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# Name of Institue or School Headline Type of Classes Offered Location Age Level In Favorites Details
Feng Chia University Language Center 逢甲大學語言中心
Serious about studying Mandarin?
Full-time Taichung City 臺中市 Adult Details
Photo Feng Chia Language Center is dedicated to helping students who have an ardent desire to learn Mandarin achieve their goals. Our Chinese Division offers eleven levels of Mandarin, with great emphasis placed on developing all of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. To further cater for individual needs, we offer numerous electives which will enable you to have a total educational experience that is tailor-made for you. Students are encouraged to design an individual study plan to suit their needs and interests as long as the total number of hours doesn’t exceed the maximum of 16. Additional hours (over 10) are available to students at no additional cost per course hour. This is a unique feature of the FCU Language Center that makes it by far the cheapest around for those who are serious about studying Chinese language and culture. If you want to learn as much as possible of the four language skills and want to seriously devote your time in Taiwan to Chinese language and culture, you choose the maximum of 16 hours, without any change to the tuition fee you pay. In addition to the regular required and elective courses, the cultural course program is required for all students. Only students who have attended 9 different courses in the current and previous terms, will be exempt of taking the Cultural Courses in the next term. Students who have fulfilled the Cultural Course requirement, but who are interested in taking any extra courses, can do so by registering for the course(s) they want for FREE. For further information, or to apply, please visit our website at http://www.fculc.fcu.edu.tw/Ch inese_division.htm.
Tzu Chi University Chinese Language Center 慈濟大學華語中心
Tzu Chi University Chinese Language Program
Both Offered Hualien County 花蓮縣 Adult and School-aged Details
***Mandarin courses in the classroom: 1.Basic Mandarin course (Beginners and Elementary) 2. Advanced Mandarin course. 3.Teaching Mandarin as Second Language course. (For potential teachers, and teachers teaching in Mandarin.) ***Elective Courses Special Tzu Chi Humanitarian courses which include the tea ceremony, calligraphy, Chinese painting and flower arranging are available for your choice. ***Class size of Mandarin Chinese courses 1.Individual Class: one-on-one or one-on-two. 2.Small Group Class:3~5 students .
Taipei Language Institute
Customized to Your Schedule Adult and School-aged Details
TLI 2006 TAIWAN INTENSIVE SUMMER STUDY TOUR-JULY 3, 2006-AUGUST 11, 2006 Sponsors:TLI Educational Foundation & Kainan University. Registration begins NOW!!! 03/15/2006 to 05/30/2006 Period: 6 weeks -7/3/2006 to 8/11/2006 Program Fee: $2,680 USD Course: (7/3-8/11) 75 hours of Language classes & over 30 hours of culture exploration. Housing: Air-conditioned rooms at Kainan University. Includes -tuition, housing, meal plan, textbooks, excursions around Taipei with transportation & entrance tickets. Trip: Eastern Coast of Taiwan, including Hua Lien, and Yi Lan. (5 days) Age: 16 years old and up, no age limitation. Level: Language placement test for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels will be conducted once you arrive in Taipei. Certificate: Earn 3 units of transferable college credits after completion of language program. EMAIL FOR MORE INFORMATION: [email protected] (reference: TEALIT.COM) OR CALL (886-2) 2367-8228 EXT. 820
Fo Guang University Chinese Language Instruction Center 佛光人文社會學院語言教育中心
Fo Guang University Chinese Language Program
Both Offered Ilan County 宜蘭縣 Adult Details
