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# Headline From Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Languages You Can Tutor Experience Location No. In Favorites Details
Friendly and Relaxed tutor
USA Bachelors Degree Biology English, Spanish 1 Taipei City 台北市 182 Details
Hi everyone! I have one year tutoring experience with college students, although I am open to tutoring all ages of students. I like to use different methods each time in order to help the student improve in all areas of communication. I am learning Mandarin in the mornings, but afternoons I almo ...
Female Tutor Available in Taichung
Australia Bachelors Degree Mass Communications English 3 Taichung City 台中市 181 Details
Hello, I'm a fun and enthusiastic 25 year old female from Australia. I have almost 3 years of teaching and tutoring experience in Taiwan. I'm currently available to teach some private individuals or group classes. So whatever your needs are, contact me and we can develop a tailored english cours ...
Business English with Wharton Grad
USA Bachelors Degree Economics English, French 2 Taipei City 台北市 169 Details
I am a graduate of The Wharton School with concentrations in Finance and Management. In addition I have experience working within the finance industry in the United States. While in university, I worked with students studying at Wharton from universities in China such as Tsinghua and Jiao Tong. ...
Need help?
South Africa Bachelors Degree Other English 3 Taipei City 台北市 179 Details
I'm a 25 year old guy who is passionate about life! I love meeting new people and enjoy any big challenge. Born and raised in South Africa. Studied tourism and recreation. Love the outdoors! I've been living and teaching in Taiwan for just over three years now. I have my evenings open to tutor a ...
Seriously Fun Intelligent Teacher
USA Bachelors Degree Philosophy English 5 New Taipei City 新北市 168 Details
I am a Fun and challenging tutor, without forgetting to let my students relax and absorb the content that I teach. I am open to any method or skill you choose. My experience and knowledge are unique. Philosophy is my background, I can teach the basic principles of any discipline while simply enj ...
Hi, I am Wendy from Canada
Canada Bachelors Degree English English 3 Taipei City 台北市 172 Details
Hi, I am Wendy from Canada, and is currently teaching English in Taiwan. I have an extensive global background and experienced in teaching adult. In addition, I graduated in 2006 with a degree in English literature and has completed a Honors Undergraduate Thesis afterward. I would like to take a ...
Kids' tutor
USA Bachelors Degree Other English None Taipei City 台北市 167 Details
My name is Martin, and I'm looking for English tutoring work in the ShiDa area. I'd prefer to work with children 7 and up to strengthen their basic English ability. Although I've never taught English before, I do have over three years experience as a teacher, including working with kids.
French Lessons
USA Masters Degree International Relations English, French 5 Taipei City 台北市 162 Details
I'm a graduate of a French Highschool (8 years with prep class). I have an M.A degree from France. Im very fluent and can help with improving conversation skills, correcting writing materials and homework. Please contact for more information.
Tutor available
United Kingdom Masters Degree Asian Studies English, Other Languages 10+ Taipei City 台北市 160 Details
I hold an M.A. degree in Chinese Studies and Translation Studies. Started teaching quite early in Europe during my studies. Have been living in Taiwan for 6 years teaching both adults and students.
Mature Canadian
Canada Bachelors Degree English English 6 Taipei City 台北市 163 Details
I engage people in conversation using magazine articles (I provide copies)and then stop and help them with any misunderstandings they have about English. I do grammar exercises to drill difficult language features.
English Tutor
USA Bachelors Degree Biology English 2 Taipei City 台北市 166 Details
If you are looking to improve your conversation skills, enhance your vocabulary, or get a handle on grammar, I would like to help. I am a friendly, 25 year old, American English teacher looking for students in Taipei. I have experience tutoring in America, Korea, and Taiwan.
Experienced English Teacher
New Zealand Bachelors Degree English English 2 Taipei City 台北市 165 Details
Dear Student I will be happy to help you with your English study. I have experience and am very patient. I will help you with reading, writing and speaking. I look forward to helping you.
English Conversation and/or Homework
USA Masters Degree International Relations English, French 5 Taipei City 台北市 161 Details
I have 2 years of experience teaching adult conversation lessons. Students can pick the topic of each class if they wish. The lessons are structured around describing, discussing, summarizing a topic through one-on-one conversation. Contact for more info.
tutoring offered
United Kingdom Bachelors Degree Law English, Other Languages 3 Taipei City 台北市 133 Details
Hi everyone, I'm a 39 year old man from the UK. I am new to Taiwan but not to tutoring. I have been tutoring students for over 3 years now from different Asian countries. I'm easy going and quite flexible. Hope to meet you soon. Gary
High-quality conversation, writing, test preparation
Masters Degree Law English 1 Taipei City 台北市 158 Details
Looking for a conversation teacher? Trying to get your reading or writing to the next level? Preparing for the SAT or the LSAT? Whichever it is, I'm your guy. I'm a recent law school grad (JD) currently studying Chinese at TaiDa. I have over a year of teaching experience and right now am loo ...
