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# Posted Headline Company Full /Part -Time Location Available In Favorites Details
Teacher wanted in Chiayi
Dragon English School Full-Time Chiayi County 嘉義縣 Aug. 2014 Details
NT$60,000-70,000/mo! EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED! Monday to Friday! Weekends OFF! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL Organized Curriculum. American owned for over 14 years. We have two schools in CHAIYI, in the middle of Taiwan. Currently, we have one teaching position in Taibao. We are just minutes from the Chiayi high speed rail station. We will provide training, a work permit (required), and housing. Applicants MUST BE passport holders of the following countries: US, Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, or South Africa. Please contact Terry Alred: wterryalred@gmail.com, http://www.internationallearningcenter.net/ or Rodney Loh: Taibao City 05-362-3105, rodloh@venus.seed.net.tw
GREAT Opportunities!
Kang Ning English School Have Both Available Hsinchu County 新竹縣 A.S.A.P. Details
Minimum monthly pay NT$60,000-68,000 depending on professional & academic qualifications, with end of contract bonus, perfect attendance bonus, performance bonus, and additional overtime pay & bonus, free staff trips, free meals/snacks, health insurance & ARC, and paid national holidays/vacation Starts: an immediate opening available, also screen resume year round. ALL Native English-speaking Accents & 1st-Time Teachers WELCOME! Mornings & Afternoons OR Afternoons & Evenings. The schedule is NEGOTIABLE! No Weekends! PAID National Holidays & Chinese New Year, PLUS a five-day Vacation! BONUSES, Work permit, ARC & National Health Insurance provided. Established 23 YEARS! Ten native speaking teachers on staff. We are located in Hsinchu County, Jhudong, close to Jhudong county swimming pool 竹東鎮立游泳池, the Jhudong Train Station 竹東火車站 & China Institute of Technology 中華技術學院. It takes 30 minutes to get to the ocean and 5 minutes to the mountains by car. It is about 70-minute drive to Taipei. Neighboring Areas: Hsinchu County -Jhubei 竹北市, Baoshan 寶山鄉 & Hsinchu City 新竹市. School introduction: Kang Ning English School (KNES) is a private English school established in 1985. The school has two departments, the Language Department, with mainly elementary and secondary school students, and Early children education Department, teachers work from 9:00am to 6:00 or 7:30pm. Language Department teachers work from 1:00am-9:30pm. Saturday hours are optional and bear extra pay. Both programs have well-established & structured curriculum. We provide a positive, stable & supportive educational environment with English speaking staff. We currently have thirteen full-time English-native-speaking teachers from all over the world. The foreign teachers’ turnover rate is one of the lowest in Hsinchu county. This year, 83% of the teachers renewed their contract. Some Teachers’ comments FABIAN: Kang Ning is one of the best and well managed schools that I’ve worked at while living in Taiwan. Everyone is extremely friendly, kind, professional, and thoughtful. We are all able to communicate well with each other. The school is also more than willing to help teachers find accommodation, assist with work permits, arrange transportation, and help with anything that we might need. The curriculum is highly organized and the workload is not too strenuous. It is easy to follow the class schedule and to arrange any and all teaching aids. Each teacher also gets full support from Serena (owner), head teachers, teaching assistants, and the rest of the school staff. We are also encouraged to help each other with teaching aids, and ideas for the classroom when necessary. Jhudong is situated on the foot of a mountain so it is a quiet little town. There are many restaurants, night markets, a park, a swimming pool, and it is easy to find a hiking trail. NAZEEM: Moving to Kang Ning has been very rewarding for me as a teacher. From day 1 I was amazed at the level of competence the students possessed. As a result of the environment as well as the quality of the teachers they’ve had, the kids here have developed really strong language skills. The staff members here are friendly, helpful and very experienced, which made the transition here really easy. RAFE: As an experienced ‘long term’ teacher in Taiwan, I have found working at Kang Ning to be a refreshing experience. The curriculum is well organised, and students are encouraged to be creative, thoughtful and curious. The environment is designed to promote learning in a holistic way so children learn English in a variety of settings and from a varied staff of foreign teachers. I would certainly recommend working at Kang Ning and experiencing the more laid back lifestyle of rural Taiwan. Interested applicants should email the attached application, a copy of passport, and two references with email and/or phone number to Tammy Lin, tammylin.kangning@gmail.com. Please specify your preference of the department and beginning date. For further information about the school, please visit our website at www.kangning.com.tw
A Great FULL-Time Job!
Smart Start School Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Both FULL-Time & PART-Time Avavilable. ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! FULL-Time, Monday-Friday, Mornings & Afternoons to 5pm. NO Weekends! Monthly Salary & PAID Holidays! PART-Time ALSO available, Mon. to Fri. Mornings 8:30am to Noon. NO Weekends! Established 15 YEARS! We have 5 foreign teachers working happily with us. On average, our native speaking teachers stay for 2 years or longer. The students are young learners. Our school is located in Tien-Mu where many foreigners live. Close to Dayeh Takashimaya Department Store 大葉高島屋 and Tian Mu Baseball Field 天母棒球場. Neighboring Areas: Beitou District 北投區, Neihu District 內湖區, Songshan District 松山區 & Zhongshan District 中山區. Some curriculums will be provided for teachers, and a Chinese assistant will be in class to help. We are seeking a caring, reliable, dependable teacher. Interested teachers please e-mail your resume and cover letter to us first, we'll get back to you as soon as we can, thank you! Fax:02-2873-1171 or e-mail to us.
GREAT Job Opportunities!!
Alexander Academy Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 End of July or End of August Details
Photo Alexander Academy is a fun, energetic, and growing school that is looking for teachers! Our School: * Provides a natural and supportive environment for children to learn English * Focuses on conversation and hands-on learning * Teaches a variety of fun and engaging subjects in English such as science, art, and role play Our teachers: * Receive competitive pay, bonus, ARC, health insurance, and paid national holidays, including Chinese New Year * Work closely with administration and Chinese staff to develop a working environment of trust and cooperation * Receive training from current staff knowledgeable in our curriculum and expectations * Are passionate about teaching and working with children * Have opportunity for advancement We want you if you: * Have a bachelor’s degree or higher (in education or related fields is a plus) * Are experienced in and passionate about teaching * Have a professional attitude * Are interested in contributing to our school and being a member of an enthusiastic teaching team We also would like to build a roster of reliable substitute teachers. If you are living in Taipei and would like to add a little extra income, please contact us as well! We have two locations, both within five minutes’ walk of the MRT (one at City Hall and one at Dongmen.) Please send us your resume, cover letter, and a recent photo, and we will get back to you promptly. Thank you!
Full-Time Job, very CLOSE to Taipei City Center
Buckingham International American School Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
Photo ALL Native English-speaking Accents & 1st-Time Teachers WELCOME! Sanchong, Taipei County, a 5 min scooter-ride from Taipei City. A stable FULL-Time job available right now. Around 25 teaching hours per week, Afternoons & Evenings. EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED! PAID Holidays! We offer ARC, work permit & health insurance. Housing Assistance if needed. Some content creation experience preferred. PART-Time ALSO available. The schedule is FLEXIBLE! NT$600 and UP/hr. Enriched Curriculum and Materials. Comfortable Environment and Friendly Atmosphere. We are seeking enthusiastic experienced native English-speaking teachers. Please feel free to call Teacher Chris in Sanhe branch at 02-8982-9111 or e-mail us. Neighboring Areas: Shihlin District 士林區, Jhongjheng District 中正區, Beitou District 北投區 & Datong District 大同區.
