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Sun Yat-sen and Taiwan
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Flea market for charity
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再生x歡樂x社會企業=《Holiday ya二手市集》愛心義......
Taipei Film Festival 2015
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Taipei Film Festival is 17 years old. We are go......
Shadow dance Japan
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來自日本的多媒體光影舞團 enra,呈現一場完美結合......
Formosa in Formation: Selected works from the Taipei Fine Arts Museum Collection
Taipei City 台北市

Work for the exhibition Formosa in Formation ha......

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07/07/15 FOR SALE:
Like New Giant Bicycle
11,000 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo I bought the bicycle one year ago for $13,000 TWD with upgraded pedals. Selling for $11,000 or best offer. No low-balling, only serious offers considered. Kept indoors at all times, chain well oiled, not ridden often, in like new (almost brand new) condition. Frame in pristine condition. Giant Bicycle Model ATX EXP (2013) with Disc Brakes. Suspension also in great condition. Good for riding around Taipei, or down Taiwan East Coast along the highway, or off road on mountains and dirt roads. Thanks for your interest!
07/07/15 FOR SALE:
Yoga mat, thin bamboo mattress
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Yoga mat for 200 NT, thin bamboo matress for 400 (used once). Please e-mail for details.
07/07/15 FOR SALE:
2000 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Acoustic guitar with case+ukulele with case. Get two for 2000 NT. Pick up: Wenhu line, NCCU, NTU. Please e-mail for details and photos
07/06/15 FOR SALE:
child balance bike.
1500 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo very nice looking balance bike for your child to play with this summer. With this, your child can learn to ride a real bike quickly. Bought this overseas and so it's a one of a kind here in Taiwan. It's like a kid's Harley. kept indoors. pick up in Shipai or Tianmu.
07/06/15 FOR SALE:
Child seat for Bikes
100NT Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo child seats to attach to the back of your bike. 100NT. gray color. very easy to attach to bike. Pick up in Shipai.
07/06/15 FOR SALE:
black child seat for bike
100NT Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo padded child seat for bike. comes with a black waterproof slipcover for the pad. When you go buy grocery or have extra things to carry, seat can be turned into a basket. very useful for when kids are at school and I need to go shopping. 100NT and pick up in shipai. very easy to attach to bike.
07/05/15 FOR SALE:
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Moving sale: Carefully maintained furniture, you pick up. Please contact by email. Couch: Apartment-siz e, fold-out, firm, fabric -white/beige $2,000 Chair: Comfortable chair, armless, green cover, 65x80 $2,500 Kitchen cart: Birch chopping block on wheels $1,000 http://www.ikea.com/ca/ en/catalog/products/30240348/ Kitchen trolley: Ikea Forhoja; birch; 2 drawers, 2 shelves $2,500 http://www.ikea .com/ca/en/catalog/products/80 035920/ Utility Cart: Ikea Bygel; white; 1 drawer, 2 shelves $600 http://www.ikea.com/ca/en /catalog/products/60177703/ Step Stool: wooden; beech $300 http://www.ikea.com/ca/en /catalog/products/60178887/ Wardrobe: Ikea Dombas $2,000 http://www.ikea.com/ca/ en/catalog/products/50270136/? query=dombas Table: Nice pine dining table, 75x120; paid new $3700 $2,000 Table: side table, birch colour, 55x55 $150 Laptop table: adjustable, white $300 Bookcase: Ikea Kilby, 5 shelves, birch colour $500 Bookcase: Ikea Kilby, 5 shelves, birch colour $500
07/05/15 FOR SALE:
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Meditation mat $200 Meditation mat $150 Whiteboard 2 sheets, plastic board $50 Storage organizers Ikea Skubb, black, set of 6 $150 http://www.ikea.com/ca/ en/catalog/products/60192633/ Candlestick holders metal, coloured, set of 4 $100 Tea candle holders glass, set of 4 $100 Lamp Timer $150 Mirror $650 Sandals Not worn; coral colour; sliders; size 39 $300 Suitcase carry-on roller; purple $500
07/05/15 FOR SALE:
Whirlpool Washing Machine
8,500 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Photo Whirlpool Washing Machine A real American washing machine that will actually clean your clothes. In excellent condition, with multiple water temperature settings, a 12kg load, and a powerful washing engine, this machine is the Cadillac of washers. Your laundry won’t smell musty after just being washed, and you won’t have to break your washing into multiple tiny loads in order to avoid burning out the faint-hearted machines that are so common here. Perfect for a family with kids, flat mates who share a machine, or even a single person who would like a machine that does the job, every time… The most expensive on the market, this machine was bought for NTD 27,000 not long ago. Selling it now for NTD 8,500 since my new apartment has an identical one already installed. Will sell fast so call right away if you’d like me to reserve it for you! Call: 0930207646
07/05/15 FOR SALE:
Linens etc
