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English and Chinese!
Taiwan Bachelors Degree English English 2 Taichung City 台中市 421 Details
I can do both Chinese or English. I'm a native speaker of both, I've got a wonderful attitude towards teaching and I'm lovable!(at least I think so...) Very interested in meeting new people! Contact me ASAP!!!
English tutor available in June
USA Bachelors Degree Journalism English 1 Taipei City 台北市 261 Details
I'm in Taipei and have an open evening schedule. I speak almost no Mandarin. I have 4 years +experience in teaching children, ages 4-14. I'd be willing to discuss what needs to be on the curriculum, for the lessons, and then add my opinion, depending on the desired goals.
Tutour looking for professional student
South Africa, United Kingdom 3-Year College Degree Other English, Other Languages 3 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 417 Details
My name is Simone Schultze, I am currently living in Taoyuan City and am looking to tutour in the mornings and evenings. I am willing to to tutour for all ages. I have business experience and would be an asset to increasing business terminology and communication. Moreover, I am a fluent englis ...
English Tutoring
USA 3-Year College Degree Business English, Spanish 3 Taipei City 台北市 416 Details
My name is Brittany Sholes and I live here in Taipei. I would like to tutor you for English on weekends and/or evenings. I am looking to start immediately. I am American, 21, and have completed 3 years of university schooling in the USA in the study of International Business. I will be here in ...
Harvard-Trained Admissions Coach
USA Masters Degree Philosophy English 4 Taipei City 台北市 408 Details
I am highly qualified to coach you on admissions to American colleges and graduate schools. I am a native speaker of English with degrees from Harvard and Cornell and four years of college teaching experience in the Ivy League. I look forward to hearing from you.
Do you need an English tutor?
Taiwan Bachelors Degree Chemistry English 2 New Taipei City 新北市 405 Details
Do you need an English tutor to improve your English speaking, writing and listening skills? I have been studying in the U.S for past 5 years, and right now I am getting my degree at University of Illinois. My english at a native speaker's level, so I am able to help you with your English. 需 ...
Hi there!
Taiwan Bachelors Degree Graphic Design English 2 New Taipei City 新北市 410 Details
I have 2 yrs teaching English experiences for younger children. I was born in Taiwan and grow up in Canada. I am capable writing, speaking, listening and reading both in English and Chinese. I am a patient, thoughtful, caring teacher. Prefer teenagers OR young children.
Taiwan Bachelors Degree Management English Less than One Taipei City 台北市 150 Details
需要有人陪你練習會話?發音?寫作? 讓我協助你建立你對英文 的自信吧! 學習英文也可以不枯燥乏味唷! I would also emphasize on personalized learning (個人化學習) in order to create the most efficient and FUN learning experience. Make your English more PRAC ...
Canada, Taiwan Bachelors Degree Electrical Engineering English 10+ Taipei City 台北市 398 Details
Have been teaching in Vancouver School Board, various Colleges in Canada in Math, Physics, Computer Science, ESL, physics & biology etc. with some over 20+years of experience. I am used to teach in English, but can in Mandarin if necessary.
Need English or Spanish tutor? International experience
Argentina, Taiwan 2-Year College Degree Mechanical Engineering English, Spanish 1 Taipei City 台北市 395 Details
Having international experience and a multicultural background, I feel that I can offer more than just simple language tutoring. Everyone can learn the rules of a language and use it correctly in reading and writing with persistent practice and learning. However, the problem that the student ...
Spanish Tutor
Argentina Senior High School Accounting Spanish 3 Taipei City 台北市 392 Details
I am native spanish speaker from Argentina studying in Taipei. Looking for someone want learn spanish, i have experience in tutor job in taiwan.
USA Bachelors Degree Philosophy English 3 New Taipei City 新北市 385 Details
加強你的發音. 增加你的字彙. 講英文更有自信 -學習如何寫流利的英文作文. -日常生活用語(如:買東西、餐廳點餐, 問路, 等…) 來自美國加州,諳中英雙語,能瞭解台灣大眾學習上的一些需要,更 有效學習英語。是一位有 ...
Tutor in Taoyuan County
Canada Bachelors Degree English English 10 Taoyuan County 桃園縣 382 Details
I have been in Taiwan for nine years. Previous to that, I taught immigrants to Canada. I'm experienced with all levels of students.
Learing Korean and Mandarin
Korea South Bachelors Degree Mandarin Korean 2 Taipei City 台北市 376 Details
Hello~ My name is Christy, I'm from Korea. I am not only able to speak native language korean, but alos chinese and english. I'm really patient and frendly, so do not hesitate to contact me. It is a great opportunity to learn other languages and different cultures. I will wait for you~~~ *^^*
English Tutor
Singapore Bachelors Degree Finace English 5 Taipei City 台北市 378 Details
Hi, my name is Leslie and I have been teaching English to foreign students mainly from mainland China and Korea for 5 years now and am perfectly fluent in both English and Mandrin. I am very interested in helping people people improve their English so do contact me and we can have a chat.
