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Chinese Language Center National University of Kaohsiung 國立高雄大學華語文中心
Learn Chinese in Kaohsiung City
Customized to Your Schedule Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Adult and School-aged Details
~ The world meets here ~ Welcome to Chinese Language Center at National University of Kaohsiung *Courses offered: (1) Elementary Chinese This course is an introductory course in Mandarin Chinese, open to students who have no prior knowledge of Chinese and covering both spoken and written aspects of the language. It is intended to familiarize students with phonetic symbols, Chinese characters, pronunciation, and grammatical structures. (2) Intermediate Chinese This course is a continuing study of Mandarin Chinese at the intermediate level, with an additional emphasis on extended vocabulary through reading and writing, and on basic conversation for essential everyday situations.   (3) Advanced Chinese This course is intended to develop students’ reading speed and comprehension of more advanced syntax and styles. More advanced training especially in reading and writing Mandarin Chinese is emphasized. (4) Media Chinese This course is designed to help students produce grammatically accurate, coherent Chinese in the written form and in response to authentic reading. Texts are selected from magazine/newspaper articles, radio news, TV reportage, the Internet, etc. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary extension, idiom, and reading skills. (5) Business Chinese This course is designed for non-native speakers of Chinese interested in international business or those who intend to work or travel for business in Chinese-speaking communities. Business correspondence and conversation are the main focus. (6) Computing and Writing in Chinese This course focuses on how to compute with and use various Chinese word processing programs (Word, Excel, etc.). (7) Readings in Taiwanese Culture This course is intended to help students enhance their Chinese proficiency through reading and discussion, with an additional emphasis on the development of cross-cultural awareness. *Small Group Classes Courses Total hours Fees Elementary Chinese 48 hours NT$ 7,200 Intermediate Chinese 48 hours NT$ 7,200 Advanced Chinese 48 hours NT$ 7,200 Media Chinese 48 hours NT$ 7,200 Business Chinese 48 hours NT$ 7,200 Computing and Writing in Chinese 30 hours NT$ 4,500 Basic Chinese Writing 48 hours NT$ 7,200   * Please note that study materials are not included within the course fee. Fees must be paid in cash (NT$) at Chinese Language Center.   (1) Private tutorial For more information, please contact us at 07-5919261 or e-mail us at [email protected]  
Chinese Language Instruction Center, Fo Guang University 佛光大學語文教育中心
Acquire your Chinese in a genuine Taiwan setting, free from polluted air
Customized to Your Schedule Ilan County 宜蘭縣 Adult and School-aged Details
Photo *Summer Intensive Program (8 Weeks) Make the most of your summer break with a carefully crafted term to boost Chinese language skills while providing a broad and intense cultural experience. Each week consists of four days of classes, four hours of language instruction per class day (one hour of one-on-one instruction, three hours of instruction in four -to six-student classes), along with one school-wide hour of hands on, direct involvement in two of the traditional Chinese arts -calligraphy and tai-chi-chuan (taught on alternating days). Long three-day weekends provide ample opportunity to travel around Taiwan or enjoy Yilan’s many water sports or cultural activities. Two weekends will feature school-arranged off-campus group outings, promising a summer filled with a rich mix of training and growth for mind and body. Tuition for summer intensive program is US$2,500 (including insurance fee, proficiency test and two school-arranged off-campus trips). A check for the application fee of US$30 must be submitted by the application deadline with all application materials. *Academic year Program (16 WEeeks) The regular academic year consists of two terms (Autumn/Spring) of classes, four hours a day, five days a week, each term for 16 weeks. Monday through Thursday classes will consist of one hour per day of one-on-one language instruction and three hours of language instruction in classes of four to six students in size. Friday classes will consist of two hours of school-wide lecture/discussion classes on topics in Chinese society and culture. Tuition for this program is US$4,000 per term (including insurance fee, proficiency test and social activities). A check for the application fee of US$30 must be submitted by the application deadline with all application materials. *Flexible Hours program This program is designed for students who require flexible learning arrangements (available during the 16-week Autumn and Spring terms, as well as the 8-week Summer term). Students may take a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 20 hours per week of language instruction in one-on-one classes or classes of six to eight students in size. Tuition for the flexible hours program is US$5 per hour for group classes, and US$15 per hour for requested one-on-one classes. An initial application fee of US$35 *Scholarship 1. The Ministry of Education currently offers half-year scholarships to the value of NT $15,000 per month. 2. Any full-time student who has already studied at the CLIC for three months and intents to continue studying for another six months or more is eligible to apply, providing they have demonstrated a conscientious approach to study in CLIC. 3. Application Dates: Applications are accepted twice a year, on or before 15 August and 15 February.
International Language & Culture Center, Yuan Ze university 元智大學國際語言文化中心
Where the World Meets Taiwan and Taiwan Joins the World
Customized to Your Schedule Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Adult and School-aged Details
Photo *We provide beginners, intermediate and advanced evening and daytime courses in modern Chinese. *The course is an intensive language program designed to provide students with solid practical language skills for living and working in a Chinese-speaking environment. *Admittance to the course is subject to interview, which includes an assessment of language level in the case of non-beginner. *We cater for the needs of individuals, commerce, industry, government and public organizations. Languages are taught normally to groups of not more than 12 people. We can arrange individually tailored courses and in-company instruction. *Students who complete course successfully are awarded the Certificate in Modern Chinese. By ‘successful completion’ it is meant that the student has followed and done the course work satisfactorily, as well as passed the term-end oral and written exams. Where the World Meets Taiwan and Taiwan Joins the World Welcome to the International Language and Culture Center of Yuan Ze University where all international students and staff would feel at home. The Center is structured academically into three divisions: Foreign Languages program, Chinese Language Program, and Culture/International Student Services program. As all students of Yuan Ze University are required to develop and maintain a high standard of English language or other languages, the teaching of English language and other foreign languages occupies a major and important part of our program The center has also developed various courses to suit the needs and interests of international students and staff. As a cultural center and international office, the center is responsible for organizing a vigorous program of multi-cultural activities and providing related services to International students and staff.
Chinese Learning Center Kainan University 開南大學華語中心
Embrace Mandarin with professional program provider
Customized to Your Schedule Taoyuan County 桃園縣 Adult and School-aged Details
Photo Curriculum Kainan Chinese Learning Centers offer separate, flexible programs in Mandarin and Taiwanese that help students achieve their individual language-learning goals. Different teaching techniques and classroom activities are used at each stage of student programs. Beginner Oral drills are emphasized in order to develop speaking and listening skills; special attention is given to the pronunciation of the Chinese tonal system; and students follow a set curriculum using teaching materials designed to build a solid foundation in the language. Intermediate Cla ss discussions give students an opportunity to begin using their Chinese in a wider variety of everyday situations. In addition, a greater proportion of class time is devoted to developing reading and writing skills. Advanced Class debates and discussions are used to broaden students’ range of vocabulary. Literature and newspaper reading help students to develop expertise in particular subject matter of their choosing. Other Languages Opportunities also exist for students to study Hakka, Japanese, English, French, and depending on teacher availability other European languages such as Italian, German, Spanish and Russian. Customized Corporate Program Globalization is making it necessary for companies to have their employees trained in a second language. Kainan Chinese Learning Center’s customized Corporate Program provides international corporations and agencies with the opportunity to do so. The course is designed to meet the language needs and specific interests of each individual company. Study Tour Kainan Chinese Learning Centers offer all kinds of study tours for participates of any age. Its mission is to improve the Chinese language skills and cultural awareness by providing an intensive study program in a pleasant atmosphere. The program includes Mandarin classes, Cultural classes, Field Trips, and weekend excursions. Extracurricular Activities & Cultural Classes Each of the Kainan Chinese Learning center organizes a variety of social and cultural activities that are designed to suit the interests of the students and to expose them to different aspects of Chinese culture. Registration Fee US$17 Individual Classes 1-9 hours/week US$13/hour 10 or more hours/week US$12/hour Group Classes 2-4 students US$8/hour/student 5 or more students (10 hours/week)* S$500/3 months – Taipei Centers Note: Group classes are available only when there are enough students of the same level wishing to take a group class. 