***Summer Intensive Program(8 weeks) 1.Each week consists of four days of classes, four hours of language instruction per class day (one hour of one-on-one instruction, three hours of instruction in four -to six-student classes) 2.Along with one school-wide hour of hands on, direct involvement in two of the traditional Chinese arts -calligraphy and tai-chi-chuan (taught on alternating days). 3.Long three-day weekends provide ample opportunity to travel around Taiwan or enjoy Yilan’s many water sports or cultural activities. 4.Two weekends will feature school-arranged off-campus group outings, promising a summer filled with a rich mix of training and growth for mind and body. Tuition US$2,500 Application fee US$30 ***Academic Year Program(16 weeks each term) 1.Consists of two terms (Autumn/Spring) of classes, four hours a day, five days a week, each term for 16 weeks. 2.Monday through Thursday classes will consist of one hour per day of one-on-one language instruction and three hours of language instruction in classes of four to six students in size. 3.Friday classes will consist of two hours of school-wide lecture/discussion classes on topics in Chinese society and culture. 4.The other two hours of classes on Fridays will consist of hands-on participatory involvement in developing the skills of many of the Chinese fine arts, such as calligraphy, tea ceremonies, cooking, carving chops, and tai-chi-chuan. Tuition US$4,000 Application fee US$30 ***Flexible Hours Program 1.Designed for students who require flexible learning arrangements (available during the 16-week Autumn and Spring terms, as well as the 8-week Summer term). 2.A minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 20 hours per week of language instruction in one-on-one classes or classes of six to eight students in size. Flexible Hours Program 1.Overseas Applicants 2 months before the start of quarter applied for. 2.Local Applicants 1 week before the start of quarter applied for. Tuition US$5 (per hour for group classes) US$20(per hour for one-on-one classes) Application fee US$30 ----------------------- App licantion Deadline 1.Summer Intensive Program,2005...May 16, 2005 2.Autumn Academic-year Term,2005...July 31, 2005 3.Spring Academic-year Term,2006...December 19, 2005 4.Summer Intensive Program,2006...May 15, 2006 Aplication Status 1.Full-time students, who must attend a minimum of 10 hours per week, have full use of school facilities, including computer accounts, and can apply for a student visa, assistantships and scholarships. 2.Part-time students, who must attend a minimum 4 hours per week, may use all facilities except computers and are not eligible for student visas and scholarships.
TamKang University Chinese Lanuage Program 淡江大學中華語文研習班
Tamkang University Chinese Language Program
Full-time Taipei City 臺北市 Adult Details
The Chinese Language Program is offered by the Division of Continuing Education, TamKang University. To enhance the learning process, the program provides: 1.Instruction through the year 2.Nine levels of proficiency 3.Professional teachers who are native speakers of standard Mandarin 4.Small classes(6-8persons) 5.Individ ual attention from instructors 6.Activities to facilitate communication with Chinese students Tuition: NT$16,000 Application fee: NT$500
National Kaohsiung Normal University Chinese Language Program 國立高雄師範大學語言教學
National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU) Chinese Language Program
Part-time Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Adult and School-aged Details
National Kaohsiung Normal University (NKNU), founded in 1967, is a public university located in the city of Kaohsiung. The University has two campuses—Ho-Ping and Yan-Chao. The goal of the university is to offer a rich intellectual environment and to cultivate the excellent brains that a modern country would need. The Chinese Language Program at NKNU aims to offer intensive language training and provide the best possible opportunity for those interested in learning Mandarin Chinese and studying various aspects of Chinese culture, to strengthen international friendship through the promotion of cultural exchange, and to enable overseas students interested in Chinese studies to use it as a stepping stone toward advanced studies in the departments of the College of Humanities/Liberal Arts or other colleges. The program offers courses ... designed to develop competence in spoken & written Chinese, for the advanced study of Chinese language and culture, that deal with Chinese business etiquette.
