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BigByte Education | 2021 Full-year Educator Position Available!

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BigByte Education

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BigByte :: In the Face of Covid-19

“I feel like as teachers, we are competing with video games. So I’m trying to make my class more like a #VideoGame.” —Robert

Check out the video above to see how BigByte makes it through the pandemic!

BigByte is eager to create a more dynamic way of teaching/learning, even with such a great shift in space and time, and is currently recruiting more #NewBloods to join our vibrant educators’ team! More details are as follows.

BigByte :: About Us

BigByte was built on the promise of tomorrow. So you could say that forward-thinking is ingrained in our DNA. We're always looking for new ways to innovate and change the education landscape for the better. We have our team to thank for that. We're an ambitious group-- always curious and never satisfied. It takes a lot of hard work to make our world turn. That's why we'll put a lot of time into your development, encourage you, and reward your hard work. Together, let's make this world a better place for the generations to come. 

BigByte :: About Jobs

1. Opportunities
We encourage our educators to grow and expand in diverse areas. We are supportive of our educators’ interests and values. In the same way that we teach our students to improve themselves, we hope our educators can continue to learn and develop themselves as well.
• Growth Opportunities and Career Potential: At BigByte, our experienced educators have an opportunity to move forward and participate in areas outside of the classroom such as curriculum development.
• Travel Abroad: At BigByte, educators have the opportunity to become a Worldwide Education counselor. These counselors are involved in planning, organizing, and taking our students abroad to places like England, Australia, and Nepal.
• While BigByte’s primary focus is on language education, we are also a TEFL training institution through TEFL International and apply this expertise to our new educator development.

2. Job Benefits
• Guaranteed full-time (up to 20 hours), with weekends off
• Highly competitive hourly wage, with pay raises available through a structured tier system
• Small class sizes, with an average of 12-15
• Sponsored residency permit (ARC)
• Access to National Health Insurance and labor insurance
• Comprehensive online and in-person training program for all newcomers
• Access to mentoring and educator workshops
• Freedom to manage and customize your classroom and teaching style 
• Work locations in the city center with access to convenient transportation systems

3. Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree (minimum)
• Passport holder from a native English-speaking country
• Cleared national police background check

4. Strongly Preferred
• TEFL/TESL/TESOL/CELTA certification
• 1+ years of experience teaching children full-time in a classroom setting

5. Support and Accommodation
• With our orientation, training, and continued support from our head teachers, you will be equipped to start your own journey in your class.
• During the pandemic period, the HR Team will support the educator with the work permit application for them to apply for a residence visa. We can also help the educators to book a quarantine hotel room and prepay the deposit if needed.

We teach more than English, we prepare our students for life.
If you know you are a good fit for our team, please reach out and contact us; we’re excited to meet you.

Age Level of Class Elementary School
Average Number of Students in Class 12
School Provides Curriculum Yes
Contact Person Casey
Zip/Postal Code 106
Location Taipei City 台北市
District Daan District 大安區
Street Address -

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