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# Posted Headline Company Full /Part -Time Location Available In Favorites Details
Native English-Speaking Teachers Wanted!
Sunshine American School Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Native English Judge Wanted. Well-Established schools -Sunshine, conveniently located in Taipei City & Taipei County. We currently have the following positions available...... 1. XINYI Branch (Taipei City): Monday -Friday, 2. XINDIAN Branch (New Taipei City): Hi, 3. MUZHA Branch (Taipei City): PART-Time AFTERNOONS 4:30pm-6:30pm. Monday -Friday 02-2234-4797 Amy/Lily 4. YONGHO Branch (New Taipei City): 8923-3388, Sylvia. 5. TA-An Branch (Taipei City): Sunshine American school, beside Da-An park, is seeking experienced teachers for the new semester. Two positions are available; ten hours a week 2:00 to 4:30 and 18 hours a week afternoons. Sunshine is a well established school with a great curriculum and supportive staff. Teachers have their own classes and are responsible for the performance of each class. ARC available. Teachers must have a passport from a native speaking country, be flexible in their teaching methods, have good classroom and time management skills. 6. Ta-An Branch (Taipei City): 7. SAN MIN Branch (New Taipei City): Sanmin Rd., Banqiao Dist. 09:00 to 12:00 ,14:00 to 16:00, (Mon.~Fri.) 16:30-18:30(Tues. and Thur.) 8.YONGHO Branch (New Taipei City): 9.MUZHA Branch (Taipei City): PART-Time AFTERNOONS 2pm-6:30pm; 4:30pm-6:30pm. Monday -Friday, except Tuesday. 02-2936-0903 Nancy/Zoe 10. Xindian Branch(New Taipei City): PART-Time AFTERNOONS 4:30pm-6:30pm. Monday-Friday, except Tuesday. (It's near Xindian District Office MRT Station on the green line) 11.Bangiao Branch (New Taipei City): Wenhua Rd., Banqiao Dist. 16:30-18:30(Monday-Friday, except Tuesday.) 02-2250-6177, Venus ---Sunshine American School provides--- A whole English learning environment and complete teaching materials, plus work permit, health insurance and reasonable pay. Each class has a Chinese teacher with fluent English for assistance.
Adult Teaching Positions
Gjun Language Institute Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Photo a. Average 6 hours /per week b. TESL/TESOL/CELTA is prefered c. Adult teaching experienced teachers are prefered d. Class time: weekdays 6 -10pm, weekends(Sat or Sun):9:30~12:30pm &14:00~17:00pm e. Work permit is provided, however, Gjun does not provide ARC in part time position. f. If you are full time teacher at Gjun, ARC is sponsored. Here are some branches are looking for part time instructors as below, 1.Xin-Dian Branch, New Taipei City (APRC PT is prefered) Close to 七張 MRT station, within 5 minutes walk. Address:No.89, Sec. 2, Beixin Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 2. Shi-Ling Branch (PT APRC is prefered) Close to Shi-Ling Station, within 5 minutes walk 3. Banqiao Branch Branch(Full Time is WANTED) Close to 府中MRT station, within 5 minutes walk 4. Yong-He Branch, New Taipei City (PT wanted): Close to Dingxi MRT Station, about 5-10 mins walk. 5. Hsinchu city(Full time wanted-APRC prefered) No.35, Dongmen St., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300.The branch is close to the Hsinchu Train Station about 5-10 mins walk. 6.Luodong, YiLan (Luodong Branch, APRC preferred): Close to Luodong Train Station, about 10 mins walk. 7.Zhongli city(Full time wanted-APRC prefered) No.111-3, Zhongshan Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan.The branch is close to the Zhongli Train Station about 5-10 mins walk. 8.TAOYUAN City(Part time): The branch is located in Taoyuan City, on Datong Rd. No.24, 3F 大同路24號3F and close to the Taoyuan Train Station 桃園火車站, about 5-10 mins walk. 9.IELTS examiner (Main Train Branch-part time WANTED Immediately) Below are the requirements for IELTS instructors: 1.BA degree or above in TESL/TESOL/TEFL or Education required 2.Certified IELTS examiner, experiece teaching IELTS exam preferred (IELTS scored 8 or above is a plus) 3.Willingness to IELTS training course 10. Taipei Main (full time is wanted) The location is on No.30. 5F, Gungyuan Rd., near the MRT Red Line /Taipei Main Station, exit No.8 11. Owel Kid's English school (Part time is wanted; APRC is prefered) Teaching 6~12 kids a.Monday to Friday 4:30~6:30/Saturday 10:00~12:00 (Be able to fit either one or two days) b .Monday & Wednesday or Friday & Wednesday 13:30~16:00(Must be able to fit the time combination) How to apply: 1. Please E-MAIL your resume or C.V. to Yuna 2. Upon receiving your resume, we will arrange an interview ASAP. Regarding the interview: The interview will be around 1 hour, including: 1. Fill in the application form 2. Teaching demo 3. Interview Please note that we only arrange the interview for individuals who are already in Taiwan and are available for in-person interviews. If you are interested in getting more information about Gjun part time instructor's position, do not hesitate to contact Yuna and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Once agian, thank you for considering Gjun as one of your employers. All the best~
A WELL -Known Chain School
Joy Children's Language school Have Both Available Tainan City 台南市 Now Details
FIRST-Time Teachers WELCOME! FULL-Time. 24 hrs per week possible. Afternoons & Evenings. Good pay. Work permit, ARC & National Health Insurance offered. ASSISTANCE in finding an apartment if you need. TAINAN City: 10 mins to Salt Mountian in Cigu 七股鹽山 & 15 mins to Golden Coast 黃金海岸. PART-Time ALSO available. The schedule is NEGOTIABLE! Joy Children's Language School is a well-established and well-known chain school in Taiwan. Our school is located in ANNAN district, Tainan City. Leader University 立德大學, the Tainan Train Station 台南火車站 and ShinKong Mitsukoshi 新光三越 also nearby. Neighboring Areas: Anping District 安平區, East District 東區 & West Central District 中西區. Good rewards for the right attitude and aptitude. We are a warm and out-going team. If you are interested in teaching English with children (7~12y), please e-mail your resume with a photo to us or call Joyce at 06-2452-986 or or 0927-127-321
EXCELLENT Elementary Teaching Positions!
Einstein Bilingual Elementary school Full-Time Changhua County 彰化縣 May 1st, 2015 Details
Photo Einstein Bilingual Elementary school 1.We will need 2 full time teachers who can teach Grade1 ~ 6 English and the job will be available from 1st of May in 2015. 2.Teacher license is preferred but it is not necessary. ESL lesson teaching is basic and necessary. In addition, if you have another capacities to teach math, science or music. You will have more opportunities to have this job. 3. Contract completion Bonus, ARC and Starting Monthly Salary +Bonus: NT$65000 ~ NT$75000. The requirement 1.English Native speakers. 2.Certified teacher preferred, but it is not necessary. 3.ESL/EFL required. 4.Math, Science or Music are preferred, but it is not necessary. To apply, send resume to administrator Edison YEN. We are located in Changhua country, just 10 minutes away from Yuanlin Train Station 員林火車站. The Da-Yeh University 大葉大學 is ALSO nearby.
State-Licensed Teachers Sought
New Taipei City Public Elementary Schools Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Immediately Details
Photo Are you a state-certified teacher who wants to work overseas AND still make a difference? Work in the public schools! Taiwan’s public schools have a VERY unique opportunity working with 5th graders: a summer camp-style program that acts as an outreach to students whose parents may not be able to send them to after-school English center every day. We seek to immerse these students in a three-day camp where they can discover English through activities. Some of our classes: Art Humanities Marine Life Ecology Tennis American Football Digital Photography Dance Gymnastics Travel Western Food & Drink Western Homes Theater Orienteering Some of our locations: in the green foothills, next to the ocean, adjacent to a golf course and in the city. At each location you can develop your own class – if you are a music teacher you could teach a music class. If you are an art teacher, you could teach art. Or, teach one of the existing subject. The goal – use fun activities as a vehicle for comprehension No mill and drill – get out of your seats, get outdoors! Let students learn English IN THE PROCESS OF DOING THINGS and having fun. You’ll work with teams of from four to nine other native English-speaking licensed school teachers. Passionate educators who like impactful lessons and learning by doing; teachers who can measure progress by the amount of speaking and thinking a lesson or activity encourages are who we are looking for. Complete support from the state, state-of-the-art classrooms – everything you need to make classes interesting is provided. Here’s the philosophy: for those students who may not have all the money in the world give them a chance to have their own summer camp experience, where English becomes far, far more than just a requirement and becomes instead a memory – of something fun, exciting and communicative! Something where they were able to figure out the right answer because it was done in a fun environment, students working together. So they can then take that sense of wonder back to their homes, and classrooms, tell their parents and teachers: “I like English!”. A belief that, for a 5th grader, can realign their opportunities for the rest of their lives. If that’s the kind of impact you’re interested in making, then ours is the program for you! Please send your detailed resume along with your currently valid teacher's certificate to the email below.
Hsinchu American School
Hsinchu American School
Full-Time Hsinchu City 新竹市 2015-2016 school year Details
An Exciting Opportunity: The Hsinchu American School, a fully-licensed international school, is seeking the following full-time teachers for the 2015-2016 school year. Situated on the beautiful grounds of the National Art Park, HAS provides both teachers and students with a family-like atmosphere where cooperation and mutual respect are our guiding principles. At this time, we are seeking English positions in both our middle and high schools, teaching courses in both writing and literature. One middle school assignment would be required to teach world history, so some background in history is preferred for that position. We are also seeking Science/Math teachers for middle and high school. Teachers with specialties in biology, chemistry or physics will be considered, as well as teachers with a concentration in mathematics. One year of teaching experience and a Bachelor’s degree in the discipline or related field required, teacher certification preferred. Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate the ability to teach across multiple disciplines. Prospective candidates need to submit a complete personnel packet including resume, references, copies of degrees and certificates, copy of passport, and a photo prior to hiring. All candidates must make themselves available for an interview, either in person or by Skype. Visit our website at www.has.hc.edu.tw for more information. Please feel free to contact our faculty recruiter and Head of School at darin.murphy@has.hc.edu.tw .
GEOS welcomes you!
GEOS Language Academy, Taiwan Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
We have many positions opening: 1) Mon. to Fri. Afternoons & Evenings, between Noon to 9:30pm. 2) Sat. Mornings & Afternoons, between 10am to 7pm. GEOS welcomes resumes from teachers seeking part or full time work in Taipei, Taiwan. We have three branches here in the city and are always seeking enthusiastic teachers to fill the positions that arise. Currently, we have a seeking a teacher to take a class of group adult students, in our Tien-Mu branch school. Teachers who demonstrate exceptional performance have further career opportunities in our overseas schools around the world. If you enjoy teaching and are looking for a school that provides stable monthly income and a friendly working environment then apply for one of our schools. We provide part-time teachers with an ARC and health insurance. BA degree required. We provide training and textbooks.
Well-Organized Adult Language Center! Looking for KOREAN, JANPANESE & ENGLISH Teachers!
Time International Language Center Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Anytime Details
Photo Are you looking for a well-organized and friendly teaching environment? Are you into knowing more about Taiwan and people through teaching? Are you a person who is enthusiastic about helping non-English and non-Japanese speakers to improve the languages? If your answers are yes, this is the school you are looking for. Time International Language Center(TILC) are in need of: 1. PART TIME Native-Speaking Engilsh Teachers with at least one-year classroom experience. ALL Native English-Speaking Accents are WELCOME! 2. Native-Speaking English teachers with experience teaching Adults English Conversation, TOEFL, IELTS. Teachers with Residency through Marriage or APRC Residency prefered.外籍配偶或持有永久居留證者為佳 10-15 hours possible per week. Monday-Friday EVENINGS from 6:30pm. MORE hours available on weekends. We have schools located in Taipei City, Taipei County and Taoyuan: 1. Zhongxaio school (Taipei CITY): Near the MRT BLUE Line /Zhongxiao Dunhua station, exit 4 捷運忠孝敦化站4號出口. Address: 4F.-1, No.166, Sec. 4, Jhongsiao E. Rd., Taipei City 台北市忠孝東路4段166號4樓之一 Contact person: Sue Tel: 02-2775-2700 Email: sue.lin@language-world.com.tw 2. Taipei main school (Taipei City): Near the MRT Station /Taipei Main Station 捷運台北火車站. Address: 3F., No.3, Sec. 1, Hankou St., Taipei City 台北市漢口街一段3號3樓 Contact person: Chloe Tel: 02-2311-6600 email: Chloe.lai@language-world.com.tw 3. Banchiao school (Taipei County): Near the MRT BLUE Line /Fu Zong Station 捷運府中站. Address: 8F, No.23, Sec. 1, Si Chuan Rd. Banchiao City Taipei County 台北縣板橋市四川路1段23號8樓 Contact person: Chole Tel: 02-8953-0099 email:chole.lai@language-world.com.tw 4. Taoyuan school Near Taoyuan railway station 近桃園火車站 Tel: 03-3335777 contact person: Meg email: meg.lau@language-world.com.tw add: 11F, NO. 186, FU SHIN RD, TAOYUAN 桃園市復興路186號11樓 One-year classroom experience required.
GREAT Teaching Jobs in TAINAN
Kidcastle School, Anping Branch Part-Time Tainan City 台南市 Jan. 2015 Details
$600-650 NT/hour for teachers with classroom. THREE Days a week. Afternoons & Evenings, between 3:30 to 7:30pm. Weekends OFF! More hours available later. We offer work permit, ARC and health insurance. We are a branch of Kid Castle located in Anping, Tainan City. Kid Castle is a WELL-Established organization with over 600 schools across Taiwan and China. Our school has been established 15 YEARS. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & Curriculum offered. Our school is located on Ping Tung Road 平通路. Cross street is Hua Ping Road 華平路. The Tainan Train Station 台南火車站 and Carrefour are ALSO closeby. If interested in this job, please contact Michael by email first, or call for inquiries.
American Eagle Daan Campus is looking for part time ESL teachers
American Eagle Institute, Daan Branch Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Photo We offer complete Lesson plan & well-structured curriculum, workpermit and ARC. Mon. to Fri. AFTERNOONS, 4:30 to 6pm. 7.5 hrs/wk. MORE Hours available. The teacher should be: -a native English speaker -a bachelor’s degree in any discipline -meet the government’s required working status -currently live in Taiwan We are in Daan area and near MRT. To arrange an interview, please email your resume to Fei Fei.
Great Full-Time Positions in TAICHUNG
Have Both Available Taichung City 台中市 Immediately Details
Photo Season Arts Kindergarten is looking for full time and part time teachers now and for the next school year. Season Arts has been established for more that a decade and is recognized as one of the most outstanding schools in Taichung, having received many awards for its modern, progressive programs and curriculum. At Season Arts creativity is fostered in both the students and teachers. Season Arts is looking for teachers that are imaginative, hard working and want to improve their teaching skills to compete in this 21st century world. Season Arts has three beautifully designed campuses that feature green spaces that add to the excellent working environment. With a friendly and experienced staff of administrations and teachers, Season Arts is highly regarded as one of the best Kindergarten /ESL schools to work at in Taichung. Season Arts offers a competitive salary, ARC, Work Permit, National Health Insurance and offers assistance in finding housing. Full-time working hours are Monday to Friday 12:00 to 6:30pm afternoon. Part-time hours depends on campus but will be afternoon hours between 1:00 and 6:00pm. First-time teachers & all native English speaking accents are welcome!
PART-Time Positions in TAICHUNG City!
