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# Headline Nationality Gender Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Languages You Can Edit or Proofread No. Date In Favorites Details
Experienced Copywriter
USA Male Bachelors Degree Economics English 101 01/02/09 Details
English native speaker with copywriting experience in advertising, marketing and branding for high tech and traditional industry companies. Speaks, understands and reads Chinese. Please contact for more information.
Experienced writer/editor.
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree International Relations English 100 12/09/08 Details
I have a natural flair for language, love words & helping you to express yourself. I have an eye for detail & the subtleties that can make your writing less attractive to your audience. I've written a book about my travels & have edited submissions for students' applications to study in the US.
Technical writer in Hsinchu
New Zealand Male Masters Degree Asian Studies English 97 11/24/08 Details
I am a technical writer based in Hsinchu and available for writing/editing your technical documents, business communications and academic writing. I am flexible, thorough and efficient. I can work in most subject areas, and I work with you to give you the results that you need.
Academic Editor
USA Male Ph.D. Electrical Engineering English 98 11/26/08 Details
University professor of EE and CS in Taipei. Experienced editing and academic reviewing of technical/scientific papers for publication, as well as theses and dissertations. Did such work for Academica Sinica til they cut their budget. Specialty is electronics, optics and computer science. Also ...
Academic Editor
Canada, United Kingdom Male Masters Degree Linguistics 96 10/29/08 Details
I currently edit and proofread submissions to scholarly journals by professors at universities in southern Taiwan. The majority of papers I work on are in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Art Education and Engineering. I also occasionally proofread software manuals for a company in Taipei. Emai ...
I'll help you
USA Female Bachelors Degree English English 83 08/23/08 Details
As a native speaker of English, English major in college, and professional book editor, I have been trained to help make sure the English you write is perfect. I want you to be confident that your work will be understood and that it makes perfect sense to English speakers. I'd love to help you!
Fast Edit!
USA Male Bachelors Degree Education English 95 10/15/08 Details
I'm a middle-aged American ex-pat with experience in a variety of fields. My English grammar and pronunciation are excellent. Not only am I a published writer, but the articles I have edited in Taiwan have been well-published in SCI-rated journals. My services are fast and economical.
Canada Male Bachelors Degree Journalism English 94 10/07/08 Details
I am an active writer and a former journalist who plans to remain in Taiwan for many years. I'm also a smart, reliable guy who can handle most projects.
Experienced International Journalist
USA Male Bachelors Degree Journalism English 93 10/05/08 Details
I have reported in Bangkok, Thailand for The Nation and in Seoul, South Korea for The Groove. As a travel and features editor for The Groove, an English monthly magazine, I reported travel stories about Laos, Macau, and North Korea. If you are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic work ...
Editor with extensive publishing experience in America
USA Female Bachelors Degree Journalism English 92 09/28/08 Details
I'm a journalist from the U.S. who has recently moved to Taiwan for a change of pace. I've written for half a dozen American newspapers, and also have extensive academic and creative editing work. Whether you're looking for help with conversational correspondence or in-depth technical work - ...
Highly experienced editor available
United Kingdom Male Masters Degree Economics English 79 07/18/08 Details
I have ten years of experience in financial journalism (seven years at a highly respected international financial publication and three at a national newspaper). I currently work in equity research and am about to complete my Masters degree in Asia-Pacific economics and politics.
USA Male Bachelors Degree Business English 91 09/10/08 Details
I have one year of professional experience for a large publishing company here in Taiwan and would like to use my knowledge to help you!
Experienced Proofreader
USA Female Masters Degree Economics English 89 09/02/08 Details
University applicants or job hunters, look no further! I have two years counseling experience at UCLA's career center, fine-tuning and editing applications, essays and CVs and can give your application the attention it needs to make it stand out. As a recent graduate of International Economi ...
Canada Male Bachelors Degree Other English 88 09/01/08 Details
Hi, I am Dan. I am looking for some freelance editing or proofreading work. I have a B.A. (honours; first class) in Religious Studies and Anthropology. Currently, I am studying in the Mandarin Training Center at Shida (NTNU). I have a strong command of written English and am able to write in bot ...
Ph. University Professor for highest quality editing
USA Male Ph.D. Psychology English 86 08/26/08 Details
I offer highest quality editing and proofing in English. Ph. University professor, have written several screenplays and currently writing two books, one fiction, one nonfiction.