Noble American Children School Have Both Available Chiayi City 嘉義市 Now Details
Photo Position: ESL English Teachers Start Date: Location: No. 850 Ta-Ya Road Sec. 1, Chiayi 600, Taiwan R.O.C. Job Description: Noble American Children's' School presently has 16 classrooms, library, big playground, and indoor activity room. There are 8 Kindergarten classes with three different age levels. Level 1 -Ages 2 -3, maximum 18 students per classroom, one foreign teacher, two Chinese teachers. Level 2 -Ages 3-4, maximum 22 students per classroom, one foreign teacher, one Chinese teacher. Level 3 -Ages 5-6, maximum 22 students per classroom, one foreign teacher, one Chinese teacher There are six Elementary classes: Grade 1, maximum 20 students, one foreign teacher, one Chinese teacher. Grade 2, maximum 20 students, one foreign teacher, one Chinese teacher. Grades 3 -up are evening classes. Teachers are required to prepare for and teach classes in the Comprehensive and Intensive English programs. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: check and correct students' classroom work and homework, prepare and present lesson plans, daily checklist to parents, monthly student evaluations. Qualifications: BA, TESL Certificate, North American Native English Speaker, Early Childhood Education/teaching experience preferred, One year contract Salary/Hours: NT$57,000 per month (approximately $1,727 US.) Monday -Friday, six teaching hours per day: 8:30 am -4:50pm or 12:30pm -7:30pm Saturday and every hour over six teaching hours per day will be paid as over-time at NT$500 per hour (approx. $15.00 US). Income tax is deducted at a rate of 6% for 183 working days and more per year; 20% deduction for under 183 working days in one year. Benefits: There are approximately eight national Holidays, Christmas and Chinese New Year. Plus one week off at the beginning of July. Free airport pick up Free lunch Health Insurance provided: You will be covered by our national health care program once you receive your resident visa, sponsored by the Noble American Children's School. You will only need to pay 1/4 of the health care insurance fee, approximately NT$300 , per month, the Noble American Children's School will pay the remainder. ALL AMERICAN DOLLAR FIGURES ARE APPROXIMATE. RATE IS BASED ON CURRENCY EXCHANGE FROM THE NT$ TO THE AMERICANN$. Contact Info: Email resume with your photo, references and a copy of your passport. Contact Person: 850 Taya Road Sec. 1 Chiayi, 600 Taiwan ROC Nikki Hsu, Jean Shih Email: nikkihsu80@hotmail.com, jean.0216@gmail.com
EXCELLENT Opportunities!
Bigbyte Learing Institute Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
At BigByte, they call it learning, we call it fun. Currently BigByte is looking for hard working, enthusiastic and team-oriented teachers who are serious about education. We are hiring for the 2013-2014 school year with full time positions starting in September. (August hours are a possibility) At BigByte we have three divisions: preschool, elementary and junior high. We have 6 branches located in the Daan and Tian Mu areas. Teaching at BigByte hosts many benefits and opportunities: • ARC and National Health sponsorship • Great and organized curriculum • Freedom to plan daily lessons • Small class sizes (maximum 12 students) • Great teaching schedule (no late nights or weekends!) • Same classes for an entire year • Your own classes and classroom (no co-teachers) • Opportunity to grow with the company • Competitive pay starting at $600/h+ Requirements for full time teaching positions: • Passport holder from a Native English Speaking country (USA/Canada/UK/etc.) • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution • Experience working with children • 1-2 years classroom teaching experience • TESL/TESOL/CELTA or education degrees preferred but not required Current positions available: • 16 hours Elementary position in Daan District (大安區) • 22.5 hours (full day) Preschool position in Daan District (大安區) for the 3 year old class. For more information, or to get started, please send your resume to teaching_affairs@bigbyte.com.tw or call 02-2737-2500 ext 225. They’ll be learning, and you’ll have fun!
A WELL-Known Children's English School
Joy English school, Min-An Branch Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now! Details
ALL Native English -speaking Accents WELCOME! NT$600+/hr. BONUSES offered! Mon. to Fri. 12:30pm~4:30pm. 12-15 hrs/wk. MORE Hours available. WELL Organized Curriculum. We are a branch of Joy English Organization which is a professional and well-known children's English school with more than 250 branches nationwide! Our school has been established over 18 years. We are located in SinJhuang, Taipei County, near the corner of Chenggong St. 成功街 and Minan Rd. 民安路. Fu-Jen University 輔仁大學 and the department store(HungChingPao) are also close by. Neighboring Areas: Taipei County -Taishan 泰山鄉, Shulin 樹林市, Banciao 板橋市, Tucheng 土城市 & Sanchong 三重市. Taoyuan County -Gueishan 龜山鄉. If you're interested, please send your resume with a photo and a contact number to us or call Kennie 02-2203-3818.
University Teaching Positions!
Da-Yeh University 大葉大學 Full-Time Changhua County 彰化縣 September 1, 2014 Details
Photo The International Language Center (ILC) of Da-Yeh University has several full-time contract-based lecturer positions available, starting from September 1, 2014 and ending on July 31, 2015. The appointment, made on a yearly basis, is renewable, pending the passing of the ILC Contract-Based Lecturer’s Evaluation prior to reappointment. Qualifications: 1. English Native Speaker. 2. A Master’s (or above) degree in TESOL, Curriculum and Instruction, Applied Linguistics, or a related field. 3. Several years of teaching non-native speakers. 4. A commitment to teaching and service in an EFL context. Job Information: 1. Teaching Courses: Freshman English, Sophomore English, and elective courses. 2. Teaching Hours: 18hr/week. 3. Service Hours: at least 6 hr/week, the total hours are subject to the policy made by ILC. 4. Obliged to stay on campus during the day time from Monday to Friday except national holidays. 5. The job description includes service projects and any assigned work from the director of ILC. Salary: Monthly salary is NT$63,334 (approximately US$ 2,100). In addition, a NT$ 30,000 bonus will be awarded if passing the ILC Contract-Based Lecturer’s Evaluation. Benefits: 1. Labor Insurance. 2. National Healthcare Plan. Application materials: 1. Cover letter. 2. CV. 3. Copy of diploma (including MA thesis if applicable). 4. Copy of graduate transcripts. 5. At least one reference letter. 6. Supplementary documents. Application deadline: August 11, 2014. Please send all application materials in electronic format to langcntr@mail.dyu.edu.tw or hard copies to Mr. Lin, assistant, International Language Center, Da-Yeh University, No.168, University Rd., Dacun, Changhua 51591, Taiwan Submitted application materials will not be returned. Please send your inquires to langcntr@mail.dyu.edu.tw. Information about the International Language Center is available at http://langcntr.dyu.edu.tw/.
A WELL-Known Chain School
Giraffe English School, HeNan Branch Full-Time Taichung City 台中市 Now Details
Mon.to Sat.. Afternoons & Evenings from 1:30pm. 22 hrs/wk. BONUSES provided. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL-Organized Curriculum. Our school has been established 15 YEARS! On average, our native speaking teacher stays with for 10 YEARS or longer. We are a branch of Giraffe English School, an OUTSTANDING teaching organization with over 500 schools across Taiwan and established for 22 years. We are located near the HSR/High Speed Railway -Taichung Station 高鐵台中站 and the corner of Gongyi Rd.公益路 and Henan Rd. 河南路. Neighboring Areas: Situn District 西屯區, South District 南區 & West District 西區. Please contact Karen by phone or email.
