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Chinese Culture University Offers Flexible Schedule Evening Chinese Classes

Study Chinese!!

Meet The MLC- The Number 1 Mandarin Learning Center in Taiwan
The Mandarin Learning Center (MLC) at Chinese Culture University offers practical Mandarin Courses to non-native speakers of the Chinese language from over 220 countries worldwide. MLC is renowned for providing the biggest range of Mandarin Language training in Taiwan. Course range from 2 week short-term courses to 72 week courses, both traditional and simplified Chinese for: (1) Beginners to advanced level learners (2) Kids to adult learners (3) Expatriates and foreign working nationals, and (4) teacher training certification programs teaching Chinese as a Second Language. (TCSL)


Intensive Chinese Program
Classes are comprised of listening, speaking, reading and writing lessons lasting 12 weeks per term, 3 hours a day. Courses open every month. You also may choose short-term (2-10 weeks) or long-term (12-72 weeks) Chinese programs.

Mandarin Skills Enhancement Series
This series focus on training students¡¦ four language skills. Students beyond Elementary levels can select any of these courses according to their needs. Mon. to Fri., 1 hour a day, 5 hours a week, 12 weeks per semester.

HSK Study Series
HSK ( Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi )  measures a standard level of Chinese proficiency for non-native Chinese speakers. HSK Preparation opens once a month and is a 12-week course.

Individual Class
Corporate Mandarin Courses
MLC offers Chinese Mandarin courses taught in Chinese by outstanding instructors. Appropriate class materials are chosen to meet student needs in the quickest way.
*  One-on-one private Mandarin Classes
*  2-4 persons small group classes
*  Corporate Mandarin Courses for expatriates or foreign nationals.

To the Point
Morning & Evening Chinese Courses available every week. Flexible times! Courses scheduled to commence every Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. New students are accepted to join every week.

Kids & Teenager Mandarin Summer Camp
MLC is the pioneer of Mandarin summer programs, and is an experienced Mandarin teaching school. Multi-culture concepts are built on in class to give children a broad world view.?Solid Mandarin learning guidelines, concerning every child¡¦s study and progress. A variety of fitness courses make this summer vacation well rounded.

TCSL Mandarin Teaching Training Program
Besides focusing on modern teaching methodologies, MLC provides robust practical curriculum, hiring teachers with nationwide reputation for their international teaching experiences.

The MLC utilizes beautiful Chinese culture and festivals to add many interesting activities, augmenting the experience of being in Taiwan.
Chinese Culture Activities
Every year we have spring and fall field trips. Students will visit and explore beautiful and cultural spots in Taiwan. The trip could be from one to two days depending upon the location.

Beauty of Chinese Festival
Every Christmas and New Year, there are festivals held by the MLC staff. All students and friends are welcome to join.

Free Chinese Culture seminars
Get to know more about Chinese Culture through seminars. MLC will be presenting a series of FREE Chinese Culture Seminars just for International friends in Taiwan!

MLC has a team of specialized teachers that effectively help you lay the basis for Mandarin learning, offer immediate and efficient assistance for admission procedures and other administrative services, and services provided in a familiar and cordial environment. 
New Student Orientation
Before the new quarter begins, every new student will receive a student handbook. MLC will also hold a New Student Orientation, giving the information about visa extension and introduction of learning environment to help students get used to Taiwan and their school life.

Taiwan Scholarship
To encourage foreigners to study Mandarin, the Taiwanese government provides scholarships for students. Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship are both provided by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For further details, please contact with the nearest Taiwan Embassy in your own country. 

Learning Facilities
Located at the center of Taipei City¡Xa cultural and educational district (Da-an District), 8 minutes walking distance from Technology Building MRT station. Across from MLC is the biggest city park (Da-an Forest Park) of Taipei, and the Taipei City Library is also two blocks away, an environment with the best learning atmosphere. 

Free Tutorials
MLC now offers FREE TUTORIALS every Mons-Thurs, 1-2pm. Professional and experienced teachers are arranged to assist you with learning Chinese and completing homework assignments.

MLC provides a range of different prices for accommodation during your study in Taiwan. Choose according to your personal budget! Enroll in our home stay program or stay at youth hostel or even a fancy 4-star hotel, all of which are conveniently located in the heart of Taipei city. Currently, we are the only university and mandarin learning center that provides home stay and accommodation. Please note that prices may be subject to change. We care not only about your Mandarin learning experience, but also where and how you shall fit into Taiwan during your stay here with us. No more worries about where to stay, just focus on learning the Mandarin language and enjoy your stay!