The Language Center of Fu Jen Catholic University 天主教輔仁大學附設語言中心
Fu Jen University--The Language Center
Both Offered Taipei County 臺北縣 University Details
●●● Class Hours ●●● Monday through Friday (schedule is arranged by the Language Center administration). In addition to “A Touch of Chinese Culture” and “Extracurricular Courses”, full-time students must enroll in at least ten (10) hours of Chinese language instruction each week. (Part-time students do not have to meet this requirement. Part-time students are those students taking classes at the LC who came to ROC on visas other than the LC-sponsored student/visitor's visa) *** Courses Offered *** 1. General Course 2. Special Courses 3. A Touch of Chinese Culture 4. Extracurricular Activities 5. Six-Week Intensive Mandarin Course Fu Jen University is located 10 kilometers (6 miles) from the heart of Taipei City. The LC has air-conditioned classrooms. Facilities include audio-visual rooms, study lounge, and rest area. Faculty: In addition to a strong Chinese language expertise, LC teachers have backgrounds and training in many other fields as well, including Chinese history, Chinese philosophy, other foreign languages, business, broadcast journalism, theater, and much more. All teachers have at least a bachelor's degree. The experienced faculty is enthusiastic about teaching Chinese, using a curriculum that is engaging and systematic. The faculty has a reputation for producing students with a firm grasp of the Chinese language. Currently, the LC has 250 students from over 20 different countries. For more details, please visit our website at: http://www.lc.fju.edu.tw/engli sh/eindex.htm
National Chiao Tung University Chinese Language Center 國立交通大學華語中心
To Improve Your Chinese Language Fluency--choose National Chiao Tung University
Both Offered Hsinchu City 新竹市 Adult and School-aged Details
*** LOCATION*** Hsinchu City, close to the center of global high technology industry –the Hsinchu Science Park. In addition to providing substantial professional courses, we have also established the Chinese Language Center to help you break the language barrier and succeed in the Greater China Economic Area. *** PROGRAM FEATURES *** 1. Our program Emphasizes oral communication ability and simulates real-life situations through audio-visual aids. 2. Uses computer-aided tools to teach Chinese input method and Chinese character handwriting skills. 3. Establishes on-line forum and interactive learning web and thus extends classes to outside classrooms as well as beyond class hours. 4. Provides an audio-visual self-learning classroom and a library with a large collection of books. 5. Assesses learning achievement through simulation games and interchange activities, all of which local students will participate in. 6. Recruits supportive and experienced teachers with academic qualifications for teaching Chinese language. 7. Invites volunteer teachers with abundant experiences to provide extra tutorials to enhance pronunciation training in particular. 8. Awards credits in accordance with the number of credit hours. 9. Uses Pinyin system and traditional Chinese characters.
Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages--Center of Chinese Language 文藻外語學院華語中心
Taiwan's only foreign language college--Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
Part-time Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Adult and School-aged Details
★ COURSE DESCRIPTION ★ 1. Class: Beginner Content: (1) Daily life conversation (2) 1100+ New words (3) 3000+ Word phrases (4) 300+Basic patterns (5) Emphasis on standard pronunciation and fluency 2. Class: Intermediate Content: (1) Topics: Economics, Current Affairs, Culture and History. (2) 1500+ New words (3) 2000+ Word phrases (4) 500+ Complex Patterns (5) Grammar structure and an introduction to Taiwan society, history, geography and cultural differences. 3. Class: Advanced ~ Business, Conversation, Literature, News, Writing Content: Advanced classes in which students can select their own areas of interest, such as International trade , Newspaper, Writing practice, Calligraphy, Painting, and Discussion about Chinese cultural differences: customs, social activities and how to fit in to Taiwan society. We have Taiwan's most advanced audiovisual center, equipped with instructional videos and audio tapes and multifunctional language labs. The Center of Chinese Language is one of the newest divisions in Wenzao, focusing on language and cultural exchange between Chinese and people from other nations. Our instructors are speakers of standard Mandarin, well-trained and highly experienced in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. With the guidance of these teachers, you will soon master practical Chinese, adapt to life in Taiwan more quickly, and be better able to appreciate the many aspects of Chinese culture.The classes we offer are varied and flexible enough to fit your needs and schedule. For more information about our program, please visit our Web site: http://www.wtuc.edu.tw/ccl.
National Taiwan University--International Chinese Language Program 國立台灣大學 國際華語
ICLP of National Taiwan University
Both Offered Taipei City 臺北市 Adult and School-aged Details
Our classes are scheduled between 8:10-12:00AM and 1:10-4:00PM. Each student's daily schedule typically consists of four fifty-minute classes in the following proportions: (1) Individual class 單班課 The Individual class is an intensive one-on-one language class where each student can focus on his/her individual needs. (2) Group classes 合班課 Each group class is made up of 2-4 students matched according to linguistic level. Classes are generally separated into two categories: spoken language classes (會話課) and reading and discussion classes (選讀討論課). As the latter term implies, even in reading classes, the principal classroom activity is speech. Similarly, while the emphasis in (會話課) is very much on oral/aural training, all texts from which students work are in Chinese characters. All spoken language materials, as well as most reading materials, are also available in digitally recorded format in the language laboratory, and students are expected to make extensive use of these taped materials in preparation for their classes. Classes move at an intense pace, and students are expected to come to class well-prepared and ready to learn. For more detailed information on ICLP's teaching methods and class processes, please see our PROGRAM section.

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