Tutor for German & French
Germany Masters Degree French French, German 3 New Taipei City 新北市 153 Details
Hello, my name is Jana. I am originally from Germany and have spent several years in France. I am experienced in giving language classes and can help you in German and in French. I am very patient and am looking forward to tutoring you!
Multi-lingual English Tutor Available
USA Bachelors Degree Sociology English, Spanish, French 4 Hsinchu City 新竹市 154 Details
I am an American woman (age 25), fluent in three languages, and currently available for private teaching or conversation classes. I am currently teaching at a reputable english school in Hsinchu, and I have a love for languages and a mastery of the technical and communicative aspects of English ...
Speak English
Taiwan, USA Bachelors Degree Economics English 4 Taipei City 台北市 148 Details
I am interested in teaching English Conversation. I have taught English in several Taiwanese public schools, and also some private tutoring before. I speak fluent Chinese so learning English will be much easier for YOU!
English Tutor in Xinzhuang available for weekday afternoons and early evenings
USA Bachelors Degree Computer Science English Less than One New Taipei City 新北市 142 Details
I am a recent university graduate, and I have been in Taiwan for six months now teaching English at cram schools to younger kids. I'm fun and energetic, and teaching really means a lot to me. I have also had experience tutoring mathematics for four months back in the USA. If you need an English ...
Canada Bachelors Degree Other English, French Less than One Taipei City 台北市 143 Details
I have been tutoring young children and teens in Hong Kong and Canada in English and French for several years. Also I have classroom experience with children and adults. I enjoy teaching advanced reading and writing skills, and also simple songs and English games. I also like telling stories. If ...
Certified English teacher for basic to high-intermediate level students students
Taiwan Bachelors Degree English English 2 Taipei City 台北市 95 Details
曾在公立國高中,私立美語英語教學機構任教,私立大學社區大學教 授進階英語班,曾於國中部教授兩名學生英語演講技巧並獲得台北市 ,私立大學社區大學教授進階英語班,曾於國中部教授兩名學生英語 演講技巧並獲得 ...
在高雄的法文家教French tutor available in Kaohsiung
France Bachelors Degree Business English, Spanish, French 1 Kaohsiung City 高雄市 31 Details
哈囉!我是來自法國的Fabien,就讀於高雄的國立中山大學, 我曾在加拿大擔任法文助教,在台灣有一些法文家教經驗,可以協助 你學好法 I'm Fabien from France, I am a student in the Sun Yat Sen University (中山大學). If you want to learn Fren ...
Peru Bachelors Degree Business English, Spanish 3 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 75 Details
你要學西班牙文嗎? 別浪費時間在別人身上了,因為我就是你要找的西班牙文家教!!! 我的母語是西班牙文,因為曾經住在紐西蘭一年,所以我的英文也不 賴。現在就聯絡我吧!讓我們一起討論你的西班牙文學習課表... Do y ...
母語是西班牙及英文的人 Spanish and English native speaker
Costa Rica Masters Degree Mechanical Engineering English, Spanish Less than One Tainan City 台南市 108 Details
哈囉!我是一個母語為英文及西班牙文的老外,在哥斯大黎加及美國 長大。 Hello! I'm native speaker, english and spanish. I was raise both in Costa Rica and USA.
Private Tutor
United Kingdom Bachelors Degree Other English 10 Taichung City 台中市 141 Details
I have a basic understanding of Chinese and have over 10 years experience teaching in Taiwan. Please contact me by hone or e mail.
Russian & English tutor
Russia Masters Degree Management English, Russian 1 Taipei City 台北市 93 Details
I’m experienced tutor from Russia. I can help you to prepare to your exam, to improve your conversational skills, pronunciation, reading, grammar etc. Also I have a lot of experience of teaching English, especially I`m good with kids. If you are interested, feel free to write me back. Rates ar ...
Lernen Sie Deutsch
Germany Senior High School German English, German Less than One Taipei City 台北市 132 Details
I am a missionary who has been working internationally since more then 20 years. I can help you with your German needs, whether you are a beginner or an advanced student.
Professional Tutor
Canada Bachelors Degree History English 8 Taipei City 台北市 135 Details
I guarantee results. We can study hard or just have fun. We'll modify the class style based on your requirements. I'm an expert teacher with eight years of experience and TESOL. First class free. Give me a call.
Teacher available NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
United Kingdom Masters Degree Music English 5 Taipei City 台北市 131 Details
Hi :-)... do you need a teacher ASAP? Well you've found one!!!!!!I've taught all age groups, from young learners to university students.I have IELTS, TOEFL and Business English experience. Available for general conversation skills, general skills, or specific skill areas. I can also help with re ...
English and Chinese I do BOTH
Taiwan Bachelors Degree English English 2 Taichung City 台中市 127 Details
I am an oversea chinese. I have an American English pronunciation and a perfect Chinese one. I'm responsible, outgoing, and desperately looking for fun with new people I meet. I am more experienced in teaching conversation in both languages but I can also help out with some pronunciation problem ...

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