Natural Way Children School Part-Time Taichung City 台中市 Feb. 23, 2015 Details
All native English speaking accents welcome! Part-time Positions -Monday to Friday -ARC, National Health Insurance, paid holidays and incentive BONUS! Neighboring Areas: Central District 中區, North District 北區, South District 南區, Nantun District 南屯區 & East District 東區. We are centrally situated near popular supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants. Our school has been offering holistic education for more than ten years. Currently there are 10 native speaking teachers working with us. Their average stay is two years or more. We are centrally situated near popular supermarkets, shopping malls and restaurants. Natural Way is not your average ESL school (and is definitely NOT a bushiban!). We are looking for creative teachers, who can add their own special touch to the curriculum. Teachers are encouraged to use their musical, artistic, or other skills to bring their lessons to life. Other schools may be interested in boring bookwork, but we invite our teachers to show their true colors by presenting joyful, holistic learning to our students. In addition to being creative, the ideal candidate would be patient, enthusiastic and willing to be a team-player. Interested teachers are welcome to submit their resumes, or make their inquiries by email, rather than by phone. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an appointment to interview.
Full-time Teaching Position in Tainan City
American Language Center Full-Time Tainan City 台南市 Immediately Details
Requirements: • Bachelor degree • Ability to work as part of a team • Flexibility and enthusiasm Responsibilities: • Teaching students of a variety of ages • Attendances at meetings We Offer: • Work Permit • Two-week training period • Insurances • Established curriculum • Professional working environment Please send your resume along with a cover letter and a recent photo to us. Website: jobs.alc.com.tw www.alc.com.tw Contact Person: Johnny
Native English-speaking Teachers WANTED in TAIPEI
Hurray American School Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 ASAP Details
FULL time or PART time(up to 21~hours/week, hourly paid 600~750) Monday to Saturday (Tuesday off) Experienced, patient and passionate Teachers REWARDED! COMPLETE Lesson plan & WELL-Organized Curriculum provided. Work permit and ARC are offered. Steady school, has 2 branches in Taipei. COMPLETE Lesson plan & WELL-Organized Curriculum provided.Work permit and ARC are offered. Not a chain school; you will enjoy an above average degree of autonomy and respect in the classroom. Hurray American School has been thriving for over 7 years and we have 20 English-speaking teachers on staff. On average, our teachers stay with us for 3 years or longer. Teacher Teresa, the teaching directer, is a very easy-going, understanding and caring boss who repects teachers' ideas. Most teachers have wonderful experiences working with her. We welcome you join our big family and become part of us. Teachers use "Electronic White board " to gain more resources, make teaching more interesing and easier. We also have assistants to help teachers to copy or grade tests. We also assist new teachers with training and adjusting to their new environment. Our success is the evidence that we have 5 times of growth in 6 years and the response we have received from students and parents. Location: after a few months you can reach Hurray by MRT (station: Taipei Arena exit no.5) Now just a 5-10 min walk from the MRT Blue line /Nanjing E. Rd. Station 南京東路捷運站. The Taipei Arena 台北小巨蛋 and the Asia World Department Store 環亞百貨 are CLOSE by. Neighboring Areas: Songshan District 松山區, Zhongshan District 中山區, Sinyi District 信義區 and ZhongZheng District 中正區.
Outstanding HSINCHU Full-Time Position
Korrnell Academy Full-Time Hsinchu County 新竹縣 2014 Details
Photo Korrnell Academy, a top-rated, fastest-growing school, awaits your arrival! Korrnell Academy is a diversified-culture, Chinese-English bilingual private school (a grade school rather than a cram language center) in Hsinchu County. We provide an equivalent of American courses to nurture our children to grow happily and healthily. Under the school’s diversified cultures and international visions, they are able to keep pace with modern world. The campus is newly constructed in modern Western style. Every classroom is installed with electric audio visual equipments. Every student possesses a separate locker and kicks football at a big playground. They are able to choose their favorites from a variety of extracurricular classes like music, symphony, karate, and dance for relaxation and amusement. More playgrounds are under construction. Korrnell never stops making it better. Qualifications: 1. Be a licensed teacher in English-speaking nations. For non-licensed teachers, they need to have TESOL /TEFL certificates. 2. An education-related BA or MA degree is preferred. 3. Solid teaching background is favorable. Attractive Pay Package: 1 Handsome pay -NT$65,000/month for a non-certified teacher, NT$70,000 for a state certified teacher for the first the 3 months probation period. Then we will give you 3% salary increase if you pass the probation. 2.Discounted furnished accommodation near school. 3.Extra bonus for licensed teachers, including air fare allowance for good performance upon the completion of annual contract. Our advantages over other schools/language institutions in Taiwan: 1. Korrnell Academy follows an American curriculum and uses American teaching materials. We provide all the necessary resources, such as teaching aids, answer keys, text books, student books, practice books etc. 2.Our school employs currently approximately 40 experienced foreign teachers from all over the world that you can acquire knowledge from. 3.The English proficiency level of Korrnell students compares excellently and favorably with any other schools/language institutes in Taiwan or other non-English speaking countries. 4. Most parents of our students work at a nearby Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park(Taiwan's "Silicon Valley") as engineers, managers, directors, CEOs etc. These parents very much care about their children's education and appreciate the fine quality education Korrnell Academy has provided. 4.Our school has a strong management team that knows its goals. We have a loyal and united teaching staff that respect their superiors and enjoy what they do. 5.We offer an excellent financially stable compensation package due to a steadily increase in student numbers. Our remuneration includes a competitive salary and other benefits. 6. Plan to establish the Senior High School(G10-12) in 2015. School Location: The school is located in a thriving area in a 10-minute walking distance to Hsinchu Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail(THSR). You can shop at Carrefour nearby and sip coffee at Starbucks nearby. The established Ton-Yen General Hospital, an associate of Korrnell, will provide you good medical treatment, when you are in emergency. Application: Those who are interested in the positions are welcome to email John Su with attachments of resume /CV, the latest photo, teacher’s license, TESL /TEFL certificate, college diploma, and passport or call our service phone at 886-03-6589188, #225 School Web site: http://www.korrnell.com.tw
English Teachers Required for Shane English Schools, Taiwan
Shane English School Have Both Available Worldwide 全世界 All Year Details
Shane English School Taiwan, established in 1977, and with over 70 locations and 200 native speaking teachers across the island, are now recruiting for roles throughout the country. Whether you wish to live and work in a bustling city or the quieter countryside, we have the perfect position for you. We are looking for full-time teachers and welcome applications from Native English speakers, who have a Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification (CELTA/TESoL preferred). We offer: 1 week of training on teaching young learners, western line managers, 5 day working weeks, (usually afternoons and evenings), a guaranteed salary for new teachers, 20+hrs/wk schedules in which you can earn NT$44,000 – 70,000. We also award a contract completion bonus and arrange your ARC and work permit. On top of all this, as an established and international school, Shane has fantastic opportunities for upward mobility both in Taiwan and abroad. Contact us by email to find out about positions available near you.
ATTRACTIVE Pay, up to NT$80,000/mo.!
Camp David English School Full-Time Changhua County 彰化縣 Dec. 22 Details
Photo NT$76,000 -$80,000/mo.! FIRST-Time Teachers & ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! Teaching hours are from Monday to Friday, Mornings & Afternoons to 6:30pm, 25++hrs/wk. PAID National Holidays & Chinese New Year, plus 10-days vacation! BONUSES provided! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL Organized Curriculum! We are close to the corner of the Zhongxiao St. 忠孝街 and Datong Rd. 大同路, the Yuanlin Train Station 員林火車站, the parks & Mountains also nearby. Neighboring Areas: Dacun 大村, Pusin 埔心 & Shetou 社頭. For an interview, please contact Ariel by phone or email
Elementary School Positions!
Yuteh Private School Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 We are recruiting for the 2014-2015 school year Details
Yuteh Private School is a young, fresh, energetic school with excellent campus facilities. We are looking to appoint dedicated, enthusiastic, and professional teachers to join our team of staff. Our school runs from 8:00am-4:30pm. We offer a competitive salary, bonuses, and paid holidays. ***Qualifications: *Elementary /Junior High /High School Teachers (1) licensed teachers in English-speaking countries preferred (2) education related BA or MA preferred (3) ARC/APRC holders with TESOL/TEFL certification preferred Location: 15 minute walk from MRT Tucheng Station We are in New Taipei City, minutes away from Haishan or Tucheng MRT station on the blue line. We have the best facilities, competitive benefits, annual bonuses and a strong team of staff to support your teaching experience in Taiwan. The curriculum, textbooks, and teaching style in our program are similar to those used in English-speaking countries. If you are interested in teaching in a formal school setting with a stable schedule, are comfortable taking the role beyond just being a language instructor, but a teacher, and would like to be exposed to Taiwanese culture, please introduce yourself to us! For complete school information and application, please visit our English website: http://www.yuteh.ntpc.edu.tw/yuteh_en/ *** Interested applicants please send your resume and a recent photo to us.
