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English Wonderland - Activity-Based Program: Public School Full-Time Positions

Expiration: 2018-08-13

Country: Taiwan
Full or Part-Time: Full-Time
If Part-time, when:
If Part Time, what days:
If FULL-Time, when: Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings
When Job is Available: August 1st
Degree Required: Bachelors
Text of Ad: OPENINGS FROM AUG 2018 -Are you a state-credentialed teacher looking for a rewarding position teaching English overseas? Choose the Public school system!

Teach in one of Asia’s nicest cities: Taipei! Minutes from the mountains, the sea and a river estuary, with a comprehensive, efficient and inexpensive underground system serving the whole metropolitan area.

When you arrive we’ll pick you up from the airport and help you with everything to get settled in -from finding an apartment near your school to getting a local cellphone number and a bank account.

Plus, each post includes air ticket reimbursement for your to-Taiwan flight of up to NT$40,000 (around US$1,300), and then again up to NT$40,000 reimbursement for your return flight.

In addition to round-trip flight reimbursement you’ll also enjoy a contract completion bonus of up to a FULL month’s salary!

http://ygexpert.com.tw/teach-in-taiwan/golf-stream-surf/ index.html

We seek to immerse these students in a three-day camp where they can discover English through activities. Some of our classes:

Marine Life
American Football
Digital Photography
Western Food & Drink
Western Homes

Some of our locations: in the green foothills, next to the ocean, adjacent to a golf course and in the city.

Positions starting August 1st, 2018, running through July 31st, 2019.

At each location you can develop your own class – if you are a music teacher you could teach a music class. If you are an art teacher, you could teach art. Or, teach one of the existing subject.

The goal – use fun activities as a vehicle for comprehension. No mill and drill – get out of your seats, get outdoors! Let students learn English IN THE PROCESS OF DOING THINGS and having fun.

You’ll work with teams of from four to nine other native English-speaking licensed school teachers.

Passionate educators who like impactful lessons and learning by doing; teachers who can measure progress by the amount of speaking and thinking a lesson or activity encourages are who we are looking for.

Complete support from the state, state-of-the-art classrooms – everything you need to make classes interesting is provided.

Here’s the philosophy: for those students in city schools who may not have all the money in the world give them a chance to have their own summer camp experience, where English becomes far, far more than just a requirement and becomes instead a memory – of something fun, exciting and communicative! Something where they were able to figure out the right answer because it was done in a fun environment, students working together. So that they can then take that sense of wonder back to their homes, and classrooms, tell their parents and teachers: “I like English!”. A belief that, for a 5th grader, can realign their opportunities for the rest of their lives. If that’s the kind of impact you’re interested in making, then ours is the program for you!

Please send your detailed resume and your currently valid state-issued or nationally-issued teacher's certificate to [email protected]

Age Level of Class: Elementary School
Average Number of Students in Class: 20
School Provides Curriculum: No
Company: YG Expert
Contact Person: Alex
Telephone Number:
Zip/Postal Code: 100
Location: New Taipei City 新北市
District: Five Districts
Street Address: ```   
Number: 23572
School's Personal E-Mail Address: screenEmailBotton
Web Site URL: http://ygexpert.com.tw/teach-in-taiwan/golf-stream -surf/index.html

Expiration: 2018-08-13

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