1. Tuition for the entire term must be paid in full before the start of classes. If tuition is not paid by this time, the student will not be permitted to attend classes. 2. Neither refunds, schedule changes or make-ups are possible after the beginning of each term for classes missed due to student absences for any reason or work stoppages declared by the ROC government. 3. Tuition does not include textbooks, workbooks, cassette tapes, or any other study materials. 4. a. Applicants from abroad must pay a tuition deposit of US$150. Classes cannot be reserved untilthis deposit has been received. The deposit should be paid by bank transfer as follow: Account Title: Account Number: Address: b. Applicants from Taiwan must pay a tuition deposit of NT$6000. 5. The tuition deposit is non-refundable (Except in the case where the applicant cannot obtain a visa). It will be applied towards the student's first term's tuition.
Tunghai University, the Chinese Language Center 東海大學華語中心
Learn Chinese in the heart of the island
Both Offered Taichung City 臺中市 Adult and School-aged Details
Photo *Course Levels CLC offers a wide variety of courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level. There are classes covering the four standard skills of reading and listening comprehension, conversation, and writing, as well as curriculum in newspaper reading, business Chinese, and Classical Chinese literature. Additionally, CLC offers courses on Taiwanese language and culture, which allows students to understand the many rich aspects of native Taiwanese customs, such as martial arts, religions, architecture, and traditional crafts. At the beginning of each new semester, CLC helps place students to their appropriate level class with a simple oral interview and character recognition drill. In order to create the most effective learning environment possible, CLC further forms classes, within each level, with students of similar ability, which allows them all to learn at the same pace. *Semester Application Deadline Term Length Fall July 30th Mid-September to January (16 weeks) Spring December 30th Mid-February to June (16 weeks) Summer May 30th Early-July to End of August (8 weeks) *Tuition Fees Tuition fees will vary according to class size and number of hours of enrollment. The fees are as follows for the required minimum ten hours of class per week: Class Size Summer Term Cost(8 weeks) Fall /Spring Term Cost(16 weeks) Turtorial NT$27,500 NT$55,000 2 students NT$19,000 NT$38,000 3-5 students NT$14,000 NT$28,000 10 students(only for Indonesian students of intermediate-level Chinese or above) NA NT$16,000 *Visa Visas for Taiwan may be obtained from the applicants' nearest Taiwan Embassy or Consulate (a listing of worldwide Consulates may be found here ). Students should apply for a 60-day extendable Visitor Visa. Once they become full-time students at Tunghai, their Visitor Visa can be extended for another two months. After four months of study, students will become eligible for a Resident Visa.
Technology & Science Institution of Northern Taiwan Mandarin Center
Chinese Mandarin Class
Both Offered Taipei City 臺北市 Adult Details
TSINT Chinese Language Center is a specialized department of providing a platform for foreign students to learn Mandarin.Other than complete hardware equipment, we are equipped with strictlyscreebed, purpose trained and qualified faculty.The center provides adequate learning environment and appropriate program for foreign students of different qualification to learn Mandarin.It is expected that foreign students learning in this center will have the access to the Chinese Culture pleasantly at minimum cost. The programs of this center begins from basic, middle, high and advance classes.The basic class starts from reinforcing of standart pronounciation to paper and magazine reading .The high class starts from discussin and questioning drills to high-end conversation for further student's ability in communication in various occasions.In the skillful instruction, the instructors also pass the philosophy in Chinese culture to inspire students to know more about the folks and culture of Chinese.Student interested and in need may request one to one instruction to have direct dialogue by initiative of student in asking questions and instructor join the discussion to rapidly increase and accumulate the learning results.Students may also utilize audio and video equipment of the school to make film replay and other after-calss practices. Tuition fee is NT$13,500 for 3months with NT$300 Registration Fee .Also can help to facilitate student visa extension.
