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AD Number : 31754

Looking for part-time native English(10hrs) /Spanish(16.5hrs) teachers to teach in Taoyuan downtown (near freeway exits)

Teaching English and Living in Taiwan Jobs Available 教學工作, Private DC Foreign Language Short term Busiban Looking for part-time native English(10hrs) /Spanish(16.5hrs) teachers to teach in Taoyuan downtown (near freeway exits) image
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Private DC Foreign Language Short term Busiban

 [email protected]

Full or Part-Time Part-Time
If Part-time, when Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings
If Part Time, what days Mon.~Sun. (Can be discussed)
If FULL-Time, when
When Job is Available Depends on the language taught
Degree Required Bachelors

Text of Ad

(Currently we have English/ Spanish teachers, but we're looking for more.)
-- having an APRC or an ARC via marriage is preferred,
-- from northern America, SPAIN
-- most students are ADULTS
-- ALREADY in Taiwan
-- can teach following classes:
1) conversation, writing, and reading, and/ or
2) Test-preparation classes, and presentation prep classes
-- have a bachelor or master degree from the countries mentioned above
-- group class teaching experience is preferred
-- any teaching certificate or degree is a plus but not absolutely necessary
-- hour rates vary, depending on a) students' level, b) the subject of the class, c) the size of the class, d) teacher's experience e) the type of the language
-- school located in an up-scaled neighborhood in Taoyuan District
-- coworkers from diverse cultural backgrounds, all receiving some or all education outside of TW
-- friendly working environment
-- If interested, please send an English resume to [email protected].
-- Only accept application via email, NOT ANY OTHER methods.
-- Chinese ability is preferred, but it's not mandatory.
-- Work hours:
*English (in person and/or online) -- daytime and evenings on weekdays, (weekend hours are also available, but optional for teachers), presently 10 hours available and still increasing.
*Spanish (in person and/or online)-- daytime and evenings on weekdays, Saturday daytime, present 16.5 hours available
-- Some class curriculum is provided, not all of them. For those that don't, teachers MUST create their own and provide syllabuses for the classes they teach.

Age Level of Class Adult and School-aged
Average Number of Students in Class
School Provides Curriculum No
Contact Person Alex
Zip/Postal Code 330
Location Taoyuan City 桃園市
No. 77, Xinpu 6th St., Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan