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GREAT Job in Taoyuan!!

到期日: 2019-01-02

國家: Taiwan
全職或兼職: 全兼職皆可
全職時間: 下午、晚上
何時開始上班: Sep ,3 2018
學歷要求: 大學
廣告內容: ALL Native English-speaking Accents WELCOME!
Greenland International Education leads the way with a proved, comprehensive curriculum and an all-English environment. The students learn to speak English confidently while getting a well-rounded, and the teachers develop and use skills are directly applicable to classrooms in North American School systems.

Full time Salary
Monday ~ Friday 11:00 a.m.~ 7:00 p.m.
Summer/Winter Camp 8:30 a.m.~ 5:30 p.m.
* Up to NT$60,000/month
* Paid holidays in a contract year and national
* Contract Completion Bonuses NT$30,000
No weekends!! ARC, Work permit & National Health Insurance provided.

Part-time Job ALSO Available! NT$650 -NT$750/hrs.

PAID Chinese New Year
Program Setting
* Beautiful and fully equipped classrooms
* A well-structured curriculum
* Plenty of teaching aids
* Low teachers to students ratio Requirements

Our school has been established for 20 years. On average, our native speaking teachers stay with us for 2 years or longer.

Our school is a cooperation school of the American Eagle Institute.

Working Locations
Taoyuan City, Zhongli Dist
We are close to the Bureau of Labor Insurance 中央健保局.

Neighboring Areas: Taoyuan City 桃園市, Bade City 八德市, Pingjhen City 平鎮市 & Dayuan Township大園鄉

Please apply " Police Clearance Certificate" (In Taiwan-Police Criminal Record Certificate) to Cram School to get A.R.C..
Thank you!

For more details, please contact Joanne by phone 03-4666767 or email. [email protected]
教學對象: 小學
每班平均人數: 15-24
求才單位名稱: Greenland International Education Institution
連絡人: Joanne
電話或傳真: 03-4666767
郵遞區號: 320
縣/市: Taoyuan City 桃園市
市/鄉/鎮: Jhongli City. 中壢區
詳細地址(中、英文): No.136, Renci Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 320, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 桃園市中壢區仁慈路136號
刊登者編號: 28083
School's Personal 電子信箱: screenEmailBotton
求才單位網址: http://caves.com.tw/greenland

到期日: 2019-01-02

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