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Looking to teach at a private school 2017
09/04/17 Yes USA No USA Full-Time Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Looking for a teaching opportunity in Taipei. Female 27 years old USA citizenship Bachelors Degree TEFL certified
Experienced Teacher seeking Morning/Afternoon opportunities
09/03/17 No Canada Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Part-time Mornings and Afternoons Details
If you are previewing my advertisement I hope that you will contact me so that I can send you a more detailed resume and cover letter that outlines my experience as an ESL teacher as well as my vision and goals. As stated before, my work experience ranges from kindergarten through Adult. I'm adaptable making me capable of following a given syllabus or creating materials to match a given objective. My only limitation at this time is my own personal life which requires I finish working during the day by 4:00Pm to 4:15Pm depending on location. Please contact me for my resume and I will promptly send it. Thanks
Experienced Singapore Ministry of Education Registered Teacher
09/02/17 Yes Singapore No Singapore Either One Details
Looking to share my expertise to teaching of Singapore Mathematics and Physical Education syllabus to students in Taiwan.
Patient and caring person eager to start career in ESL teaching
08/31/17 No USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Part-Time Part-time Afternoons and Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I am a hard working, motivated, and upbeat individual seeking to assist non-native English speakers achieve their English speaking goals. My TESOL certification has taught me the core values of teaching and has vested in me the confidence to educate and foster growth in any individual. In addition to my Bachelors degree in Conservation Biology and my TESOL certification, I have 7 years experience working with special needs children and a passion for improving the lives of others. I worked with children ages 9-20 on various behavioral and life skills in the home and in the community. I found this work incredibly rewarding and enjoyed helping individuals empower themselves. I’m excited to implement these skills in my career as an ESL teacher and to learn and grow with my future students.
English tutor
08/30/17 No Argentina Yes Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Part-Time Part-time Mornings and Afternoons Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan I'm looking for adult students for conversation class in English.The student can choose topics from a large variety of possibilities.
New teacher with a lot to offer!!
08/27/17 Yes USA No USA Either One Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hello! I am new to the teaching world. I am a former Untied States Peace Corps Volunteer where I lived and worked in Zambia for 4 years. There I worked with rural farmers to ministry/department heads. I am multilingual as I know: English (native speaker), Mandarin (intermediate needs some work), Bemba, Lunda, Kaonde (all basic level). This is going to be my first year teaching, so I am extremely excited to get working. I'm extremely flexible, friendly, and outgoing. I have a B.S. degree in Biology and am currently enrolled in a M.S. program in GIS in University of Southern California. I have finished 120hr TEFL certificate and want more hands on experience. I also have an up to date FBI background check as many schools require one. I am looking to start either right away or in mid Oct. I am willing to work nearly anywhere. If interested, please send an email to discuss further details! I have Skype to set up times to talk as well. Look forward to hearing from you.
Level 5 TEFL Teacher
08/26/17 Yes United Kingdom No United Kingdom Either One Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hello my name is Scott Read, I am 27 years of age and have previously taught English in Taipei for a company as well as private tutoring. I will be moving to Taipei in August 2018. I have also worked has a youth worker in the UK and worked along side social services to help disadvanteaged children. I have also completed a 150 hour Level 5 TEFL course. All certificates are can be emailed on request has well has references and m resume. Hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards Scott Read
Young Experienced Teacher
08/23/17 Yes USA Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Combination: Some Mornings, Afternoons & Evenings Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hello everybody! My name is Jan and I'm a young experienced teacher. I moved to Taiwan in August 2009 and I've been teaching here ever since. I have an Advanced TESOL Certificate contemplating my Bachelor's Degree which focused on English Language. I'm currently looking for either full-time or part-time work. I'm free all mornings and afternoons from Monday to Friday. My available time is as follows: Monday (08:00 -17:00), Tuesday (all day), Wednesday (08:00 -18:00), Thursday (08:00 -18:00), Friday (08:00 -16:30), Saturday (17:00 -late evening), Sunday (all day). I have taught students of all ages but predominantly senior high school. Unfortunately, my previous senior high school has decided to drastically cut the teaching hours due to the low turnout of students which is why I'm looking for a new 'prime' job. Feel free to contact me via email or give me a call. Thank you!