ATTRACTIVE Pay, NT$700~750/HR!
CLC -California Language Center Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 Dec. 1st Details
Photo A good teacher needed A.S.A.P! Full Time and Part-Time available both at our Taipei (Shipai near Tianmu), Taoyuan (near Linkou ChungGung Hospital) and New Taipei City schools. Up to 25 hrs/wk. NT$700~750/hr to start. American elementary school textbooks and curriculum. ARC, work permit and health insurance provided, paid vacation, etc. Teaching experience or certificate preferred. Excellent work environment. We have been around for over ten years. For an interview, please send your resume and cover letter.
An Organized and Professional Language Program
Columbia English Language Program Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 January 21st, 2015 Details
Photo We at the Columbia English Language Program pride ourselves on being a serious language learning institute for children from 3 to 15 years old. Our goal is to build an organized environment for serious learning mixed with fun activities that allows each student to learn English to their maximum potential. Our culture and atmosphere encourage open and honest communication between teachers and staff, and we also assist new teachers with training and adjusting to their new environment. Our success is evident in our tremendous growth and the response we have received from students and parents. ****** SEEKING PART-TIME EFL TEACHERS ***** Candidates must have one year of group teaching experience locally or internationally and a university degree. We offer an ARC, health insurance, and paid training. We have a set curriculum and syllabus that emphasizes reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary, and teachers are encouraged to develop their own unique teaching style. Patience, energy, enthusiasm, and the genuine love for working with children are the top requirements for the job. If you are serious about having a career in teaching English and are willing to commit to a one-year contract, we invite you to contact us to learn about our employment opportunities. *****PART-TIME MONTESSORI PHONICS TEACHERS WANTED ****** Candidates must possess effective classroom management skills, clear pronunciation and enjoy learning Montessori teaching methods. We welcome ABC/CBC teachers and offer an ARC. Working hours are 8-hrs in the mornings and 8-hrs in afternoons (class starts at 4:30). All applicants will need to complete (paid) Montessori training before the official start date. Please send your resume, a copy of your degree, and a recent photo to Elisa at elisa.su@columbiaenglish.com.tw or contact her at (02)2752-1213 during office hours Monday -Friday 10am~7pm. SCHOOL LOCATIONS : -DunNan: MRT Blue line ZhongXiao/DunHua Station – Xinsheng: Xinsheng/Xinyi intersection; MRT Red Line Daan Park Station -JinShan: JinShan/Xinyi intersection. -RenAi: RenAi/AnHe intersection. 10min walk from Dunhua Eslite Bookstore -GuangFu: MRT Blue line Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station -MinSheng: in MinSheng SheQu (民生社區) -TianMu: TianMu West Road. MRT Red Line ShiPai station – Banqiao: MRT Blue Line JiangZiCui station
English Teachers Wanted NOW! The Taiwan Market Is Alive and Well: Plenty of Hours and Lots of Suppor
HESS International Educational Group Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 NOW (multiple start dates year-round) Details
Photo BE MORE THAN A TEACHER. BE AN INSPIRATION! Choose a career that opens up a world of new cultures, unique people, and wonderful travel opportunities. ABOUT US: Founded in 1983, HESS International Educational Group is the largest and most recognized private language school in Taiwan. We employ more than 600 native English-speaking teachers in 200+HESS schools across Asia. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience looking after both new and experienced teachers just like you! At HESS, you’ll work directly with a stable, well-established educational organization. We are not a recruitment agency, and we do not charge any fees. Take the first steps toward teaching English in Asia today! WHAT SETS HESS APART? 1. FREE TEFL CERTIFICATION TRAINING PROGRAM: Teachers earn a HESS TEFL Certificate after completing our intensive, 120+hour training program. Both new and experienced educators are welcome! 2. BENEFITS AND ASSISTANCE: HESS has more than 30 years of experience handling documents and healthcare for foreign teachers. We also provide free airport pick-up, hotel stay, and assistance finding housing (flight and housing reimbursement offered in some locations). 3. INTEREST-FREE START-UP LOAN: We offer an interest-free loan to help you get settled into your new home and career. 4. SUPPORT AND JOB SECURITY: Train in a large group to make friends and find roommates. Our schools also have a reliable Western management structure and ongoing training, communication, and feedback. 5. MORE OPTIONS: We offer full-time English-teaching positions at 200+HESS schools across Asia, and we are able to accommodate couples and friends applying together. We also hire year-round for various start dates, so you can start teaching on a timeframe that suits you. 6. COMPETITIVE PAY AND BONUSES: Earn enough to save money and live comfortably. Pay off loans or fund your travel adventures. Your teaching pay is complimented by yearly bonuses. 7. GUARANTEED HOURS: We guarantee a minimum number of teaching hours above what most schools can offer so you always know what your base income will be. There are plenty of opportunities to earn more by picking up extra classes or activities. 8. FLEXIBLE TIME OFF: Flexible vacation days and annual leave between contracts give you endless opportunities to explore. 9. MATERIALS PROVIDED: We write our own professional, award-winning curricula with lesson plans made for you. Class sizes are manageable, and local co-teachers will support you inside and outside of the classroom. 10. DISCOUNT ON CHINESE COURSES: A generous partnership with National Taiwan Normal University's world-renowned Mandarin Training Center (ShiDa) offers discounts to HESS employees who are interested in learning Chinese. Courses are offered online, so you can study from any location! 11. ADVANCEMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Teaching contracts can be renewed annually. We also offer roles in curriculum writing, management, training, marketing, recruiting, multimedia, and more! WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: HESS is looking for serious and committed candidates who are patient, flexible, enthusiastic, energetic and personable. You should also have a good sense of humor and genuinely enjoy working with children. If you think you have what it takes, visit our website for more information and to apply online: www.hess.com.tw. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Native English Speaker 2. Passport holder from USA, CAN, UK, IRE, SA, AUS, or NZ 3. Bachelor's Degree (in any discipline) OR associate degree accompanied by a TEFL/TESOL certificate 4. One-year commitment 5. Criminal record check *Please note that these are the minimum requirements to apply for an English teaching position. There are no exceptions. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your application if you do not meet all of these criteria. THE BEST SUPPORT AND OPTIONS: Teaching overseas is an enriching experience that will make you stronger, wiser, and more diverse as both a person and a professional. At the end of the day, job satisfaction comes from being good at what you do. HESS provides the best training, environment, and materials, empowering you to excel at teaching. HESS also has bookstores, an award-winning educational research department and publishing company, an in-house training department, the HESS Educational Foundation, and schools in four countries across Asia. These features enable us to offer a range of opportunities for advancement and diversification to successful teachers. LOCATIONS: More than 200 schools in: * Taiwan * Mainland China * South Korea * Singapore FIND OUT MORE: The best place to start your teaching adventure is on the HESS website. It provides detailed information about working with HESS and living abroad. From there, you can also access our online application form. Visit www.hess.com.tw to find out more! Apply online today! We're looking forward to hearing from you!
Staff-Teacher Position
Bambini English School Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Jan-Feb Details
Photo We have an original, integrated curriculum, a rich variety of materials, a wonderful environment, and excellent pay—but in the end you will have to come check us out to see that we are not like other schools. Our approach is unparalleled; our staff, team-centered; our school, unique. If you’re interested in knowing more and have at least one year of experience, send me your resume, a letter introducing yourself, and a picture. We have a full-time staff-teacher position available. Our team looks forward to meeting you and discussing your future at our school.
STABLE Position!
Joy English, SuhShien Branch Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
Up to NT$700/hr. ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! Full-Time & Part-Time Positions. Mon. to Fri. Afternoons & Evenings from 1pm. Up to 20 hours per week. Work permit & ARC , Natinal Health Insurance offered. We have been established a DECADE! One of our native speaking teacher has stayed for 4 years or longer. We are a Well-Known Chain School -Joy English in ShinJuang, Taipei County -few minutes away from Taipei City. Joy English Organization has more than 200 schools in Taiwan and offers well-designed curriculums for teachers and students. We have a warm and friendly working environment. We are close to Welcome, Carrefour and Fu-Jen University 輔仁大學. Neighboring Areas: Banchiao 板橋區, Sanchong 三重區 of New Taipei City & Zhongzheng 中正區 of Taipei City. You can email or call Eva if you are interested in joing us or find more details about our school. ----------------------------------------------------- From One of Our native speaking teachers, Ciaran I have worked here for over 4 years and I have always found the staff and managment of this school to be kind, understanding and helpful. The atmosphere in the school is relaxed and friendly, but there is also a serious attitude towards teaching well and finding ways to improve the classes and the students' abilities. Joy's books and teaching materials are very well structured and can help you to cover all the important areas of teaching English. This is an excellent, well run school and I give it my highest possible recommendation.
Experienced & Certified Teachers Wanted
Pacific English Institute Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 December 2014 Details
NT$800 and UP /hr based on qualification and experiences with paid prep time. Maximum 22-24 weekly hours, possible monthly pay @ NTD 85,000+. Experienced teachers with teaching licenses only. Weekdays afternoons and evenings. Part-time Saturdays from 0900 -1630. Close to the MRT Orange Line /Yongan Market station 永安市場捷運站. We are a well-established English language school with western management style. Curriculum provided. ARC, Work permit, National Health Insurance offered. Neighboring Areas: Taipei City -JhongJheng District 中正區 & Wenshan District 文山區, Taipei County -Jhonghe 中和市 & Banciao 板橋市. For an interview, please send your resume to us. Due to our limited resources, we will not offer phone inquiry. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.
A WELL-ORGANIZED School in Taipei City. Near the MRT!
Joy Children's Language School -Dong Hu Branch Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 ASAP Details
FIRST Time Teachers WELCOME! NT$600 and UP /hr. Monday through Friday. Afternoons & Evenings, plus Saturday mornings. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & Full Curriculum. ARC, National Health Insurance & work permint provided. Assistance in Finding Housing. WELL-ORGANIZED school, ESTABLISHED 25 years! On average, our native speaking teachers have stayed for 6 years. Our school is located in the NEIHU area of Taipei City, a 3 minute walk from Hah-Lah Theater 哈拉影城 and near the Da Hu Park 大湖公園. Also, about 5 mins from Donghu MRT Station 捷運東湖站 & Huzhou MRT Station 捷運葫洲站/Brown Line. Neighboring Areas: Nangan District 南港區, Songshan District 松山區 and Sijhih District 汐止區. If you are interested, please contact our school without hesitation.
ATTRACTIVE Pay, Up to NT$1,000/hr!
ACI INSTITUTE Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Right Now! Details
We can provide ARC and NHI, and have pay rates ranging from NTD 650 – 1,000 per hour. ACI is looking for new talent to complement our existing team. We are seeking teachers talented in: -English (EFL, ESL, grammar, writing, SAT-or ACT-level, etc.) -Math (middle school math, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, AP-level, etc.) -Science (general science, physics, chemistry, biology, for school or SAT-or AP-level) -Writing (creative, analytic, essay, etc.) and more. We have centers in Tianmu and at Zhongxiao Dunhua, catering primarily to students from international schools who are working their way towards standardized tests such as SAT and ACT. We also assist students with topics directly related to their school work, helping them build strong grade averages. Teacher compensation is based on experience and results, and up to NT 1,000 per hour is possible. Typical new hires begin at NT 650 per hour, reviewed after 30-60 days on the job, and annually thereafter. Typical full-time duties are 16-20 regularly-scheduled hours per week, negotiable to meet your personal situation. Part-time hours are also negotiable. We do prefer teachers who can work on one or both weekend days, when our demand is highest. We also prefer teachers willing to make a longer-term commitment to ACI and to their students. Benefits include ARC and NHI for full-time positions, some additional holidays based around the international school calendar, good colleagues and a professional working environment. Apply by sending us your resume /CV, and expect a reply within 2-3 working days.
Positions Available in Hsinchu
Stanford American Language School Full-Time Hsinchu County 新竹縣 FALL Details
Photo HSINCHU, City & County +MAIOLI. Up to NT$70,000/mo.! ALL Native English-Speaking Accents WELCOME! 1st-Time Teachers WELCOME! Full-Time: Mornings & Afternoons. Mon. -Fri. WEEKENDS Off! BONUSES & Dormitory /Housing Allowance offered. Established 15 years, four branches. On average, our teachers stay with us for 2 years or longer. Stanford American Language School is one of Taiwan's most well-respected schools. Founded by a multi-cultural team of educators who are passionate and professional in their approach toward Early Childhood Education and English Language Teaching. We continue to strive to provide the best to students, educating a whole child, leading them to become well-rounded, active, and responsible international citizens. I. BENEFITS 1. Salary Stanford School provides COMPETITIVE SALARY & BONUSES. 2. Visa We will assist teachers in applying for your work permit, ARC, and health insurance. 3. Accommodation We assist our teachers in looking for furnished accommodation if desired. 4. Meal We provide lunch, and snacks in the morning and afternoon. 5. Bonus Stanford American School provides performance and attendance bonuses. 6. Holidays Based upon Taiwanese school semester system, our teachers will have winter and summer holidays. II. ASSISTANCE 1. Arrival We provide pick up service from the airport. You will get a chance to relax and ready for the new experience. 2. At School All of Stanford American School’s teachers have had the chance to participate in our training program. During this time there will always be experienced teachers to help and support you. You will be able to come up with your own teaching style after the training period from observing a variety of teachers teaching style. III. LIFE OUTSIDE OF STANFORD SCHOOL 1. Bus & Train stations are nearby with easy access to places around Hsinchu 2. Shopping areas, such as Carrefour, RT Mart, & B&Q are all conveniently located. 3. Recreation facilities are nearby as well: Gym, Theater, Swimming Pool, Bowling, and more. 4. Stanford American School provides assistance when teachers have any questions regarding making travel arrangement, setting up bank account, and so on. IV. APPLICATION 1. Qualification There are certain criteria that need to be fulfilled to be able to qualify as an English teacher in Taiwan. It is necessary to have a work permit when employ in Taiwan. Stanford is looking for teachers who: i. Is a native English speaker ii. Agrees to a 1 year contract iii. Holds a Bachelor degree iv. Holds teacher certification (preferred) v. Passes medical examination that is government-approved. 2. Application We need the following to process your application. i. A complete resume (background, education, work history, interests and skills ii. A copy of your passport iii. A copy of your degree iv. A full-length photo of yourself v. Reference letter(if available) A short demo and an interview are also required. If you are interested in the position, please e-mail us the materials and contact us to set up an appointment for the school visit. If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us.
Join an Awesome Adult Teaching Team!
The English Academy Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Late Dec or early Jan 2015. Details
Photo [Note -if you applied to our previous ad and I did not reply to you, please send me your stuff again.] The English Academy is hiring! We are looking for a part-timer to begin teaching either at the end of Dec or the first week of January 2015. Please note, you will need to be available before the first day of any class, since there is an induction/orientation period. It is possible that the part-time position will evolve into a full-time one later in the year. We are a small school (7 teachers) and we pride ourselves on our close relationship with our students, our effective teaching methods, our focus on results, and our friendly atmosphere. We work together with our teachers to provide an enjoyable environment in which to work and teach. We deliver general English (4-skill classes), writing, and speaking classes and we have a unique IELTS programme. Our classes are small, with 6 to 12 students. All our teachers teach in the evenings and Saturdays while typically sharing day classes. Hours: Part-time: on average 14 hours. Full-time: 21 ~ 25 teaching hours depending on the season. Day classes: 2-5pm (there is also 10am-1pm for Summer) Evening classes: 8-10pm as well as on Saturday morning. There are some other classes in the early evening and on Saturday afternoons too. As a part time teacher, you will be initially be responsible for teaching 2 evening classes (8 hours/week). Compensation: 600-750 per hour depending on experience, qualifications, and observable teaching ability. Normally, a teacher with 1000+hours of teaching Adults 4-skills English classes with a CELTA will start on 650. Other benefits: ARC /Health Insurance, teach only in one place. No travel to companies! Paid teacher induction, 13th-month re-sign (not resign!) bonus, professional development, and a well-organized curriculum. Located next to MRT exit. Qualifications: University degree. +CELTA /DELTA or equivalent +at least 1 year post-qualification teaching experience. For more information about the school and the job, please look at our webpage http://www.academy.com.tw/about/workforus.php There is a video from previous/current teachers there too for you to look at. Please email your resume and pic to us.