Feng Chia University Language Center 逄甲大學語言教學中心 華語組
Learn Chinese at Feng Chia Language Center!
Full-time Taichung City 臺中市 Adult Details
Feng Chia Language Center is dedicated to helping students who have an ardent desire to learn Mandarin achieve their goals. Our Chinese Division offers eleven levels of Mandarin, with great emphasis placed on developing all of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. To further cater for individual needs, we offer numerous electives which will enable you to have a total educational experience that is tailor-made for you. Students are encouraged to design an individual study plan to suit their needs and interests as long as the total number of hours doesn't exceed the maximum of 16. Additional hours (over 10) are available to students at no additional cost per course hour. This is a unique feature of the FCU Language Center that makes it by far the cheapest around for those who are serious about studying Chinese language and culture. If you want to learn as much as possible of the four language skills and want to seriously devote your time in Taiwan to Chinese language and culture, you choose the maximum of 16 hours, without any change to the tuition fee you pay. In addition to the regular required and elective courses, the cultural course program is required for all students. Only students who have attended 9 different courses in the current and previous terms, will be exempt of taking the Cultural Courses in the next term. Students who have fulfilled the Cultural Course requirement, but who are interested in taking any extra courses, can do so by registering for the course(s) they want for FREE. For further information, or to apply, please visit our website at http://www.fculc.fcu.edu.tw/Ch inese_division.htm.
Mandarin Learning Center at Chinese Culture University 文化大學華語中心
Culture University Chinese Language Program
Both Offered Taipei City 臺北市 Adult Details
Placement test and teaching materials Upon arriving at the MLC, placement evaluations are given to each student in order to determine his or her appropriate class level. Each level includes training in the four major language learning areas:speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We teach traditional characters and zhu-yin (bo po mo pho) pronunciation system. Study materials for different levels are as follows: * BASIC 1. Level 1:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (1) 2. Level 2:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (1) 3. Level 3:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (1) * INTERMEDIATE 1. Level 1:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (2) 2. Level 2:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (2) 3. Level 3:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (2) * INTER-ADVANCED 1. Level 1:Taiwan Today +Chinese Moral Stories 2. Level 2:Chinese Customs and Traditions 3. Level 3:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (3) 1-10 4. Level 4:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese (3) 11-20 After inter-advanced 4 or above, there are Practical Business Chinese 1 and Chinese Classical Literature Reading and Critiques 1 to choose from. 5. Level 5:Radio Plays 6. Level 6:Reading Chinese Newspapers * ADVANCED 1. Level 1:Practical Newspaper Readings After advanced 1 or above, there are Practical Business Chinese 2, Chinese Classical Literature Reading and Critiques 2 and Selected Contemporary Chinese Short Stories to choose from. 2. Level 2:Thought and Society 3. Level 3:The Independent Reader Tuition Registration fee:NT$300. Tuition fee:NT$NT$16,000 per term. *Please note that tuition fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Elective Course 1.Chinese Grammar — Vocabulary usage, sentence pattern analysis   Tuition:NT$4,800 , 40hours 2.Chinese Business — International Economy and Trading, Pricing, Transportation, Insurance, Product, Market analysis Tuition:NT$4,000 , 36hours 3.Basic Taiwanese class — Pronunciation, Conversation, Introduction to Taiwanese slang Tuition:NT$3,000 , 24hours 4.Calligraphy — Calligraphy theory, Writing practice Tuition:NT$3,000 , 24hours 5.Mandarin Pronunciation — Pronunciation exercise, Reading Tuition:NT$3,000 , 24hours 6.HSK Test Preparation Course— Introduction of HSK, listening comprehension, grammar, reading comprehension, and mock test and resolution. Tuition:NT$9,300 , 60hours 7.Chinese Writing— Basic syntax, punctuation marks, standard writing formats, structure of letters and respectful words, article format analysis, article appreciation and writing practices. Tuition:NT$4,800 , 40hours One term consists of 110 hours, approximately three months. Students attend class two hours a day for five days a week. There are four available class periods a day: 8:00-10:00am, 10:00-12:00 noon, 1:00-3:00pm or 3:00-5:00pm. The MLC offers both individual tutorials courses, and group lessons consisting of 6 to 10 students per class. As well as intensive courses and summer programs are also available.
