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Taiwan Extreme Weather

Nearby Tropical Storm KHANUN Influencing Taiwan

Yanping Township Hongye Village, Yanping Township Taoyuan Village, Yanping Township Luan Shan Village Ueno Area

Xiulin Township Tianxiang, Xibao, Luo Shao, Guan Yuan area

Heavy rains expected across ALL of eastern Taiwan under the influence of nearby Tropical Storm KHANUN. 

Rains will continue through Sunday morning 10/15 for norhtern TAiwan and through Sunday evening for southern Taiwan.  

Warnings and advisories through Saturday 10/14 for every eastern county from Keelung down to Pingtung as well as Taipei, New Taipei & Taoyuan counties, eastern parts of Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung and nearly all of Nantou.

Storm itself is to the south west of Taiwan.  The rains are the wake of the storm.

[Extremely Torrential Rain Advisory areas]
Taipei City Mountain Area-Yilan County Mountain Area
Extreme Torrential - 24hrs. accum 350mm

[Torrential Rain Advisory areas]
Taipei City-New Taipei City Mountain Area-
Hualien County-Taitung County-Lanyu and Ludao Islands
Torrential - 24hrs. accum 200mm+

[Extremely Heavy Rain Advisory areas]
Keelung North Coast-New Taipei City-
Taoyuan City Mountain Area-
Hsinchu County Mountain Area-Pingtung County-
Hengchun Peninsula-Yilan County-
Extreme heavy rainfall - 24 hrs +130mm

[Heavy Rain Advisory areas]
Taoyuan City-Taichung City Mountain Area-
Nantou County Mountain Area-
Kaohsiung City Mountain Area-
Heavy - 1 hr 15mm+  and 24hrs +50mm