Good Location -Near the Beach!
Share Fun English School Full-Time Tainan City 台南市 Immediately Details
Photo Share Fun English School, we invite Certified Teachers or related educational background degree holder to apply for our full time /part time position. Pls attach your CV and current photo and the scanned copy of your degree, diploma, transcript, certificate and your valid passport. Teachers Basic Qualifications: @Native English Speaker (UK, IRE, USA, CAN, AUS, NZ, SA, ) @Accredited Bachelor’s degree (School should be accepted by Taiwanese Ministry of Education) or notarized related to educational background diploma (2 years) plus certificate (TESL/TEFL/TESOL) @Hold a valid Passport (at least 6 months) @Ability to stay and teach at least for 12 month's contract Working Time: Monday to Friday Salary & Welfare @New Taiwan Dollars (NT$) @NT$55,000-83,000 per month, negotiable after interview @20 days Vacation per year @Other Paid national holidays (In accordance with the school’s calendar) @National Labor insurance & Health insurance provided @Assit to apply for work permit & alien resident visa (ARC) @Assistance in accommodation @Staff Annual Field Trip @Sick Leave (Half Paid) @Lunch Provided @Curriculum provided @2 years contract finished Bonus @Small class group Job Requirements & Information: @Teacher Certificate/License/Permit/Degree/Transcripts etc.. @email/contact no./Skype ID (if any) @Earliest Date of Availability to work @English Native speaker @Teaching experience required @Enjoy teaching, outgoing, patient, cooperative, and creative Contact Info: Name of Organization: Share Fun English School Contact Person: Elaine Olding Phone: 06-295-7000 /06-295-8000 Address: 750 Jain Kang Road Section 3, Anping, Tainan City, Taiwan. Website: www.sharefun.com.tw
Both Full-Time & Part-Time Jobs Available.
Golden American School Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Photo Both Full-Time & Part-Time Jobs Available. Full-Time, Mon. to Fri. Mornings & Afternoons from 9:30am. 23 hrs/wk.NO Weekends! Part-Time Job ALSO Available, AFTERNOONS Only! NO Weekends! Close to the MRT Brown & Blue Line /Zhongxiao Fuxing Station 忠孝復興捷運站. Contact : Joy Tel:02-8773-8855 Seeking holders of Taiwan Resident IDs raised or educated in English speaking countries, whose first language IS ENGLISH. Teachers with Residency through Marriage or APRC Residency also welcome! 我們誠徵在國外長大或留學的中籍教師 (持有中華民國身份證),亦歡迎外籍配偶或持有永久居留證者前來應徵!
Teacher of English
British Council in Taiwan Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Immediately Details
Photo The BC Taipei Teaching Centre offers a range of courses to Young Learners and Adults. Teachers are required to be flexible and may be asked to teach a range of courses including Young Learners, General English, Business Skills Development and IELTS preparation. The centre is open 7 days a week, and all teachers must be prepared to work weekends and evenings. Teachers need to be ready to embrace IT in the classroom and give students extra support outside the classroom. 1. We are currently looking for an experienced Young Learner Teacher of English to join our Taipei-based team of committed professionals to undertake an hourly paid teaching position starting from the 2015 Winter Camp programmes (intensive courses during 2th -13th Feb) and year round in-house classes. 2. We also need experienced Adult and IELTS preparation teachers to undertake a hourly paid position year round in-house. General Requirements: •First degree or equivalent from a recognised university. •Recognised ELT qualification to certificate level (CELTA, Trinity or equivalent). •Two years (full-time) post ELT qualification experience. •Valid work/Residence permit (ARC, APRC etc…) •Good IT skills •A further teaching qualification (CELTYL, DELTYL, DELTA, MA, PGCE) is desirable. •PCRC/Home country criminal record check is required. Please visit our website below and read through our role profile and download the official application form. Once completed the application form, please e-mail before 31st December 2014 to recruitment@britishcouncil.org.tw
A GREAT Job Available
Green English Full-Time Chiayi County 嘉義縣 end of Jan., 2015 Details
Photo ALL Native English-Speaking Accents WELCOME! Full-Time Job, Afternoons and Evenings. Hourly pay Up to NT$650! Mon.-Fri. ! Guarantee 16 hours/weekly. More hours possible. We are a family-owned school and can provide you very good living support with our strong local connections. We offer ARC, work permit, National Health Insurance and training. Our school is in Chia Yi -Zhong Pu, which is near Chia Yi City. Chia Yi is the city where A-Li Mountain is located. The High Speed Railway, Chia Yi Train Station, buses and airlines are easily accessible. There are supermarkets, retailers, pools, parks and Chia Yi University 嘉義大學 all in our neighborhood. Neighboring Areas: Tainan City 台南市 and Yunlin County 雲林縣. About Chiayi: Chiayi is a small city about midway down the western coast of the island of Taiwan. The Tropic of Cancer runs right through it so summers are hot and winters and mild. Chiayi is close to the mountains which provide endless opportunities for hiking and exploring. Chiayi has many cultural and historic attractions and a well established train system allows easy access to the larger cities. The National University of Taiwan in Chiayi offers classes in Chinese and people are friendly to foreigners and patient with the language barrier. There is also a supportive community of other foreign English teachers.
Full-Time Teachers Wanted
Kang Chiao School Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 2015-2016 School Year Details
Photo Kang Chiao School is currently accepting applications for 2015-2016 school year from Preschool through High School. Foreign passport holders familiar with and qualified to teach an International curriculum are welcome to apply. The school runs Monday to Friday 8:30-17:00. Our salary is competitive, and we offer bonuses and paid holidays. Facilities are exceptional, including in-door swimming pools, stunning nature parks, and classrooms equipped with smartboards. Interested candidates may apply by sending their resume and a recent photo to us, attention Coordinator. **Applying for a middle or high school teaching position please email to : highschool@kcbs.ntpc.edu.tw **Applying for an elementary teaching position please email to : elementary@kcbs.ntpc.edu.tw **Applying for an early childhood education position please email to : foreign@kcbs.ntpc.edu.tw
ATTRACTIVE Pay, 750 NT per hour!
Joy English, Sinying branch Part-Time Tainan City 台南市 Now Details
750NT per hour, Working 4 days 8hrs/wk.MORE Hours available at Sat. ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! LATE Afternoons & Evenings. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL-Organized Curriculum. We will apply for your ARC, and assitant help you with tax. We have been established over a DECADE! One of our native speaking teachers stay with us for more than 8 years. Neighboring Areas: Sinying District 新營區, Yanshuei District 鹽水區 & Houbi District 後壁區. We are ten minutes away from the Sinying Train Station 新營火車站. To apply, please contact Angel by phone or email.
Marketing experts NEEDED!
UKEAS IELTS School Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
A marketing position is available in Taipei at UKEAS, Taiwan's largest overseas study consultancy. The ideal candidate will be a native English speaker with ideally a business degree or previous work experience. Good Chinese and marketing knowledge are desirable but not a prerequisite. Enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to learn are essential however. This position will present the right candidate with the chance to work independently and learn and develop new skills and experiences. Please send a CV and cover letter explaining why you think you deserve an interview, along with your expected salary to Rich.