Aletheia University Chinese Learning Center 真理大學華語中心
Aletheia University Chinese Language Program
Customized to Your Schedule Taipei County 臺北縣 Adult Details
The Language Programs and the Credit Program 1.Language Programs: The language programs offer Chinese language learning courses in three levels: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Students are placed into different level according to their language commands. Each class has 7 to 10 students. Students attend classes 10 hours per week; each term has 12 weeks. **Beginners—The course is designed for those who have never learned Chinese. It contains: alphabetical pronunciation, intonations, basic communication skills, basic Chinese characters, etc. Students are expected to communicate with local people with simple conversation and to read simple articles upon the completion of this course. Tuition Fee NT$18,000 **Intermediate—St udents at this level are given a wider exposures to their listening, speaking, reading and writing, and more emphases are given on expressions, terminological use, and more complicate conversation. Students are expected to be equipped with a more profound communication skills, able to read newspaper articles, magazines, understand TV and radio programs, as well as to write short essays and reports. Tuition Fee NT$18,000 **Advanced—Regula r reading, including ancient Chinese philosophical books and literature are introduced at this level. Students are trained in a more sophisticated approach in oral expressions and writings and eventually become a fluent language user. Tuition Fee NT$18,000 2.Credit program: Individual students and exchange students coming from our partner universities may take this program, which contains credit-awarding courses in Chinese language learning and Taiwanese cultural, social, and business-related courses. Apart from the language courses, all other courses are lectured in English or Japanese. Each semester lasts for 18 weeks. Each weeks has 15 class hours. Tuition Fee NT$24,000 Note: All listed tuitions have included registration fee, general fees, and language textbook fees
Providence University Chinese Language Education Center 靜宜大學華語文教學中心
Providence University Chinese Language Program
Both Offered Taichung City 台中市 Adult Details
Teaching Materials 1.Elementary S peak Chinese (1) Practical Chinese Dialogues (2) Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.1 New Read Chinese Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.1 2.Intermediate Chinese Folk Tales, Vol.1 Chinese Folk Tales, Vol.2 Taiwan Today Picture Story Chinese Moral Tales Speaking With Chinese In Taipei Chatting in Chinese Chinese Customs and Traditions Twenty Lectures on Chinese Culture Stories from Chinese History, Vol.1 Stories from Chinese History, Vol.2 Radio Plays Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.2 Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Vol.3 Travel Across The Strait Practical Newspaper Readings Vol.1 Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.A Far East Everyday Chinese Vol.2B 3.Advanced Reading Chinese Newspapers Practical Business Conversation Business Chinese 500 Catholic Catechism Thought and Society Business Readings Practical Newspaper Readings Vol.2 References The Chinese Writeing and Reading Handbook for Foreign Student Grammar Mistakes often Made by Foreign Students of Mandarin Tuition In order to be considered full-time, a student must register for at least 10 hours of class per week. Student who gets the scholarship must register for at least 20 hours per week. The fee for one quarter (10 hours per week, 3 months): 1 quarter: NTD 17,100 2 quarters: NTD 31,000 NTD 600 for student who first application. The fee that calculated according to class hours: Class Size and Cost Per Hour (NTD) 1.Individual Class, 400 2.Two Students, 190 3.Three Students, 170 4.Four or more Students, 150

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