Canada Male Bachelors Degree English English 87 08/29/08 Details
At 61, I have broad experience. Having taught English for the past five years, I have a clear sense of grammar and spelling. I have edited for an art gallery, a fire alarm manufacturer, the Atomic Energy Council and the city of Taipei. I prefer to work on computer and appreciate having the Chine ...
Canada Male Bachelors Degree Physics English 85 08/24/08 Details
I have edited a wide variety of documents for people in a wide variety of professions. My background is in technology, IT and sales, as well as adult ESL teaching.
Experienced in Proofreading and Editing
USA Male Bachelors Degree Psychology English 84 08/24/08 Details
Greetings. My experience in proofreading includes Taipei and Taichung government contracts, Taichung Newspaper articles, academic papers, Powerpoint presentations, user manuals, and even some small academic articles. Previously, I worked in Insurance Litigation, so I am also capable of editing s ...
freelance writer/editor
United Kingdom Male Masters Degree Linguistics English 82 07/31/08 Details
I have done a lot of editing work, especially acdemic work, textbooks and acdemic papers.
France Male Masters Degree Finace English, French 81 07/29/08 Details
Hello, I can help you for French/English translations /editing /proofreading. I've been doing this job for a year with a Taiwanese IT firm : translating technical documents, user manuals, news, etc. They are extremely satisfied with my work. "Clarity & Respect of deadline" is my main motto.
General English proofer, editor
Australia Male Bachelors Degree English English 80 07/20/08 Details
I have been writing, proofreading and editing English prose for several years. Impeccable English is probably my strongest skill. Experience in: journalism, media releases, reports, essays, theses, and more. I am available for any work requiring flawless English. I recently completed my Bachelor ...
Thesis Editor
Canada Male Bachelors Degree Mathematics English 78 07/14/08 Details
I have worked professionally as a science writer and science education writing editor. In my spare time I write fiction, both short stories and novels. My science articles and political articles have been published in Canada, USA and Russia.
I can help your Chinese Writing.
Taiwan Female Masters Degree Journalism Mandarin 11 12/28/07 Details
I am very good at Chinese writing and got some writing adwards before. As I understand, to write a "good" Chinese article is not a easy job for a foreigner. Don't worry! What I can do is not just to translate your article from English to Chinese, I can aslo help you to realize the Chinese me ...
Editing/Proofreading Services
Philippines Male Ph.D. Biology English 77 07/09/08 Details
I am a Filipino and has been working here in Taiwan as Post-doctoral Fellow for 7 years. I have been involved in editing works, mostly scientific articles for submission to international journals and books on aquaculture. I am also a peer reviewer of some internationally known journals such as ...
Experienced Editor
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree Geography English 76 06/30/08 Details
I have been writing, editing and proofreading for many years. I am quick and efficient, and I always make it clear why you are going wrong--so you will learn from your mistakes as well. I speak Chinese and I am very familiar with Chinese English --so I will know what you are trying to express
Editing in Spanish or English
Mexico Female Bachelors Degree International Relations English, Spanish 74 06/25/08 Details
I am a Mexican student at Shida. I majored on International Relations and I am studying English Literature as a second career. I have a very good knowledge of Literature on both languages, which has given me an ample vocabulary and good grasp on grammar and syntax. Both majors require a lot of e ...
EDITOR ** Tien Mu/Shilin for private work ** Anywhere in Taipei for full time **
Australia Male Bachelors Degree Electrical Engineering English 75 06/27/08 Details
I have been in Taiwan for three years and I have helped edit documents for a number of years, but not as a full-time career. I have worked in the I.T industry and have had to write a number of documents and GUI guides as well as proofread and edit web sites. As an engineering and science graduat ...
Cheap Editor for hire over here!
USA Female 2-Year College Degree Graphic Design English 72 06/20/08 Details
I have no proofreading experience unlike everyone else that has posted here. But I'm desperate for a job during my stay in Taipei this summer. I am an American born Chinese Female so I am a Native English speaker. I have always done well in my High school and University tests in English and Wri ...
Harvard Grad Student Looking for Editing Work
USA Male Masters Degree Asian Studies English, Mandarin 68 06/11/08 Details
Current Harvard Kennedy School graduate student interested in finding editing and proofreading work. I have studied law at National Taiwan University and have studied Mandarin for over 13 years. I am interested in assisting students with application essays and research grants. I have completed g ...
USA Male Bachelors Degree Music English 66 06/03/08 Details
GET AN EXCELLENT EDITOR! SEE MISTER 改好﹗ 一字一元 /專業 正確 很有耐心 Ready to help you!

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