A well established school in Yuan-lin, Hue-wei
GRAM English Center Have Both Available Yunlin County 雲林縣 Now Details
GRAM was established in 1980, and is one of the leading teaching organizations in Taiwan. GRAM has had an excellent reputation with both local and foreign corporate companies, and has over 1000 employees and thousands of students. +With our great offer, why not come to join GRAM?? Now, at our Hue-Wei Branch (Yuan-Lin County), we are looking for a Native English Speaker who have (1) Minimum a B.A. degree (2) An energetic personality that willing to teach children (3) Enjoy team-working and joy-sharing with colleagues (4) Effective teaching techniques (5)Word-processing skills. The weekly working hours is 35 hours(25 hours teaching, 10 hours administrative). For Full-time teachers, we offer: 1. Contract Completion Bonus 2. Paid holidays-Paid Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Martial Leave (for all teachers), Maternity Leave (for female teachers) 3.“On-job” training. 4. re-enrollment bonus 5. medical benefits and accidental insurance For any interested person, email your personal information to us for Yuan-Lin position, please call Anna Dai at (02)6629-1000 EX293 and also send your resume and CV to anna@gram.com.tw
Near the MRT! Full-Time & Part-Time Positions
OXON ENGLISH Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 immediately Details
Photo We have Full-Time and Part-Time Positions opening in Taipei.Full-time, PAID Holidays including National holidays. Mon. to Sat. Afternoons & Evenings from 1pm, 16 -20 hrs/wk. ARC, Work Permit, National Health Insurance provided. FULL Teaching Materials. We have established for 19 YEARS! ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! We need teachers who have teaching experience. Successful candidates must possess the following. 1. Native English speaker. 2. Mandarin conversation ability:average. 3. BA degree. 4. Enthusiasm, patience, reliability, love for working with children Neighboring Areas: Sinjhuang 新莊區, Luzhou 蘆洲區 , Banciao 板橋區& Datong 大同區 Districts. We are located at the MRT Orange Line /Sanchong 三重捷運站. Interested applicants please e-mail your resume, University Degree and current photo to us, or call us to arrange interview asap. We look forward to hearing from you! E-mail:bwhr@i-bornwin.com *Please bring your passport and wearing a short sleeved shirts, thank you.
Taoyuan American School
Taoyuan American School Full-Time Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Immediately Details
Photo Taoyuan American School has an on-going recruiting opportunity. We are looking for the following position(s) of 2014-2015 school year: *PE/ESL Teacher We follow the US curriculum and school calendar. All the major western holidays are paid holidays. We are looking for dedicated, qualified teachers who have the potential to be innovative educators and commit to helping us achieve our goal of a quality learning experience for all students. We have high expectations and offer a collaborative, student-centered learning environment. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, we thank you for considering a future career at Taoyuan American School. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: •Highly qualified to teach at the elementary/middle/high school level. •Valid and appropriate teaching certificate and endorsements for the applying position required. *Applicants with an MA degree in the required subject are also welcome to apply. DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS/CHARACTERISTICS: •Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective classroom management. •Demonstrated desire and ability to work and communicate effectively with staff, students and parents from diverse cultural backgrounds. •Previous successful teaching experience at grade level/subject preferred. •Ability to integrate technology with the curriculum. •Desire and willingness to continue to learn and pursue professional development. •Be enthusiastic, flexible and have a commitment for students to reach high learning standards. •Willingness to accept extracurricular assignments.
Afternoon/Evening Job! BLOCK HOURS!
DS English Program Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 4th August Details
Photo Up to NT$750/hr! Part-time Afternoon 2:00~6:00.Monday to Thursday. Block Hours! 16 Hours a week!(8/4~8/29) Part-time Evening 4:20~7:00. BLOCK Hours! 15 Hours a week!(9/1~) Weekends OFF! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & Curriculum. Professional & Friendly Working Environment. We offer an ARC, Work permit and National Health Insurance. Our school is NEAR the MRT Blue Line /Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall Station EXIT 1. 國父紀念館捷運站1號出口. Just at the intersection of Jhongsiao E. Rd. 忠孝東路 and Guang Fu S. Rd. 光復南路. If you're interested, please send your RECENT PHOTO and RESUME to us for arranging an interview.
Job Available in Hsinchu City!
Michael's E.F.L School Have Both Available Hsinchu City 新竹市 August /September Details
MICHAEL'S E.F.L SCHOOL A little different in Hsin-Chu city Native English teacher required teaching children. (no kindies, no mornings.) Why are we different from the rest? We are an independent, non commercial school, passionate about teaching E.F.L. My Taiwanese wife, and myself (British) have owned and managed our school for more than 27 years. We are certified teachers and have a curriculum that we have both taught and developed. Besides a caring environment for students and teachers, we also provide a well-organized support system. Looking for a hassle free experience (almost) in a professional teaching environment? We offer: (1) Above average wages and conditions. (2) One month training. (if required) (3) Gratuity (4) Paid holidays (5) Work visa, national health care. (6) Accommodation assistance. We will require: (1) Teaching/coaching experience/EFL qualifications. (2) Minimum one year commitment. (3) Resume/Reference letters. (4) Recognized university degree. (5) Letter of introduction (6) A genuine desire to teach EFL. For additional information and correspondence contact: michaelseflschool@gmail.com Include: (a) Proposed start date (b) Nationality (c) Resume/CV (d) Recent photograph and pertinent information about yourself. Address your letters to Michael Weatherley.
Adults English Teachers Wanted
Cornell Language School Have Both Available Hsinchu City 新竹市 Now Details
Photo ADULTS ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED Cornell Language School is seeking for Full Time /Part Time English Teachers. Our students are mostly adults and young adults. Teachers work in a well organized school with structured curriculum and pleasant atmosphere. SALARY: Full-Time: 14-20 hour/week schedule. Extra teaching hours are available. Part-Time: Hourly Based Pay Scale. WORK SCHEDULE: (Full Time) Monday through Friday evenings & two afternoons. Saturday morning & afternoon (Part Time) Evenings on weekdays BENEFITS: -Fourteen Days Vacation -Health Insurance -One Year Working Visa (ARC) -Teaching Training & Orientation REQUIREMENTS: Only applicants who fulfill the following qualifications will be considered. -Native Speakers of English -Four-Year University Degree or above -Clear and Articulate Speaking Voice -One Year Working Commitment -One to Two Years Teaching Experience -Already Arrived Taiwan -Professional Appearance & Demeanor TO APPLY: Please e-mail the application package to Christina Chen Jordan_cornell@yahoo.com We’ll contact the applicants who meet our requirements and schedule an interview. Application package includes: a. Resume b. Copy of Passport Page c. Copy of Degree d. Recent Photo INTERVIEW: a. Fill in the Application Form b. 20 Minutes Teaching Demonstration c. In person Interview TEL: 886-3-5233066 E-mail: Jordan_cornell@yahoo.com http://www.mericajordan.org.tw 316, Sec.2, Chung Hua Road, Hsinchu 300 Taiwan R.O.C.