Fifth Grade Teacher Needed
Lih-Jen International Private Elementary & Middle School Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 Immediately Details
Photo Lih-Jen International Private School, K-9 We are currently looking for a professional certified fifth grade English teacher to join our team. The position needs to be filled immediately. Lih-Jen is a bilingual school located at Taipei’s prestigious area. The working hours are from 8:00 until 4:30 Monday to Friday. Salary and Benefits * A competitive monthly salary * Provide ARC for certified teachers * 2 weeks paid winter vacation * 3 days paid sick leave per semester * Paid national holidays and typhoon days * National Health Insurance – 70% coverage (if eligible) * Year-end bonus Qualifications *Must be a native English speaker *Must have an accredited four-year college/B.S./B.A. degree * Prefer a certified Teaching License from your own country/State (K-9) *Welcome teachers with ARC or APRC or SARC or JFRV If you are a creative, energetic, and reliable teacher, please send your resume and a recent photo to us. We prefer contact by email rather than phone calls.
A Well-Established School
Jordan's Language School Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 As soon as possible Details
Photo Jordan's Language School We're a well-organized school. We provide different kinds of curriculmn, professional working environment, a lot of teaching aids and resources for teachers. If you are the right person, a competitive salary is expected. (For full-time teachers, about NTD50,000 or more) Don't hestitate to send us your resume, if you can meet the following conditions: 1. Native English speaker 2. University degree required(with verified certificate is a plus ) 3. TESOL or TEFL certificate preferable 4. Responsible, energetic, patient and enthusiastic 5. Willing to take part in school's special events 6. At least one year teaching experience 7. Hold a letter of recommendation 8. A copy of the approval of your last employer(a copy of the termination of your last contract)(preferable) Now we are hiring new teachers in such areas: 1.New Taipei City and Taipei City: Available positions:Part-time/Full-time 2.Taoyuan County and Taoyuan City: Available positions:Part-time/Full-time 3.Tainan City: Available positions:Part-time/Full-time E-mail: phoenix@jordan.com.tw Web link: http://www.jordan.com.tw Positions also available in the following areas: 4. Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Nantou area, please mail to : jordan.ty@msa.hinet.net 5.Hualian area please call : (03)8320209 email: hualian@jordan.com.tw Contact person: Ralph
Chien Kuo School Have Both Available Nantou County 南投縣 Now Details
Photo ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! Mornings & Afternoons. 20++hrs /wk., also many extra paid hours available. An ARC & medical insurance provided. We offer FULL Lesson Plans & Well-Organized Curriculum. Uncle Sam School is located in CENTRAL TAIWAN, NANTOU, NEAR TAICHUNG, DOULIOU and the most famous sightseeing area – SUN MOON LAKE 日月潭. It takes only 10 mins to Nan-Tou City, the downtown area where to buy foods and shop. Our school is 500 ping spacious. We have great experiences working with foreigners and can help them to get used to life here asap. The very LOW LIVING EXPENSES here is also good for anyone who wants to save more money for the good future. We have a friendly, well-cooperate environment. If you are interested in this job, please contact us at 049-273-5373 or e-mail to us.
GREAT Job Opportunities!!
Alexander Academy Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Photo Alexander Academy is a fun, energetic, and growing school that is looking for teachers! Our School: * Provides a natural and supportive environment for children to learn English * Focuses on conversation and hands-on learning * Teaches a variety of fun and engaging subjects in English such as science, art, and role play Our teachers: * Receive competitive pay, bonus, ARC, health insurance, and paid national holidays, including Chinese New Year * Work closely with administration and Chinese staff to develop a working environment of trust and cooperation * Receive training from current staff knowledgeable in our curriculum and expectations * Are passionate about teaching and working with children * Have opportunity for advancement We want you if you: * Have a bachelor’s degree or higher (in education or related fields is a plus) * Are experienced in and passionate about teaching * Have a professional attitude * Are interested in contributing to our school and being a member of an enthusiastic teaching team We also would like to build a roster of reliable substitute teachers. If you are living in Taipei and would like to add a little extra income, please contact us as well! We have two locations, both within five minutes’ walk of the MRT (one at City Hall and one at Dongmen.) Please send us your resume, cover letter, and a recent photo, and we will get back to you promptly. Thank you!
English Teacher in Tainan
Language Center Part-Time Tainan City 台南市 Now Details
::::: LANGUAGE CENTER TEACHERS WANTED ::::: 1. ENGLISH NATIVE SPEAKERS. 2. Diploma of B.A. 3. Submit documents for working permit 4. Chinese Teachers and Teachers Raised in Native English Speaking Countries WELCOME, too. PLEASE APPLY IN PERSON or CALL 0800-060-686 or 02-5551-3005, 02-5551-3006 or E-mail.
ATTRACTIVE Pay, NT$700/hr!
American Eagle Institute, Zhudong Branch Have Both Available Hsinchu County 新竹縣 early Jan., 2015 Details
Photo NT$700/hr! EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED! Full-time & Part-time teachers needed. PAID Natinal Holidays & Chinese New Year! BONUSES & Housing ALLOWANCE offered! We provide at least 12~20 hours per week, ARC, Work Permit, National Health & Labor Insurance. Positions Available: 1.Winter Camp: 8:30~17:00 (1/27~2/9) 2.Immersion Program: 1:30~4:00 p.m.(MWTF)/4:30~6:45 p.m.(M~F) 3.Intensive Program: 1:30~3:30 p.m. (MWTF)/4:30~6:00 p.m.(M~F) 4.Standard Program: 6:30~8:30 p.m. (Tue & Thur.) American Eagle Institute, Zhudong Branch is an English learning center for kids in downtown Zhudong, Hsinchu County, with the most well-established syllabus and curriculum. We have brand-new and elaborately decorated classrooms. Neighboring Areas: Hsinchu City 新竹市 & Jubei 竹北市. Our school is located from Hsinchu city within 30 minutes, the Judong Train Station 竹東火車站 and Taiwan High Speed Rail-HsinChu station 高鐵新竹站, swimming pools, retailers, gyms are ALSO nearby. Requirements: Native-English speaker with a bachelor's (BA or BS) degree; Candidates who are professional educator with diverse experience and strong track record fostering child-centered curriculum and student creativity are welcome. A warm and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging is especially needed. Please e-mail your resume with a clear photo to Ms. Lin 0922-566-558 If not available, please leave your message so that I can call you back.
PIPER, Sanchong Branch Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
PART-Time Positions. ALL Native English-Speaking Accents WELCOME! Mon. to Fri. AFTERNOONS between 2:30pm to 6pm. 13 hours a week. Weekends OFF! NT$600/hr. Established over 16 YEARS! We are located in Sanchong City, Taipei County . We are a few minutes from the Taipei Railway Station 台北火車站 and the Sanchong City Stadium 三重市立體育場. Plus, there is a Wellcome supermarket just downstairs from us -how convenient! Neighboring Areas: New Taipei City -Sinjhuang District 新莊區, Lujhou District 蘆洲區 & Wugu District 五股區. Taipei City -Datong District 大同區, Wanhua District 萬華區, Jhongjheng District 中正區, About our school: Our school has been established over 16 YEARS! Currently, our native speaking teachers stay for 2 years or longer. "PIPER English School" has a GREAT reputation in the community with parents, teachers and students. We have a spacious sunny green environment; the latest teaching materials up-to-date facilities. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or E-mail.
PART-Time Jobs in New Taipei City
Penguins American School Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
The hourly pay is $600. Mon. -Fri. Afternoons & Evenings from 2:00pm to 8:30pm Around 14 hrs/wk. Weekends OFF! Lesson Plans & WELL-Organized curriculum offered. Work permit offered. We have been established over a decade and one of our native speaking teachers has stayed for 3 years or longer. We are close to Shulin Train Station 樹林火車站. Neighboring Areas : BANCHIAO 板橋, SHINJUANG 新莊, TUCHENG 土城 & TAOYUAN CITY 桃園市. Please e-mail to apply.
High School English Teaching Positions Open in Yunlin County
Victoria Academy Full-Time Yunlin County 雲林縣 Now Details
ARC (when applicable), healthcare, competitive salary based on pay scale, low cost of living area, end of year bonus, paid holidays Minimum Requirements: Degree in library sciences /University level English proficiency /Confidence and proficiency in academic research methods The School Librarian is responsible for providing library and research services for the school and maintenance of the library and its collections. In addition, the first semester of employment shall be dedicated to upgrading the library collections, and setting up a library environment conducive to student learning. This includes procuring and maintaining research resources and needed media, as well as establishing and maintaining study areas. From the second semester on, the School Librarian will also teach one or two courses in his or her field of expertise. ----For the full job description, please contact the school----
70% adult classes, especially in evenings and on Sat. in Taoyuan city.
