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# Headline Nationality Gender Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Languages You Can Edit or Proofread No. Date In Favorites Details
German journalist offers quality work
Germany Female Masters Degree Mass Communications English, German 63 05/25/08 Details
I have been working as a TV and Radio journalist for the past 6 years. If you need an experienced writer who speaks German and English please contact me.
Technical/Academic Editing!
New Zealand Male Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering English 61 05/09/08 Details
Do you want high quality editing for your academic or technical documentation? Then your editor should be someone experienced in academic or technical writing! I have a PhD in engineering with a large number of publications in highly rated journals and engineering industry experience. Improve th ...
Multilingual Interpreter/Editor
Brazil Female Bachelors Degree Finace English, French, Spanish, Portuguese 58 04/30/08 Details
I am a freelance writer/interpreter/editor who graduated in 2004 with a Bachelor's in both Finance and Spanish, and last year I obtained a culinary degree from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. I have worked part-time as an interpreter, proofreader, and ESL tutor since my first year in colle ...
As good as New
United Kingdom Male Masters Degree Medicine English 54 04/27/08 Details
I have been living in Taipei for over 10 years and have been teaching IELTS exam skills for nearly 8 years. I have worked with a lot of MA, MBA and Ph.D students as well as companies keen to improve their business portfolios. Call me to meet and discuss your projects.
Experienced Editor Available
Canada, United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree Linguistics English 52 04/18/08 Details
I currently proof and edit submissions to scholarly journals in the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Canada for professors at a number of universities in southern Taiwan. I can provide references as well as a list of published works that I have worked on upon request.
Professional Business Editor
Canada Female Bachelors Degree Radio & TV English 50 04/16/08 Details
I edit mostly business documents for my students, but also school essays, scholarship and university applications and pretty much anything and everything you would like help with. I'm a published writer with five years of experience. We will work together to make your paper the best!
English Technical Editing
USA Female Bachelors Degree Physics English 49 04/14/08 Details
需要幫忙校對您的專業英文嗎?...I can help you! I specialize in editing in these fields: 專門編輯與校對: • Engineering/工程: 光學工程, 電子工程, 電腦科學, 密碼學, IT, 機械工程, 化學工程, etc. • Science/科學: 物理, 化學, 生物學, ...
Editing and Proofreading Services Available
USA Male Bachelors Degree Other English 48 04/12/08 Details
I have over 10 years of editing experience in a variety of areas. If you are interested in having your work edited, it is best to call me so we can talk face to face or over the phone in more detail about what you need. I can handle almost any project.
Experienced Proofreader/Editor available for full-time or freelance position
South Africa Male Bachelors Degree Film Studies English 47 04/08/08 Details
My name is Matthew. I am currently employed as a copywriter at an advertising agency in South Africa. I am experienced in writing feature articles, technical documentation, and creative print/radio ad copy. I have extensive experience in Internet research methods and am extremely well versed in ...
Proofreading/Editing in No Time !
Pakistan Female 3-Year College Degree Business English, Other Languages 46 04/08/08 Details
Hi, I am competent in proofreading/editing in all the areas and fields of work. My interests mainly include writing and reading and I am thoroughly well read in English Grammar and Literature. I promise to deliver the work on time if not sooner !
Editor Available
USA Male Masters Degree English English 43 03/17/08 Details
Dennis M. Chinn, M.A., M.F.A I am seeking editing clients 700-1000NT a page/per hour I have edited literary journals, books, web sites, college applications, under graduate and graduate final reports. I have a background in English and in Creative Writing.
Exp. Editor
France Male Masters Degree MBA English, French, Spanish 45 03/30/08 Details
Hello, Are you looking for an experienced proofreader for your english, french or spanish works ? As a Master's Degree student, I can help you deal with these issues. My qualities according to my current Taiwanese "client" : Handling on time, clarity of translation (hardware products' us ...
Top work Guaranteed
Canada Male Masters Degree Other English, French, Italian 42 03/16/08 Details
Over 10 years experience. Clients include Taiwan Ministry of Agriculture, big names in the high-tech industry, PHD University students (Harvard, Oxford)and many more. References are available. If your serious about your work then don't hire anyone with minimal experience. I've been doing thi ...
Do you Need Editing or Proofreading?
United Kingdom Male Masters Degree History English 25 01/28/08 Details
I have upto four years experience proof reading for Taiwanese/mainland Chinese students in the UK through HelloUK. I have proof read/edited undergraduate/postgraduate papers ranging from marketing comms to literary papers. I have a Masters in History from one of the UK's most prestigious Unive ...