An Organized and Professional Language Program
Columbia English Language Program Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Summer 2014 Details
Photo We at the Columbia English Language Program pride ourselves on being a serious language learning institute for children from 3 to 15 years old. Our goal is to build an organized environment for serious learning mixed with fun activities that allows each student to learn English to their maximum potential. Our culture and atmosphere encourage open and honest communication between teachers and staff, and we also assist new teachers with training and adjusting to their new environment. Our success is evident in our tremendous growth and the response we have received from students and parents. ****** SEEKING PART-TIME EFL TEACHERS ***** Candidates must have one year of group teaching experience, a university degree, and a North American English accent. We offer an ARC, health insurance, and paid training. We have a set curriculum and syllabus that emphasizes reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary, and teachers are encouraged to develop their own unique teaching style. Patience, energy, enthusiasm, and the genuine love for working with children are the top requirements for the job. If you are serious about having a career in teaching English and are willing to commit to a one-year contract, we invite you to contact us to learn about our employment opportunities. *****PART-TIME MONTESSORI PHONICS TEACHERS WANTED ****** Candidates must have a North American English accent, possess effective classroom management skills, and enjoy learning Montessori teaching methods. We welcome ABC/CBC teachers and offer an ARC. Working hours are 8-hrs in the mornings and 8-hrs in afternoons (class starts at 4:30). All applicants will need to complete (paid) Montessori training before the official start date. Please send your resume, a copy of your degree, and a recent photo to Elisa at elisa.su@columbiaenglish.com.tw or contact her at (02)2752-1213 during office hours Monday -Friday 10am~7pm. SCHOOL LOCATIONS : -DunNan: MRT Blue line ZhongXiao/DunHua Station – Xinsheng: Xinsheng/Xinyi intersection; MRT Red Line Daan Park Station -JinShan: JinShan/Xinyi intersection. -RenAi: RenAi/AnHe intersection. 10min walk from Dunhua Eslite Bookstore -GuangFu: MRT Blue line Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Station -MinSheng: in MinSheng SheQu (民生社區) -TianMu: TianMu West Road. MRT Red Line ShiPai station – Banqiao: MRT Blue Line JiangZiCui station
Experienced Teacher Wanted
Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 August 2014 Details
NT$700-900 per hour! 18 hours a week. Bonuses for student-returning and full-attendance, a one-year contract with an ARC/Work Permit, National Health Insurance, stable work environment, a fixed schedule with set classes. (Another job vacancy is Wed & Fri 1:30~4:30) Requirements: (1) Native English speaker with North American Accent preferred. (2) Bachelor’s Degree in Education or English related field. *(3) At least 2 years 'Local Cram School teaching experience. (4) Enthusiasm, patience, reliability, love for working with children and seeing teaching as a career Our fall semester will begin on Sep.1st. (Some classes start in the beginning of August.) Mon, Wed. Thu, Fri. Work starts at 1:30pm and finishes at 4:30pm or 7:00pm. Our classes are grouped by age up to 15 and level from young learners to Grade 8 as in Native Speaking Countries. The class size is limited to 12 students. We are located in DAZIH, Taipei City, a few minutes from the Miramar 美麗華 & Shih Chien University 實踐大學. To Apply – Please send your CV/Resume, recent photo , copy of Bachelor’s Degree
Great Job in Hsinchu City
T&L Learning Full-Time Hsinchu City 新竹市 2014/8/18 Details
Job Description:
We are seeking active, self-motivated people of good character to teach English to native Chinese speakers. Reading, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar, are all a part of our well-planned curriculum, which is based on the study of classical literature. Teachers are responsible for instruction and nurturing students' proper character development. This is a great opportunity for personal growth, leadership training, and professional development. Basic Information: *Position open August, 2014
 *Salary $70,000 NTD per month
 *Contract completion bonus of $30,000 NTD
 *Full insurance plus dental
 *Paid holidays and vacation
 *ARC provided *Housing available
 Interested Candidates:
Please send a letter of interest and resume to Tony Lo at: tony@tlenglish.com
Adult Teaching Positions
Gjun Language Institute Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Photo a. Average 6 hours /per week b. TESL/TESOL/CELTA is prefered c. Adult teaching experienced teachers are prefered d. Class time: weekdays 6 -10pm, weekends(Sat or Sun):9:30~12:30pm &14:00~17:00pm e. Work permit is provided, however, Gjun does not provide ARC in part time position. f. If you are full time teacher at Gjun, ARC is sponsored. Here are some branches are looking for part time instructors as below, 1.Xin-Dian Branch, New Taipei City (APRC PT is prefered) Close to 七張 MRT station, within 5 minutes walk. Address:No.89, Sec. 2, Beixin Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 2. Shi-Ling Branch (PT APRC is prefered) Close to Shi-Ling Station, within 5 minutes walk 3. Banqiao Branch Branch(Full Time is WANTED) Close to 府中MRT station, within 5 minutes walk 4. Yong-He Branch, New Taipei City (PT wanted): Close to Dingxi MRT Station, about 5-10 mins walk. 5. Hsinchu city(Full time wanted-APRC prefered) No.35, Dongmen St., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300.The branch is close to the Hsinchu Train Station about 5-10 mins walk. 6.Luodong, YiLan (Luodong Branch, APRC preferred): Close to Luodong Train Station, about 10 mins walk. 7.Zhongli city(Full time wanted-APRC prefered) No.111-3, Zhongshan Rd., Zhongli City, Taoyuan County 320, Taiwan.The branch is close to the Zhongli Train Station about 5-10 mins walk. 8.TAOYUAN City(Part time): The branch is located in Taoyuan City, on Datong Rd. No.24, 3F 大同路24號3F and close to the Taoyuan Train Station 桃園火車站, about 5-10 mins walk. 9.IELTS examiner (Main Train Branch-part time WANTED Immediately) Below are the requirements for IELTS instructors: 1.BA degree or above in TESL/TESOL/TEFL or Education required 2.Certified IELTS examiner, experiece teaching IELTS exam preferred (IELTS scored 8 or above is a plus) 3.Willingness to IELTS training course 10. Taipei Main (full time is wanted) The location is on No.30. 5F, Gungyuan Rd., near the MRT Red Line /Taipei Main Station, exit No.8 11. Owel Kid's English school (Part time is wanted; APRC is prefered) Teaching 6~12 kids a.Monday to Friday 4:30~6:30/Saturday 10:00~12:00 (Be able to fit either one or two days) b .Monday & Wednesday or Friday & Wednesday 13:30~16:00(Must be able to fit the time combination) How to apply: 1. Please E-MAIL your resume or C.V. to Yuna 2. Upon receiving your resume, we will arrange an interview ASAP. Regarding the interview: The interview will be around 1 hour, including: 1. Fill in the application form 2. Teaching demo 3. Interview Please note that we only arrange the interview for individuals who are already in Taiwan and are available for in-person interviews. If you are interested in getting more information about Gjun part time instructor's position, do not hesitate to contact Yuna and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Once agian, thank you for considering Gjun as one of your employers. All the best~
Native English-Speaking Teachers Wanted!
Sunshine American School Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Native English Judge Wanted. Well-Established schools -Sunshine, conveniently located in Taipei City & Taipei County. We currently have the following positions available...... 1. XINYI Branch (Taipei City): Monday -Friday, 2. XINDIAN Branch (New Taipei City): Hi, 3. MUZHA Branch (Taipei City): The school is on Shing Lon Road, cross street: Jon Shwen Street. 4. YONGHO Branch (New Taipei City): 8923-3388, Cleo. 5. TA-An Branch (Taipei City): Sunshine American school, beside Da-An park, is seeking experienced teachers for the new semester. Two positions are available; ten hours a week 2:00 to 4:30 and 18 hours a week afternoons. Sunshine is a well established school with a great curriculum and supportive staff. Teachers have their own classes and are responsible for the performance of each class. ARC available. Teachers must have a passport from a native speaking country, be flexible in their teaching methods, have good classroom and time management skills. 6. Ta-An Branch (Taipei City): 7. SAN MIN Branch (New Taipei City): Sanmin Rd., Banqiao Dist. 09:00 to 12:00 ,14:00 to 16:00, (Mon.~Fri.) 16:30-18:30(Tues. and Thur.) 02-2955-5576, Janice 8.YONGHO Branch (New Taipei City): 9.MUZHA Branch (Taipei City): PART-Time AFTERNOONS 2pm-6:30pm; 4:30pm-6:30pm. Monday -Friday, except Tuesday. 02-2936-0903 Nancy/Zoe 10. Xindian Branch(New Taipei City): PART-Time AFTERNOONS 4:30pm-6:30pm. Monday-Friday, except Tuesday. (It's near Xindian District Office MRT Station on the green line) ---Sunshine American School provides--- A whole English learning environment and complete teaching materials, plus work permit, health insurance and reasonable pay. Each class has a Chinese teacher with fluent English for assistance.
