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A GREAT Job Available

Expiration: 2017-12-23

Country: Taiwan
Full or Part-Time: Full-Time
If Part-time, when:
If Part Time, what days:
If FULL-Time, when: Afternoons & Evenings
When Job is Available: December, 2017
Degree Required: Bachelors
Text of Ad: ALL Native English-Speaking Accents WELCOME! Full-Time Job, Afternoons & Evenings. Hourly pay NT$600-NT$800! Mon.-Fri. ! Guarantee 16 hours/weekly. More hours possible.

We are a family-owned school and can provide you very good living support with our strong local connections. We offer ARC, work permit, NationalHealth Insurance and training.

Our school is in Chia Yi -Zhong Pu, which is near Chia Yi City. Chia Yi is the city where A-Li Mountain is located. The High Speed Railway, Chia Yi Train Station, buses and airlines are easily accessible. There are supermarkets, retailers, pools, parks and Chia Yi University 嘉義大學 all in our neighborhood.

Neighboring Areas: Tainan City 台南市 and Yunlin County 雲林縣.

About Chiayi:
Chiayi is a small city about midway down the western coast of the island of Taiwan. The Tropic of Cancer runs right through it so summers are hot and winters and mild. Chiayi is close to the mountains which provide endless opportunities for hiking and exploring. Chiayi has many cultural and historic attractions and a well established train system allows easy access to the larger cities. The National University of Taiwan in Chiayi offers classes in Chinese and people are friendly to foreigners and patient with the language barrier. There is also a supportive community of other foreign English teachers.
Age Level of Class: Combination of School-aged Children
Average Number of Students in Class: 10
School Provides Curriculum: Yes
Company: Green English
Contact Person: Richard Chang
Telephone Number: 0931701030
Zip/Postal Code: 606
Location: Chiayi County 嘉義縣
District: Jhongpu Township 中埔鄉
Street Address: No.76, Lane 732, Zhongshan Road Sec.5, Homei Village 和美村   
Number: 28489
School's Personal E-Mail Address: screenEmailBotton
Web Site URL:

Expiration: 2017-12-23

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