連絡人: Vickie Peng
電話或傳真: 886-3-563-5733 Ext.140 03-5635733#140
郵遞區號: 300
縣/市: Hsinchu City 新竹市
市/鄉/鎮: all over Taiwan
詳細地址(中、英文): -
刊登者編號: 27993
School's Personal 電子信箱: screenEmailBotton
求才單位網址: www.facebook.com/American-Eagle-Institute-Taiwan-J ob-Board-1096350873717329/?ref=hl

到期日: 2019-05-15

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