Experienced Teachers REWARDED!
Annie's English School Have Both Available New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
Photo Salary: usually around 550-650, depends on your teaching experiences and working performance. Up to NT$650/hr! Experienced Teachers REWARDED! Housing assistance provided. Founded twenty-four years ago in Taipei County, Annie’s English School has gone from strength to strength. Today, with 2,000 students and 100 teachers in five branches, Annie’s English School(AES) is the leading ESL institution in the New Taipei City area. Since the summer of 2010, AES has offered a fully accredited American private elementary school education program to students. Students learn Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Visual Arts, Music, History, Social Studies, Critical Thinking and much more. A stable job and pleasant working environment. We are looking for patient, dedicated, responsible, punctual, experienced teachers who are native English speakers for this program. Must be a teamplayer. We are also looking for teachers for our general ESL program. Interested parties should send their resumes or CV to the attention of Shirley. Qualified candidates will be contacted for an in-person interview and demonstration lesson. Please email your resume FIRST and we will contact you if interested.
Financial Editor position
Yuanta Investment Consulting Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 September Details
Financial Editor position (shift work) The position involves editing and improving equity research reports written by non-native analysts on a wide range of business topics, under time pressure. The successful candidate will join a small team of foreign editors working on either the morning/evening shift and will receive comprehensive training as an Editor, with promotion opportunities further down the line. Candidates should have 2+years of professional experience (both to obtain a working visa and to be qualified for the role) and an interest in business in general, ideally in the stock market. Eagerness to learn and sound grammar and writing skills are essential. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to us and be available to do an editing test and interview in mid-late July at the Yuanta Securities offices in Taipei.
ATTRACTIVE Pay, Up to 70,000/mo.!
Buffalo American School Have Both Available Tainan City 台南市 Now Details
Up to 70,000/mo.! EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED! Both Full-Time & Part-Time Positions available. Full-Time, Mon. to Fri. Afternoons & Evenings from 2pm. Up to 25 hrs/wk. PAID National Holidays & Chinese New Year! ARC, Work permit provided. Part-Time Position ALSO available. 6 -10 hrs/wk. Up to NT$750/hr! Neighboring Areas: Madou 麻豆區, Sinshih 新市區 & Yongkang 永康區. We are close to the Shanhua Train Staiton 善化火車站. To apply, please contact Esther Yap by phone or email.
State-Licensed Teachers, Hiring Through July
New Taipei City Public Elementary Schools Full-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Immediately Details
Photo Are you a state-certified teacher who wants to work overseas AND still make a difference? Work in the public schools! Taiwan’s public schools have a VERY unique opportunity working with 5th graders: a summer camp-style program that acts as an outreach to students whose parents may not be able to send them to after-school English center every day. We seek to immerse these students in a three-day camp where they can discover English through activities. Some of our classes: Art Humanities Marine Life Ecology Tennis American Football Digital Photography Dance Gymnastics Travel Western Food & Drink Western Homes Theater Orienteering Some of our locations: in the green foothills, next to the ocean, adjacent to a golf course and in the city. At each location you can develop your own class – if you are a music teacher you could teach a music class. If you are an art teacher, you could teach art. Or, teach one of the existing subject. The goal – use fun activities as a vehicle for comprehension No mill and drill – get out of your seats, get outdoors! Let students learn English IN THE PROCESS OF DOING THINGS and having fun. You’ll work with teams of from four to nine other native English-speaking licensed school teachers. Passionate educators who like impactful lessons and learning by doing; teachers who can measure progress by the amount of speaking and thinking a lesson or activity encourages are who we are looking for. Complete support from the state, state-of-the-art classrooms – everything you need to make classes interesting is provided. Here’s the philosophy: for those students who may not have all the money in the world give them a chance to have their own summer camp experience, where English becomes far, far more than just a requirement and becomes instead a memory – of something fun, exciting and communicative! Something where they were able to figure out the right answer because it was done in a fun environment, students working together. So they can then take that sense of wonder back to their homes, and classrooms, tell their parents and teachers: “I like English!”. A belief that, for a 5th grader, can realign their opportunities for the rest of their lives. If that’s the kind of impact you’re interested in making, then ours is the program for you! Please send your detailed resume along with your currently valid teacher's certificate to the email below.
FULL-Time Home room Teachers WANTED in Taichung CITY
VIGOR School Full-Time Taichung City 台中市 Now Details
FULL-Time Home room Teachers WANTED! Mornings & Afternoons, 8:30am to 4:30pm. NO Weekends! PAID Holidays including Chinese New Year & typhoon days. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & Curriculum offered. We have 4 foreign teachers working happily with us. On average, our teachers stay for 3 years or more. We're located in Taichung CITY, on Wu-Quan W. Rd. 五權西路, the same road that National Taichung Art Museum 國立台中美術館. Neighboring Areas: East 東區, Central 中區, Xitun 西屯區 & South 南區. We need a Young and Outgoing teacher, working with Energy & Passion! If you're looking for a friendly environment, please contact us. Lisa 04-2471-0559.
Up to NT$700/hr.! BONUSES provided!
Cen-Ying Cram School Have Both Available Keelung City 基隆市 Sep. 1st Details
Up to NT$700/hr.! BONUSES provided! FIRST-Time teachers & ALL Native English-speaking Accents are also WELCOME! Have Both FULL-Time & PART-Time Jobs Available. Teaching hours are from Monday to Friday, 14 hrs/wk. MORE Hours Available. FULL Curriculum offered. Our school is close to the the Keelung Train Station 基隆火車站. Interested applicants please call Celine Chou or send your resume with a recent photo. Thank you for your time and consideration.
GREAT Opportunities!
Penguins American School Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
We have the following position opening: A Native English Speaker with ARC needed to teach English, A part-time teacher needed for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 2:00-4:00. The hourly pay is $600. Must have an ARC. Weekends OFF! Lesson Plans & WELL-Organized curriculum offered. Work permit offered. We have been established over a decade and one of our native speaking teachers has stayed for 3 years or longer. We are close to Shulin Train Station 樹林火車站. Jih Sun International Bank 日盛銀行 is just downstairs. Neighboring Areas : BANCHIAO 板橋, SHINJUANG 新莊, TUCHENG 土城 & TAOYUAN CITY 桃園市. Please e-mail to apply.
Rewarding Position -K1 (3-4 year olds)
Tree House Academy Full-Time Taipei City 台北市 ASAP Details
Photo 1. Reception Level (K0): 2-3 year olds, 9AM – 5PM Mon-Fri – NT65,000+(negotiable dependent on experience) – experience necessary, preferably female. Paid interview and demo ($600NT). We are looking for organized, responsible, confident, reliable and capable teachers. If you are here for the long term and teaching is something you're passionate about, please contact us. Our classes are 12 students or under per kindergarten class and 10 students or under per elementary class. Teachers have the same group of students throughout the academic year. Please email your resume and we will contact you with further information. If you are interested please contact Adam Hatch at the listed email address with a resume and introduction. If you call our school we will kindly direct you to send an email with the requisite application information. We look forward to hearing from you. Tree House Academy
A WELL-Established School
Masterpiece English Academy Have Both Available Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Now Details
Up to NT$630/hr. Seeking holders of Taiwan Resident IDs raised or educated in English speaking countries, whose first language IS ENGLISH. 我們誠徵在國外長大或留學的中籍教師. Mon. to Fri. Mornings & Afternoons to 4pm. Weekends OFF! FULL Teaching Materials provided. We are located in TAOYUAN City. In Taoyuan near the corner of Nanping Rd. 南平路 & Jinguao Rd. 經國路. Also, the Carrefour, just a 5-min walk. On average, our native speaking teachers stay for 2 years or more. If you have a natural love for children and calm, highly disciplined nature, contact us for an interview A.S.A.P.