Canadian proofreader available to help
Canada Female Bachelors Degree Journalism English, French 39 03/04/08 Details
Journalist by profession, I am traveling the world seeking new experiences and fun people. Published work is available. Graduated with honours from top university.
English Proofreader Available in Taipei
USA Male Bachelors Degree History English 38 03/03/08 Details
I recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in History. I am available to proofread individual documents and projects, including academic papers and university applications. NT$150 /500 words; 2 day turnaround time.
Experienced Editor & Proofreader
USA Female Bachelors Degree English English 37 03/02/08 Details
I am a college graduate with a strong background in writing and editing. I earned my B.A. in English and have been teaching ESL for nearly 9 months. I have experience editing academic and literary writing, as well as advertisements. In addition, I have an excellent grasp of grammar, spelling, f ...
Academic and professional English
USA Female Bachelors Degree Asian Studies English 35 02/28/08 Details
I am a college graduate with a strong writing ability and experience in editing. I have edited both graduate and undergraduate academic and literary work, training documents, educational proposals, and informational documents. I have both written and spoken Mandarin ability, and have edited seve ...
英國華裔,有相關工作經驗 BBC experienced
Female Masters Degree Journalism English, Mandarin 30 02/03/08 Details
具有美國、台灣及英國等,多元文化薰陶的背景。Monica正在 尋找一個具有挑戰性的新聞工作或媒體從業的機會,希望上班地點在 台北。 Monica正在尋找一個具有挑戰性的新聞工作或媒體從業的機會 ,希望上班地點在台北。 ...
Editing and Proofreading
USA Male Bachelors Degree Accounting English 32 02/12/08 Details
I am the Managing Foreign Teacher of the Guting Headstart Branch. I possess a BA with a double major of Business and Accounting. I worked in finance for Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation for three years in the Secondary Wholesale Financing Deptartment, as well as, working as an inventory mana ...
American university graduate, BS in Computer Science
USA Male Bachelors Degree Computer Science English 33 02/13/08 Details
I am an American University graduate with a BS in Computer Science and minors in Business Administration and Management of Information Systems. I have been teaching English here in Taiwan for six months now, and I also wish to do some editing work. I am able to proofread and edit almost anything ...
South Africa Male Ph.D. Biology English, Italian 31 02/04/08 Details
I have been editing and proofreading materials from Academia, Industry and the Commerical Sector for many years. My speciality is in product catalogues, travel, marketing literature and web site text. I am also skilled in general proofreading and editing and can proof read and edit theses and ac ...
UT Austin, B.A. English, 5 Years in Taiwan
USA Male Bachelors Degree English English, Mandarin 29 02/03/08 Details
I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002 with a B.A. degree in English. I have been a teacher with Hess for the past five years, and am currently the manager of foreign teachers in my area. I have done proofreading and editing work for the Hess Educational Department for export ...
Experienced Proofreader
Australia Female 2-Year College Degree Business English 28 02/02/08 Details
I have just moved to Taipei County. I have over 7 years experience proofreading and editing documents, I have an excellent grasp of English grammar, punctuation and spelling.
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree English English 26 01/28/08 Details
My name is Andrew, I am a 29 year-old English Literature graduate with over 7 years of editing experience. I write for the China Post and have been published in various other Taiwan based publications. I have excellent proof-reading skills, and a real passion for the English Language. So if y ...
Be creative!
Canada, Taiwan Female Bachelors Degree Social Work English 17 01/12/08 Details
I have attained a Bachelors Degree majoring in Family Studies. I was a part-time tutor for four years when I was attending university. During those four years, most of students were in high school. My interests were focused on speaking, writing, and reading comprehensions. I taught mostly gramm ...
English Native Speaker
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree Other English, Spanish 21 01/22/08 Details
I recently graduated from the university of Leeds with a first in chinese and spanish, I have a literary background and studied english literature in High School.
Native English speaker. Excellent writing skills as well as excellent work ethics.
USA Female Senior High School English English 23 01/24/08 Details
My name is Ping. I grew up in the United States and I am currently attending Duke University, which is one of the top ten universities in the United States. English has always been one of my strongest subjects in school. I took college level English literature and composition in high school and ...
Tech. Eng.
USA Male Bachelors Degree Other English 22 01/23/08 Details
I am a well qualified and experienced technical proofreader/editor/writer. My degree is in Biomedical Engineering, and most of my experience is in electronics, so I am fluent in the English of most areas of science/technology. Please request an information package.
English editor available
United Kingdom Male Masters Degree History English 20 01/15/08 Details
I have proofreading experience, a firm grasp of English grammar and a keen eye for details such as spelling mistakes. I offer a high quality service with a quick turnaround time. Get in touch!

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