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Blanket: fleece, 130x170, purple $100 Blanket: green $ 100 Pillow: Ikea Pinje feather, lightly used (guest pillow) $150 Pillow: Synthet ic, lighty used (guest pillow) $200 Duvet cover: 100% cotton, black, 200x200 $500 Sheet: 100% cotton beige, fitted, 160x200 $350 Bedspread: 100% cotton, beige, 150x250 $200 Bedspread: 100% cotton, beige, 150x250 $200 Cushions: Chair pads, green $100 Cushions: square; 50x50 cm; red, black, purple $100 Rug: bathroom mat, white $40 http://www.ikea.com/ ca/en/catalog/products/7007563 8/ Rug: bathroom mat, white $40 http://www.ikea.com/ ca/en/catalog/products/7007563 8/ Rug: Ikea Signe, 60x90 $50 http://www.ikea.com/ ca/en/catalog/products/0029736 0/?query=SIGNE+Rug%2C+flatwove n Rug: Ikea Signe, 60x90 $50 http://www.ikea.com/ ca/en/catalog/products/0029736 0/?query=SIGNE+Rug%2C+flatwove n Rug: 60x90, 100% cotton, green tones $100 http://www.ikea.com /ca/en/catalog/products/302126 75/?query=tanum+rug Rug: 60x9 0, 100% cotton, green tones $100 http://www.ikea.com /ca/en/catalog/products/302126 75/?query=tanum+rug Rug: smal l green, pile $50 Rug: small green, pile $50 Placemats: set of 4, rattan, brown $100
07/05/15 FOR SALE:
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Plates: clear glass; 2 for $50 Deep plate: purple $50 Deep plate: floral pattern $50 Bowl: green, purple $25 ea Bowl: white $50 Bowl: whi te/purple $50 Glasses: se t of 6 $100 Glasses: beer $50 ea Glasses: wine; big and cheap 2 for $100 Coffee cups: one green, one purple, one white $25 ea kettle: $250 mixing bowl: stainless steel $200 Pot: 2 l; stainless steel; with glass lid $300 Pot: 1 l; stainless steel; with lid $150 Container set : plastic, square, with lids $75 Baking tray: stainless steel $100 Baking tray: stainless steel $100 Baking dish: glass; 2 l; with plastic lid $250 Baking dish: glass; 1 l; with plastic lid $150 Jug: 2 l, plastic, with lid $25 utensil tray: white plastic $100 Utentils, table: Forks, spoons, knives: set of 4 $200 Utentils, miscellaneous: can opener, corkscrew, spatula, etc $10-50 ea Strainer: stainless steel; wooden handle $50 Funnels: plastic, 2 sizes $15
07/05/15 FOR SALE:
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Hepa filter/fan: Keep the air fresh: Honeywell HHT-149-APIT air purifier and oscillating fan, reusable filters $2,000 http://www.honeywellc leanair.com/air-purifiers/buy- honeywell-air-purifiers/honeyw ell-air-purifier-with-odor-con trol-hht-149/ Buy ahead, cheap heaters: Heater: Whirlpool TMB11, 11 fin $2,000 Heater: Whirlpool MB07, 7 fin $1,500 Heater: Whirlpool AMB769, 9 fin $1,500
07/04/15 FOR SALE:
Kaiser Oven
4000 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Kaiser oven for sale, bought from Costco. Very good oven for baking bread, cookies, cakes, roasts, etc. Gets very hot and bakes like a champ. Has built-in rotisserie and convection. NT$4,000, plus you pick up at my apartment next to Zhishan MRT.
07/02/15 FOR SALE:
Leather Couch & Speakers
4,500 Hsinchu County 新竹縣 Details
Photo Leather couch and speakers. As good as new.
07/02/15 FOR SALE:
Giant Anyroad Bike with Accessories (perfect for tall person)
27,000 Taipei City 台北市 Details
Giant Anyroad bike (International size large) for NT$27,000. Includes light, extra set of tires and tubes, and accessory pouch. Ideal for tall people (I am 195) who want to climb hills like a champion. Disc brakes for a hectic Taiwan commute and more speed than the HSR. This bike served me well but alas, it is time to upgrade. This bike is incredibly light (composite construction) you can easily hold it with one hand and bring it up 5 flights of stairs no problem. Comes with Michelin Pro-Endurance tires and Giant Rx2 tires +tubes. The pro-endurance tires are for the street and the rx2s are for any rough road riding you plan to do. Also includes front light and two backlights +accessory pouch. If you are a tall person, looking for an all-inclusive bike this is the ride for you.
07/02/15 FOR SALE:
Moving stuff
Taipei City 台北市 Details
Norelco electric clippers -250 NT Aviator pilot glasses -no magnification but polarization -450 NT
07/02/15 FOR SALE:
NTD 12 000 -NTD 30 000 Taipei City 台北市 Details
FOR SALE ************************ ************* 48" LCD TV (BLACK) **BARELY USED** FULL HD FULL ACCESSORIES (CABLES, REMOTE) I HAVE TWO AVAILABLE. BUY 1 FOR NTD15 000 OR 2 FOR NTD28000 **currently in storage** pics for serious customers only ******************** *************************** 1 x XBOX 360 CONSOLE (LATEST)(BLACK) 2x BLACK XBOX CONTROLLERS (RECHARGEABLE) 24x XBOX 360 GAMES PRICE: NTD 12 000 (NEGOTIABLE) 1x PS3 CONSOLE (LATEST)(WHITE) 2x PS3 CONTROLLERS (RECHARGEABLE) 1x PS3 CONTROLLER CHARGING STATION (WHITE) 8x PS3 GAMES 10x POPULAR BLU-RAY MOVIES PRICE: NTD 12 000 (NEGOTIABLE) ***CURRENTLY IN STORAGE*** PICTURES FOR SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY ************************ *********************** *CR AZY SPECIAL* TOTAL PACKAGE PRICE: NTD30 000
06/30/15 FOR SALE:
Rice Cooker for sale
1500 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Rice Cooker, 10 persons (Taiger brand) -$1,500
06/30/15 FOR SALE:
3400 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
06/30/15 FOR SALE:
Honeywell filter for sale
3200 New Taipei City 新北市 Details
Honeywell filter with remote control for sale NT3,200.-. Model # 18000.

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