Competitive Pay! Up to NT$720/hr.!
American Eagle XinFeng School Have Both Available Hsinchu County 新竹縣 Aug. 11 Details
Up to NT$720/hr.! EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED! FIRST-Time teachers & ALL Native English-speaking Accents are also WELCOME! Have Both FULL-Time & PART-Time Jobs Available. FULL-Time, Teaching hours are from Monday to Friday, Mornings & Afternoons, 27 hrs/wk. Weekends OFF! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL Organized Curriculum. There are 12 Native English speaker work with us. Our school is close to the the Xinfeng Station 新豐車站. Neighboring Areas: Xinfeng Township 新豐鄉, Zhubei City 竹北市, Hsinchu City 新竹市. To apply, please contact us by phone 0916106001 or mail your CV to reheina2@yahoo.com.tw You can also just take the morning job it starts on August 11 that will be 7.5 hours each week.
FLEXIBLE Working Days & Hours!
Edge English Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Photo Our school is currently looking for a native speaker of English who seriously enjoys teaching children as well as thinking outside the box. We provide 10-25 hours every week, FLEXIBLE Working Days & Hours! Our pay is very competitive, ranging from 630-700NTD/hour, based on experience. An ARC and health insurance as well as training prior to your start date. We also provide full curriculum and lots of support to our new staff. On average, our native speaking teacher stays with us for 3 years or longer! Excellent pay, wonderful staff and a relaxed environment are all part of the perks of working with us. We are a very well established and highly regarded school in the Songshan District of Taipei. We are located very close to the Songshan Airport MRT 松山機場捷運站 as well as numerous bus routes. Our neighboring areas are Zhongzhan District 中山區 and Neihu District 內湖區. If interested please send us a resume. E-mail will get responses quicker than phone calls. Thank Again!
High School Teaching Positions
Ming Dao High School Full-Time Taichung City 台中市 Now Details
Photo Mingdao High School is currently accepting applications for teachers starting September 2014. 1. Certified Subject Teachers (AP/IB teacher preferred) in Literature. Working Hours: 7:50 a.m. to 17:10 p.m, Monday to Friday Package: •Work Permit •ARC •Health Insurance •Labor Insurance •Contract Completion BONUS •12 Month Contract •Paid Chinese New Year, National Holidays and Summer Vacation Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: •Developing course curriculum •Designing quizzes and examination •Correcting homework assignments and tests •Attending meetings •Composing Syllabus •Participating in annual events, activities and ceremonies mandated by School 2. ESL teachers (Native English Speakers). Working hours: 7:50a.m. to 17:10 p.m, Monday to Friday Package: •Work Permit •ARC •Health Insurance •Labor Insurance and Contract Completion BONUS •10 Month Contract •Paid Chinese New Year & National Holidays Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: •Designing quizzes and examination •Correcting homework assignments and tests •Attending meetings •Composing Syllabus •Participating in annual events and ceremonies mandated by School Qualification: (A) Native English Speakers (B) Must posses a bachelors or above degree (C) Must posses teaching credential (AP/IB highly preferred) for subject teachers (D) TESOL/TEFL certificates and TOEIC and/or TOEFL teaching experience preferred for ESL teachers. To apply, please submit the following for consideration of the application: (1) Resume and CV with a recent photo (2) Other documentation (e.g., college diploma, teacher’s license, TESOL/TEFL accreditation, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as mentioned above. For Certified Subjects Teachers please send to Ms. Tiffany Yu at tiffany@ms.mingdao.edu.tw or call at 886-4-2334-1223. For ESL Teachers please send to Mr. Adam Parmentier at Adam@ms.mingdao.edu.tw or call at 886-4-2334-1333. Please identify the position title you are applying for in the e-mail subject line. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.mingdao.edu.tw/homeX/Web/
GEOS welcomes you!
GEOS Language Academy, Taiwan Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
We have many positions opening: 1) Mon. to Fri. Afternoons & Evenings, between Noon to 9:30pm. 2) Sat. Mornings & Afternoons, between 10am to 7pm. GEOS welcomes resumes from teachers seeking part or full time work in Taipei, Taiwan. We have three branches here in the city and are always seeking enthusiastic teachers to fill the positions that arise. Currently, we have a seeking a teacher to take a class of group adult students, in our Tien-Mu branch school. Teachers who demonstrate exceptional performance have further career opportunities in our overseas schools around the world. If you enjoy teaching and are looking for a school that provides stable monthly income and a friendly working environment then apply for one of our schools. We provide part-time teachers with an ARC and health insurance. BA degree required. We provide training and textbooks.
Well-Organized Adult Language Center! Looking for KOREAN, JANPANESE & ENGLISH Teachers!
Time International Language Center Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Anytime Details
Photo Are you looking for a well-organized and friendly teaching environment? Are you into knowing more about Taiwan and people through teaching? Are you a person who is enthusiastic about helping non-English and non-Japanese speakers to improve the languages? If your answers are yes, this is the school you are looking for. We are in need of: 1. PART TIME Native-Speaking Engilsh Teachers with at least one-year classroom experience. ALL Native English-Speaking Accents are WELCOME! 2. Native-Speaking English teachers with experience teaching Adults English Conversation, TOEFL, IELTS. Teachers with Residency through Marriage or APRC Residency REQUIRED. 外籍配偶或持有永久居留證者為佳 10-15 hours possible per week. Monday-Friday EVENINGS from 6:30pm. MORE hours availble on weekends. We have schools located in Taipei City, Taipei County and Taoyuan: 1. Zhongxaio school (Taipei CITY): Near the MRT BLUE Line /Zhongxiao Dunhua station, exit 4 捷運忠孝敦化站4號出口. Address: 4F.-1, No.166, Sec. 4, Jhongsiao E. Rd., Taipei City 台北市忠孝東路4段166號4樓之一 Contact person: Sue or Sophia Tel: 02-2775-2700 Email:sue.lin@language-world.com.tw 2. Taipei main school (Taipei City): Near the MRT Station /Taipei Main Station 捷運台北火車站. Address: 3F., No.3, Sec. 1, Hankou St., Taipei City 台北市漢口街一段3號3樓 Contact person: Ariel Tel: 02-2311-6600 email:ariel.hong@language-world.com.tw 3. Banchiao school (Taipei County): Near the MRT BLUE Line /Fu Zong Station 捷運府中站. Address: 8F, No.23, Sec. 1, Si Chuan Rd. Banchiao City Taipei County 台北縣板橋市四川路1段23號8樓 Contact person: Ariel Tel: 02-8953-0099 email:ariel.hong@language-world.com.tw 4. Taoyuan school Near Taoyuan railway station 近桃園火車站 Tel: 02-8953-0099 (pls contact ban chiao school) email:ariel.hong@language-world.com.tw add: 11F, NO. 186, FU SHIN RD, TAOYUAN 桃園市復興路186號11樓 We are also looking for KOREAN and JANPANESE Teachers. One-year classroom experience required..