Richmond International English Institute Have Both Available Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Immediately Details
Photo .Jobs available: both part time and full time, from Mon.~ Sat. We offer: 1. COMPETITIVE PAY, based on your experience and background. 2. Hourly pay from $600/hr~ $1500/hr. *Regular classes:$600/hr-$700/hr *ESP(off-site classes):$650/hr-$1,500 the hourly pay depends on: A. Teacher's education B.Work experience C.Teaching experience D.Class location 3. Plenty of teaching hours available. 4. Work Permit, ARC, health & labors insurance are all provided. 5. Contract Completion Bonus $15000. 6. No Class on Christmas. Thanks to expanding enrollment, we are in need of new enthusiastic teachers to join us. We have both part-time and full-time positions open for native English speakers. North American accents are preferred. .About Richmond : 1. Richmond International English Institute has a highly professional working environment. Facilities include a cafe, a lounge area, and other versatile teaching areas. We hold classes not only in classrooms but also at our cafe and sometimes offsite , to provide a comprehensive English learning environment for students. 2. Weekly teaching hours: 20~45 hours on average and 100~150 hours per month. 3. Students: 70% of our students are adults; 4. Work is shared with and supported by the Academic Dept.: a. Syllabi and procedural guidelines are provided by the Academic Dept. b. Class preparation and teaching is done by the teachers. 5. Richmond Institute is a professional language institute with a straight and positive business image. Teachers will find themselves with steady hours and classes. 6. Location: We are located in the newer uptown area of Taoyuan city; Jhongjheng Park, cafés, an art center, shopping malls, Carrefour, and Monarch Plaza Hotel are all within walking distance of Richmond. Please email us your resume including; 1. Photo 2",1" or passport-sized photo 2. Degree documents, TESOL, Bachelor...etc 3. ARC, If available We will set up an interview for the applicants immediately if the documents are complete. The interview will be around 1~2hours, including: 1.Application 2.Interview 3.Teaching demo. Teachers are welcome to email us if they are interested in the position. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
AFTERNOONS only, 2pm -6pm!
Green Mountain School Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
Up to NT$700/hr! A PART-Time Position available in Feb. 2014. AFTERNOONS only, from 2pm to 6pm. Weekends OFF! We have established over a DECADE! MORE Hours available later. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL-Designed Curriculum offered. Neighboring Areas: Neighboring Areas: Nangang District 南港區, Songsan District 松山區 & Neihu District 內湖區. We are few minute away form the Sike Train Station 汐科火車站 and TAIPEI City. For an interview, please contact email your resume with a recent photo to Mr.Kuo. We prefer email rather than phone call.
Public Relations Officers SOUGHT!
Acer Inc. 宏碁(股)公司 Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
Photo Job Title: Public Relations Officer Acer is seeking an individual with native-English capabilities to join its corporate public relations division in Xizhi, New Taipei City. The desired candidate will need to demonstrate proven ability to write concise, accurate, and compelling English copy for press releases and corporate collaterals. To apply, please send resume and cover letter in English. Roles and Responsibilities -Researching, writing, editing and distributing press releases to the media; -Researching, writing, editing and distributing internal newsletters to Acer employees; Write and edit content for other departments including, but not limited to, executive speeches, presentations, event invitations, etc. Translate Chinese press releases or other materials into English Maintain and update information on Acer’s corporate websites; Publish internal newsletters onto Acer employee intranet site; Organizing and supporting events including press conferences, exhibitions, and media interviews; -Liaising with product marketing, investor relations, key spokespeople and other departments to define messaging for press releases and corporate statements; -Liaising with and answering enquiries from international media, individuals and other organizations; -Coordinate with regional public relations offices on press releases, events and other projects; -Collating and analyzing international media coverage Job Requirements: -Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in marketing, communications or related field; -Native English speaker with proven English copy writing skills and ability to speak and read Chinese; -At least 3 years of work experience in a public relations or marketing, experience in IT industry preferable; -Ability to analyze data, market insights; -Proactive, creative, team player, with excellent organization and time management skills; -Able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines; -Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) proficiency -Candidates based in Taiwan will be preferred.
High School Positions!
Nanshan High School Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 now Details
Photo Mon. to Fri. from 8am to 5:30 pm. Up to 22 hrs/wk. PAID National Holidays & Chinese New Year! BONUSES provided. ARC, Work permit, National Health Insurance & FULL Teaching Materials offered. We are looking for teachers with Secondary school teaching licenses, marriage ARC holders and APRC holders with open working permits. We have 6 native speaking teachers stay with us, their average is 3 YEARS! We are located near the Orange Line /YongAn Market station 永安市場捷運站. The Costco & Carrefour are NEAR BY. Neighboring Areas: Zhonghe District 中和區, Yonghe District 永和區, Wanhwa District 萬華區. Please send your CV with passport photo, passport copy, teaching certificate, bachelor certificate by email (sonya@nssh.ntpc.edu.tw) if you're interested in this job. School Features ● Classrooms with air-conditioning ● Laboratories for biology, physics, chemistry and geography classes equipped with sophisticated Telemicroscopes and educational TV recording system, as well as a cactus garden and cultivation rooms for aquatic animals and plants ● Auditorium, Multifunctional auditorium for movies, concerts, lectures and long distance education ● Art Gallery with art exhibitions ● Study rooms: Three large study rooms and one lecture hall providing a variety of periodicals, newspapers, and encyclopedias ● Resource room for the six departments: providing teaching resources and reference books ● location New Taipei City -http://tour.tpc.gov.tw/tom/lang_en/index.aspx ● office hour Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm, 22 class weekly, 45 min per class ● curriculum EFL (English as a Foreign Language), English Village and English Day Studio Event Construction of Bilingual Campus Projects related to International Education ● class description 25-40 students, G7-G12
Experienced Teachers REWARDED!
Annie's English School Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
Photo Salary: usually around 550-650, depends on your teaching experiences and working performance. Up to NT$650/hr! Experienced Teachers REWARDED! Housing assistance provided. Founded twenty-four years ago in Taipei County, Annie’s English School has gone from strength to strength. Today, with 2,000 students and 100 teachers in five branches, Annie’s English School(AES) is the leading ESL institution in the New Taipei City area. Since the summer of 2010, AES has offered a fully accredited American private elementary school education program to students. Students learn Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, History, Social Studies, Critical Thinking and much more. A stable job and pleasant working environment. We are looking for patient, dedicated, responsible, punctual, experienced teachers who are native English speakers for this program. Must be a teamplayer. We are also looking for teachers for our general ESL program. Interested parties should send their resumes or CV to the attention of Shirley. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an in-person interview and demonstration lesson. Please email your resume FIRST and we will contact you if interested.
A Great Job Opening!
Abraham Academy Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Abraham Academy is seeking eligible full-time or part-time teachers who are capable of teaching American Elementary and Junior High school subjects such as history, science, health, and English. Full-time: Elementary School: Mon to Fri, 13:50 ~19:00 Part-time: Elementary School: Mon to Fri, 17:00~19:00 Junior High School: Tue and Thurs, 19:10~21:10 More about Abraham Academy CONVENIENT Location, Xinyi Circle, near the MRT Blue Line /Taipei City Hall Station, exit 4. We use a professionally produced curriculum published in the United States for academic settings. Established since 1998. We have an OUTSTANDING supportive and PROFESSIONAL environment, on average, our native English-speaking team members stay between 3 to 5 years. Qualifications: * Bachelor's degree. * TESOL certificate preferred. * Experience in teaching English, science, health or history. * Responsible, passionate, excellent communication skills, and a good team worker. Benefits: *labor, health and group insurance *annual bonus and annual leave *annual banquet and festival presents *provide lunch and snacks For more information about our school, please log on to http://www.abrahamacademy.com.tw or send us an email.

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