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Leaving a Job - Additional Information

Read the Article Here.  Again, we want to thank Alden for offering his advice. In terms of leaving, there seems to be little way around giving notice. The difficulty is the duration: most school require us to give so much notice, at which point one becomes such a persona non grata, 30 days of the evil eye, or worse. The thing about contracts in Taiwan is that everything is open to negotiation. One need only demo well and present one's self professionally to be able to succeed in gaining most of what you want in terms of the contract. Knowing that, in the same type of job, a Taiwanese person is required to give only ten days notice is something you can mention when you're faced with a good job, but tough terms. Remember to read the Contracts article.

Undoubtedly the strongest point for teachers in this piece has to be what comes from Article 14. If these conditions exist, you can leave without notice, 10 days, 30 days or any days. And the items in the list could comprise a virtual handbook for some schools here. Again, this is really the spirit of this series of articles. Enabling teachers to know what the rules are and where we stand. In getting over here, teachers can often find themselves cemented for a year into a job that isn't delivering what was promised due to inertia and simply not knowing what the rules are. 

More to come.