Outstanding HSINCHU Full-Time Position
Korrnell Academy Full-Time Hsinchu County 新竹縣 Sep. 1, 2014 Details
Photo Korrnell Academy, a top-rated, fastest-growing school, awaits your arrival! Korrnell Academy is a diversified-culture, Chinese-English bilingual private school (a grade school rather than a cram language center) in Hsinchu County. We provide an equivalent of American courses to nurture our children to grow happily and healthily. Under the school’s diversified cultures and international visions, they are able to keep pace with modern world. The campus is newly constructed in modern Western style. Every classroom is installed with electric audio visual equipments. Every student possesses a separate locker and kicks football at a big playground. They are able to choose their favorites from a variety of extracurricular classes like music, symphony, karate, and dance for relaxation and amusement. More playgrounds are under construction. Korrnell never stops making it better. Qualifications: 1. Be a licensed teacher in English-speaking nations. For non-licensed teachers, they need to have TESOL /TEFL certificates. 2. An education-related BA or MA degree is preferred. 3. Solid teaching background is favorable. Attractive Pay Package: 1 Handsome pay -NT$65,000/month for a non-certified teacher, NT$70,000 for a state certified teacher for the first the 3 months probation period. Then we will give you 3% salary increase if you pass the probation. 2.Discounted furnished accommodation near school. 3.Extra bonus for licensed teachers, including air fare allowance for good performance upon the completion of annual contract. Our advantages over other schools/language institutions in Taiwan: 1. Korrnell Academy follows an American curriculum and uses American teaching materials. We provide all the necessary resources, such as teaching aids, answer keys, text books, student books, practice books etc. 2.Our school employs currently approximately 40 experienced foreign teachers from all over the world that you can acquire knowledge from. 3.The English proficiency level of Korrnell students compares excellently and favorably with any other schools/language institutes in Taiwan or other non-English speaking countries. 4. Most parents of our students work at a nearby Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park(Taiwan's "Silicon Valley") as engineers, managers, directors, CEOs etc. These parents very much care about their children's education and appreciate the fine quality education Korrnell Academy has provided. 4.Our school has a strong management team that knows its goals. We have a loyal and united teaching staff that respect their superiors and enjoy what they do. 5.We offer an excellent financially stable compensation package due to a steadily increase in student numbers. Our remuneration includes a competitive salary and other benefits. 6. Plan to establish the Senior High School(G10-12) in 2015. School Location: The school is located in a thriving area in a 10-minute walking distance to Hsinchu Station of Taiwan High Speed Rail(THSR). You can shop at Carrefour nearby and sip coffee at Starbucks nearby. The established Ton-Yen General Hospital, an associate of Korrnell, will provide you good medical treatment, when you are in emergency. Application: Those who are interested in the positions are welcome to email John Su with attachments of resume /CV, the latest photo, teacher’s license, TESL /TEFL certificate, college diploma, and passport or call our service phone at 886-03-6589188, #225 School Web site: http://www.korrnell.com.tw
GREAT Teaching Positions!
Sunny American School Have Both Available Taichung City 台中市 late July Details
Photo 1. PART-TIME Afternoons ONLY in late July, 2 to 4:30pm. 12.5 hrs/wk. 2. PART-TIME Afternoons and/or FULL-TIME AVAILABLE after September. National Health Insurance, ARC & Work Permit available. Our school has been established since 1998. We have a beautiful campus and our native speaking teachers have stayed with us for 7 years or longer. Neighboring Areas: South District 南區, East District 東區, Tai Ping District 太平區 & Wu Feng 霧峰區. We're located in DALI District, Taichung City, convenient to restaurants, supermarkets (Safe & Save, Geant), parks and scooter-close to universities, movie theaters, department stores, gyms and pools. Plus, we're on the way to the train station area and just 3 mins from Taichung City! Welcome to join us! We WELCOME FIRST-time Teachers, ALL Native English-speaking Accents, Patient, flexible, enthusiastic and energetic teachers who enjoy teaching kids. Please Call 04-2406-8568 or email us to apply the job.
Sings Children School Part-Time New Taipei City 新北市 Now Details
We are a well known kindergarten located between in Sanchung and Luzhou, looking for English Native Speaker teachers. We offer you the training and stable schedules in the mornings but you are required to have Friday afternoons(starting in Sept) available for us (1:00pm-3:30pm). But please be available to assist us in promotion on Saturday morning sometimes (around twice in 6 months). By the way, free lunch is available for our English teachers. We are close to the MRT Luzhou Line /St. Lgnatius High School Station徐匯中學捷運站 Please feel free to submit your resumes first, and we will invite you for interviews if you meet your requirements. We will right away acknowledge your resume by e-mail, so please do not phone us.
GREAT Jobs Available!
Golden American School Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
NT$600/hr. Have Both FULL-Time & Part-Time Positions available. Full-Time job, Mon. to Fri from Mornings & Afternoons. Part-Time job, FOUR days/wk. Afternoons ONLY. Young Children teaching experience is an advantage. Weekends OFF! WELL-Designed Curriculum & Teachers guide. Work permit, ARC and National Health Insurance provided. Currently, our native speaking teachers have stayed with us over 5 years or longer. Our school is close to the MRT Blue Line/Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station 忠孝新生捷運站, exit.6, in a 7 minute walk. We are close to Ta An Park 大安森林公園 and Chien-Guo Flower Market 建國花市. Neighboring Areas: Xinyi District 信義區, Zhongshan District 中正區, Zhongshan District 中山區 & Songshan District 松山區. If you're interested, please contact Rebecca by phone or email.
GREAT Opportunity! Near the MRT!
i -Star Learning Institute Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Aug.1st & Sep. 29 Details
Photo NT$650++/hr! Part-Time LATE Afternoons from 4:30 to 6:30pm. Mon. to Fri. 10 hrs/wk. Weekends OFF! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL-Designed Curriculum. ALL Native English-speaking accents WELCOME! The i -Star Learning institute is a foreign owned and run buxiban located near Technology Building MRT Station. We are a school that focuses on the quality of the children’s learning and environment. We have very small class sizes(12 students max) in order to give the children more opportunity to practice and learn. We are located near the Brown Line /Technology Building Station 科技大樓捷運站. Neighboring Areas: Daan District 大安區, Zhongzheng District 中正區 & Xinyi District 信義區. We are looking for a patient, enthusiastic and committed teacher. If you genuinely care about the quality of your teaching, you are never late to work, you seldom require sick leave and take pride in your appearance then we want to hear from you. At least one year classroom experience is required and you must hold BA in any subject. Please call 02-2708-3138 to arrange an interview and a demo.
Part-time English teacher
American Eagle, Xihu Branch Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Aug. 2014 Details
We are looking for a part-time English teacher. Up to NT$650/hr. ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! Mon. to Fri. Afternoons and Evenings between 4:30-7:30 pm. 15 hrs/wk. No weekends!! ARC, Work permit & National Health Insurance provided. ASSISTANCE in finding housing if you need. We need experienced English teacher who has worked with elementary aged children for at least one year. BA degree required!! Please email us your resume and contact information. We will set up interviews as soon as possible. Our school is located near the Dazhi Miramar 大直美麗華 and 5-7 minutes walk from the MRT Brown Line /Xihu Station 西湖捷運站. An English teacher who can commit to teach our children at least one year preferred.
Great Positions Available!
Tai-Da Bilingual School Have Both Available Taichung City 台中市 Now Details
Native speakers from North America, the UK, New Zealand & Australia WELCOME! Great Positions, BONUSES provided! Weekends OFF!: 1) MORNINGS only from 9:00-11:30am. 2) AFTERNOONS only between 1:30 -5pm. You can take either or both sets of hours. Monday to Friday, Weekends OFF! ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME! Our school has been established 13 YEARS! One of our native speaking teachers stays for 2 years or longer. We are located in SITUEN District, TAICHUNG City, very close to Geant (supermarket), Cheng-Ching Hospital 澄清醫院 on Chung Gang Road and Taichung Metropolitan Part 台中都會公園 and Tunghai University 東海大學. Neighboring Areas: Beituen District 北屯區, Nantuen District 南屯區, North District 北區 and West District 西區. For more details, please contact Nina by email only ASAP. Teachers with one year experience of teaching yonger children preferred.