Bilingual in English & Chinese
08/21/17 No Singapore Yes Taichung City 台中市 Either One Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan If you're looking for someone who is effectively bilingual in English & Chinese to teach you, your children or school students, I could help you. Prior to relocating to Taiwan, I've lived in Singapore, Australia, China and USA.
Brand New Teacher
08/18/17 Yes USA No USA Either One Details
Hello! I am new to the teaching world and am having a tough time where to begin and how to get started out. Was wondering if there were any schools out there in Taiwan willing to help someone get his first year of teaching underway? I'm extremely flexible, friendly, and outgoing. I have a bachelor of arts degree, my TEFL certificate, and my passport. If interested, please send an email to discuss further details! I have Skype to set up times to talk as well. Look forward to hearing from you.
Creative and experienced ESL teacher from Australia
08/14/17 Yes Australia No Australia Part-Time Part-time Mornings and Afternoons Details
Hello, my name is Gary, I am a certified ESL teacher from Australia with well-rounded experience teaching all levels and ages in public and private schools and academies in South Korea, Japan, and The Czech Republic. I am a friendly and enthusiastic teacher who strives to deliver creative lessons in which students can enjoy learning and using language in the context of their own lives and experience. I aim to provide not only a high standard of academic excellence, but also care and consideration as a supportive mentor. Structure, preparation, variety, clarity, and above all, a positive relationship with students are some of the key principles I advocate for successful teaching. I am experienced following established curriculum models and am also well experienced at designing my own. I enjoy learning about different cultures and always aim to promote a courteous and cooperative relationship with co-workers, staff and parents. I am currently looking for a position anywhere in Taiwan beginning from late August or early to mid September. I am available for an interview via phone or Skype, please contact me as I would love to hear from you. Thank you. Sincerely, Gary Burkon
Bilingual and inspirational English and French teacher !
08/10/17 Yes France No France Full-Time Details
teacher available to teach in taiwan Hi everyone ! My name is Sam. I'm a bilingual French /English teacher with a two year experience working with kids aged 6 to 11. I come from a french-american family and graduated from a prestigious international high school in France which guarantees my fluency in both languages. I also speak mandarin Chinese and German and hold two bachelor's degrees (law and history of Art), two master's degrees (public law and political council) as well as one MBA from Sciences Po, one of France's top universities. I used to live and work in Beijing as a contemporary art producer and recently got back to France. I now wish to relocate to Taiwan where the weather is way nicer than in the North ! Teaching's always been both a pleasure and a job for me, I really enjoy helping others getting to know new languages and new cultures the same way my teachers helped me becoming who I am now! I've been blessed with great language teacher all throughout my high school and university years and am very grateful for that. I want to be just as good to my future students as my teachers were good to me.
TESOL Certified Native English Instructor
07/27/17 Yes USA No USA Full-Time Details
Hello, I am a US native speaker recently graduated this spring of 2017 with my TESOL certification and Bachelor's Degree. My TESOL training consisted of 120 hours in-classroom instructing with beginner-level students who had recently arrived to the US, as well as college-level students who were attempting to apply for entry to universities within the US. I very much enjoy the teaching process and would love a chance to do so in Taiwan. Currently looking for any open full-time positions as an English teacher. My resume is available via a link in my profile, or upon request. Please do feel free to contact me if interested, thank you!
07/26/17 No Nepal Yes Taipei City 台北市 Part-Time Details
I am a certified advanced TESOL teacher with an International Teacher License , currently looking for a part time English teaching job in Taipei city . I already have an ARC and a work permit through my Taiwanese husband so I have open working rights . I am a very energetic , flexible and patient when it comes to dealing with young children . I have a great classroom management skill and can adjust in any environment quickly.
Experienced English Teacher
07/23/17 No United Kingdom Yes Taipei City 台北市 Either One Details
Hello, I`m from London, England and I'm currently living in Taipei, Taiwan. I'm a TEFL certified teacher and have over 10 years teaching experience with ages 3-15 and tutoring experience with children to adult age. I`m looking for either part time or full time teaching hours in or around the Neihu area. I also hold an APRC and an open work permit. Please feel free to message me for any more information!

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