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Taiwan Pass


Tourism Bureau of Taiwan Press Release
An All-in-One Smart Technology Phone-Centric APP-Based Solution: the Taiwan Pass!

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau focuses on culturally rich tourist destinations combined with the latest in APP-focused mobile technology.


Today, that goal has been realized in the Taiwan Pass - a single card that lets Taiwan citizens and visitors from abroad discover the joy and wonder of travelling across Taiwan. A vision first discussed in 2015.

The Taiwan Pass combines Smart Technology with visitor’s mobile devices. The result? An integrated travel service, ticketing agency and tour guide that provides incentives to travel to the four corners of Taiwan combined with a program for merchants and inn keepers to wirelessly attract visitors to shops, stores and lodging. All from the convenience of your phone!


Yilan, Taichung, Taitung and Kaohsiung, plus the LATEST cards - the Tainan Pass and the Taipei Pass, are all up and running!

A concerted effort of all branches of government under the guidance of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has resulted in a steady increase of international visitors and domestic tourism year over year. Backpacking in particular has grown steadily.


The backpacking trend offers huge economic opportunity for the taxpayers to capitalize on the natural beauty of Taiwan’s landscape, the deep well of millennia of culture and the welcoming spirit of the people of Taiwan. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC developed the Taiwan Pass to make good on these inherent benefits.



The Taiwan Pass offers travelers an array of touring benefits that will get local citizens and visitors from abroad out and about across Taiwan! Built in to the price of each Taiwan Pass are offers of unlimited public transportation, an integrated network of local recreational facilities, discounts on private travel services, purchasing incentives for local artisans and handicrafts along with promotion of local delicacies - both in restaurants and for packaged foods perfect for taking home. Plus, each Taiwan Pass includes detailed travel suggestions for each locale: once visitors have enjoyed the Taiwan Pass, the Taiwan Pass offers even more places within the same region for those who want to stay and explore more!


The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC introduces the Taiwan Pass as a cutting edge technology for travelers’ convenience. Visitors can order and pay for their Taiwan Pass online. Taiwan Pass users can schedule their travel via the Taiwan Pass APP. Plus, with this announcement, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau introduces a richly conceived branding campaign for the Taiwan Pass - created to fire the imagination of local citizens to continue to discover Taiwan’s limitless wonders and specifically designed to be visually captivating to international travelers considering their next destination.

Equally as important, the Taiwan Pass has integrated the benefits of ALL six regions, Taipei, Yilan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung & Taidong. Visitors who buy one Taiwan Pass can cross into every region and get the same benefits offered in the plan for that region. The Taiwan Pass is a magnet for visitors, drawing them from one region to the next - nationwide! Even those users who have already purchased the Taiwan Pass will have existing cards upgraded to enjoy exactly the same cross-regional promotions and offers.


The Tainan Pass! The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC proudly introduces the newest addition to the Taiwan Pass program: the Tainan Pass! A high-tech gateway to the ancient capital city. From the convenience of your own phone you’ll experience in-depth travel planning, seamless ticketing and discovery of the wonders of the historic misty past of Tainan. For example: the City Walk - A half-day tour of the ancient city of Chihkan. Or, the walking tour for couples - an Old-fashioned Date. Plus, discover blissful hours of relaxation in Tainan’s famous hot springs.


And, today, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau announces a special feature of the Tainan Pass - a 24-hour Line @ service integrated into the Tainan Pass to answer all your travel questions!

The historic interest and scenic beauty of Tainan combine in an easily accessed Tainan tour via the Tainan Pass! The Tainan Pass allows travelers to enjoy classic cuisine, roam seaside ecology, experience religious festivals, and feel the ease of living in Tainan.


The Taipei Pass! The international hub for international travelers from around the world - Taipei City is the 21st Century facing gateway to the global community. To maximize that opportunity the Taiwan Tourism Bureau announces the next new addition to the Taiwan Pass - the Taipei Pass! An APP-centric touring guide which meets the challenge of highlighting the best Taipei travel experience visitors can find.

The key innovation of the Taipei Pass is in expanding the boundaries of the offer to include New Taipei City AND Keelung, the widened focus becomes the northern region of which Taipei is the nexus!

This expanded focus results in TWO offerings: an Unlimited Tour Card AND a Scenic Tour Card! The Unlimited Tour features twelve attractions in the Taipei-Keelung metropolitan areas and transportation to these areas. The Scenic Tour includes Taipei main metro areas and extends to New Taipei City buses and offers 5 Tourist Shuttle Bus Lines.


With the Taipei Pass international visitors and local citizens can conveniently experience the wealth of what the Taipei Region has to offer - from the Taipei 101, the historically significant sights of the National Palace Museum, the natural landscape of Yangming Mountain and Maokong, reaching also to Keelung and the marine ecology of the northeast corner - all arranged by phone and APP within one trip! Through the Taipei Pass visitors will explore a blend of old and new - Taipei: where innovation and tradition coexist, the natural greenery and modern architecture, the must-travel region in Asia.


The aim of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, MOTC is to develop & promote smart tourism across the country. The Taiwan Pass and smart technology integrates tourist attractions, convenient transportation and cities across the country to capitalize on the growing trend of backpacking, while simultaneously expanding opportunity for local businesses and cultural institutions to demonstrate the rich heritage, captivating landscapes, lush green hillsides, forward-leaning high tech centers and centuries old traditions - delivered to the fingertips of travelers via the Taiwan Pass!


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