Great Full-Time Positions in TAICHUNG
Have Both Available Taichung City 台中市 Late July Details
Photo We have Full-Time Positions opening, Monday-Friday 12:00 to 6:30pm Afternoon AFTERNOONS Only ! NT$64,000~ NT$65,000 /mo.! Experienced Teachers Rewarded! Over training berore late July. COMPLETE Lesson Plans & a WELL-Organized curriculum provided. Supportive ARC, Work Permit, National Health Insurance provided & ASSISTANCE in finding housing. 1st-Time Teachers & ALL Native English-speaking accents WELCOME! We have been established Over a DECADE & are recognized as an OUTSTANDING school in Taichung. Modern, progressive curriculum provided. Theme based teaching, variety of subjects. Full training program provided, experience not necessary, however applicants with a teaching qualification and /or experience are preferred. In our three branches, we have 35 foreign teachers. On average, our teachers stay for 2 years or longer. GREAT Environment! SEASON ARTS is in Taichung City with three campuses: Beitun, Nantun and Situn.
Trainers of English -British Council Burma EfECT Project
British Council Full-Time Worldwide 全世界 Mid-August Details
British Council is recruiting a team of English Trainers to work on a new and exciting project: English for Education College Trainers (EfECT), in Burma. With recent political and economic reforms, British Council Burma is rapidly expanding its work in English and Education. The EfECT project will work with Teacher Educators from across the state Education sector to improve the quality of education across primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of Burma’s state education system. Each British Council trainer will work in partnership in their Education College /Institute of Education posting with a trainer recruited through Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). This is an excellent career development opportunity for teachers wishing to develop or move into the area of teacher development. Find out more about the project and to apply: EfECT Project The post begins in mid-August 2014. Successful post holders will need to be comfortable with ambiguity and will be required to demonstrate flexibility, independence and resilience. Applicants should have: • an internationally recognised TEFL qualification (Cambridge CELTA/Trinity CertTESOL/relevant PGCE) • an undergraduate/university degree • significant post-certificate teaching experience Enquiries about the post can be sent to the attention of the East Asia Teacher Recruitment team at EATeacher.Recruitment@britishcouncil.org.sg. CVs and resumes will not be accepted as formal applications. The British Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all of its partners to share this commitment. British Council appointments are subject to Disclosure and Barring Service checks in the UK and equivalent systems overseas. We regret that only short-listed applicants will be notified. The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales). SC037733 (Scotland). The British Council believes that all children have potential and that every child matters – everywhere in the world. The British Council affirms the position that all children have the right to be protected from all forms of abuse as set out in article 19, UNCRC, 1989.
Teacher Wanted!
Wagor Bilingual Elementary Full-Time Taichung City 台中市 Aug.1st,2014 Details
Photo *starting monthly salary +bonus: NT65,000 ~ NT75,000 We will need full-time teachers to teach English, science, or math in first to sixth grades for the new school year starting from August 2014. Wagor Academy -Bilingual Elementary School is recruiting. We are in Taichung City about 10 minutes away from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store. The requirements: (1) English native speakers (2) Certified teachers preferred (teacher’s license) (3) ESL/EFL Young learners (K-6) teaching experience required To apply, send resume to e-mail. Our contact phone number: (04)2316-4790 ext. 770, or 771
ATTRACTIVE Pay, Up to NT$1,000/hr!
ACI INSTITUTE Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 July 21 Details
Up to 1,000/hr! EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED!WANTED!!! EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS SUBJEXTS: SAT VERBAL/WRITING/MATH/CHEMISTRY/PHYSICS/BIOLOGY/HISTORY/AP Statistic •Location: Taipei City, Taiwan •Part time and full time positions available in TianMu(Shilin District) and ZhongXiao (Da an District) •Now hiring for Summer, Fall and yearly positions. •SAT level applications are required to take a60 to 90 minute evaluation test. •COMPETITIVE Compensation: depends on experience range from 600-1000 NT/hourly •Ideal candidates will have excellent communication skills and a passion for teaching. •Excellent learning opportunity with friendly and positive working environment. •Long term position and ARC available subject to qualifications. This is a well-established international education organization, with 26 years of professional experience. Application is easy; just send us your resume, a writing sample and your SAT score if available to: the email address we would like to use. Thank you for your interest in excellent education!
ATRACTIVE pay, up to NT$1000/HR!
Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Now Details
Up to NT$1000/HR! EXPERIENCED Teachers REWARDED! Afternoons & Evenings from 2pm. FOUR Days 6 hrs/wk. Weekends OFF! COMPLETE Lesson Plans & WELL Organized Curriculum! Established for 28 YEARS! Neighboring Areas: Neihu District 內湖區, Zhongshan District 中山區 & Beitou District 北投區. We are located at the intersection of Tianmu W. Rd and Tianyu St. The MRT Red Line/Shipai station石牌捷運站 ALSO nearby.
American Eagle Daan Campus is looking for part time ESL teachers
American Eagle Institute, Daan Branch Part-Time Taipei City 台北市 Sep.1st Details
Photo We offer complete Lesson plan & well-structured curriculum, workpermit and ARC. Mon. to Fri. AFTERNOONS, 4:30 to 6pm. 7.5 hrs/wk. MORE Hours available. The teacher should be: -a native English speaker -a bachelor’s degree in any discipline -meet the government’s required working status -currently live in Taiwan We are in Daan area and near MRT. To arrange an interview, please email your resume to Fei Fei.
Full-Time Teacher needed in a Private Elementary School Position!
An Elementary School Full-Time Taichung City 台中市 August 28 Details
Yu-Jen is a private elementary school looking for Foreign English teacher to start from mid August. We are a school with a great reputation, excellent benefits, and a positive, professional team. We have paid winter and summer vacations, multiple health insurances (NHI, Labor Insurance, and a private insurance), a small pension, year-end bonuses, and multiple other benefits. The curriculum is clear and materials are provided to the teacher. The subjects range from Language Arts and other linguistic studies, through to PE, music, and clubs. We are looking for energetic professional teachers, ideally with experience. Character is as important as ability in our team. Applicants need to have permanent residence status, or need to hold teaching certification from a country with English as its main language if an ARC is needed. The working hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday, with one morning off a week, and free time over lunch. Lots of time is provided for preparation and grading, and the teaching load will not exceed 20 contact hours per week (30 forty-minute classes). We are situated very close to the Tai-Yuan Train Station in the North District of Taichung. Please contact Garry by email.
A Great Job Opening!
Abraham Academy Have Both Available Taipei City 台北市 NOW Details
Photo Positions Available: * Full-Time Elementary Teacher: 22 hours/wk, 13:50-16:50, 17:00-19:00, Monday-Friday. * Pre-Kindergarten (Spring 2013): 9:00~12:00, 13:50~17:00, Monday-Friday. * Part-Time: 10 hours/wk, 17:00-19:00, Monday-Friday. A Full-time opportunity is possible in the future. NO Weekends! More about Abraham Academy CONVENIENT Location, Xinyi Circle, near the MRT Blue Line /Taipei City Hall Station, exit 4. We use a professionally produced curriculum published in the United States for academic settings. Established since 1998. We have an OUTSTANDING supportive and PROFESSIONAL environment, on average, our native English-speaking team members stay between 3 to 5 years. Qualifications: * Bachelor's degree. * TESOL certificate preferred. * Experience in teaching English, science, health or history. * Responsible, passionate, excellent communication skills, and a good team worker. Benefits: *labor, health and group insurance *annual bonus and annual leave *annual banquet and festival presents *provide lunch and snacks For more information about our school, please log on to http://www.abrahamacademy.com.tw or send us an email.

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