TAIPEI city English Tutor
Australia Bachelors Degree Biology English 6 Taipei City 台北市 381 Details
I have 7 yrs experience in TPE helping students from professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, BUSINESS men & women to elementary & high school grades also. I have a BA, TEFL and was a Cambridge ILTEA test examiner. Prefer teenagers OR BUSINESS Adults -any level is OK!!!
Canadian Tutor
Canada Bachelors Degree Education English 6 Taipei City 台北市 56 Details
Hi there, my name is Michelle. I am a CBC, therefore; I am not a foreigner. I moved to TW from Canada two years ago. I am now teaching children English in a Montessori school in the afternoons and adults in the evening. I had been teaching in Canada for 3 years. I am looking forward to tutor adu ...
English Tutor Available
USA Masters Degree English English 10+ New Taipei City 新北市 372 Details
I prefer to tutor adults in the Shitjr, East Taipei County area, Neihu, etc. in Private, Group, Corporate, College or Cram school levels. At the moment, I am free most any time. I am interested to teach you and can start immediately. I live in East Taipei county. I, prefer somewhere not too far ...
Tutor Man!
USA Bachelors Degree Political Science English, French 4 Taipei City 台北市 371 Details
My name is Sean. I am an American college graduate (Georgetown '06) living in Taiwan learning Chinese and looking to tutor English for some extra capital. I have substantial experience both in formal and informal settings; while in high school and college, I tutored underprivileged children reg ...
Experienced Tutor in Taipei
USA Bachelors Degree Management English 3 New Taipei City 新北市 152 Details
Hello -my name is James. I have taught adults at Wall Street Institute (華爾街) before, plus I have 3 years of private Adult and Student Teaching Experience here in Taiwan.
Experienced Tutor Available
USA Bachelors Degree Physics English 3 Taipei City 台北市 366 Details
First, I would like to say hello to my prospective students. I am an experienced tutor from the United States looking for students during the evenings. I have tutored in the United States, Korea, and here in Taiwan. I am able to cater to any of your needs, be it conversation, exam prep, vocabula ...
Wharton Grad
Belgium, USA Bachelors Degree Economics English 2 Taipei City 台北市 369 Details
My name is Justin Rapp. I graduated from The Wharton School where I concentrated in Finance and Management. After graduation I worked in the finance industry for a year, before deciding to move to Asia. I am in Taiwan to learn Mandarin and work with students that have a desire to improve their ...
USA Bachelors Degree Philosophy English 2 New Taipei City 新北市 364 Details
Hello, My name is Tim. I live in Linko. I have taught in Taiwan and Japan. If you need help with something special, or you just need to practice your conversation, I can work with you.
Poland Masters Degree Linguistics Other Languages 5 Taipei City 台北市 318 Details
Hi!hi!我教波蘭語!I am a female POLISH(!!!) tutor, experienced in teaching POLISH as a foreign language.
are you interesting in learning arabic
Jordan Bachelors Degree Other English, Arabian Less than One Hsinchu County 新竹縣 362 Details
hi, I am a friendly Arabic native speaker , with good English and chines and i have been in Taiwan for about 6 years , looking for people interesting in learning and conversing , business ...., in Arabic, also I enjoy teaching English for small children 6 to 10. Please contact me for more inform ...
English Tutor available for Summer
USA Bachelors Degree Biology English 3 Pingtung County 屏東縣 355 Details
我是Grace,今年暑假將會到台灣,出生於Illinois。 我的英文能力相當流利,可以教各個年齡層的學生,如商務人士或學 生,有兒童教學經 My name’s Grace and I will be in Taiwan for the summer of 2008. Being born and raised in Illinois, I have a ...
Canadian English teacher looking for students who need tutoring
Canada Masters Degree Other English 3 New Taipei City 新北市 356 Details
Both my parents are Taiwanese but my family immigrated to Canada when I was young. Since I grew up in both Canadian and Taiwanese culture, I can also speak some Chinese. Right now I am doing my Master's degree at Oral Robert's University Graduate School in the U.S. I am coming back to Taiwan in ...
English Language Coach
Canada Bachelors Degree Sociology English 3 Taipei City 台北市 352 Details
Hello All, I am looking for serious students who would like to learn english in a more advanced setting. I have tutored people in business english extensively for the past several years in Canada and would like to do the same here. I have also spent several years working within large corporati ...
Test Preparation and Conversation Help
USA MBA MBA English Less than One New Taipei City 新北市 353 Details
I am an ABC living in the Taipei area for the Summer. My main objective is to get to know my native country by interacting with and getting to know as many Taiwanese as possible. I can help with test preparation, basic conversation and writing skills. I have an engineering background so I can al ...
Teacher Available
Australia Bachelors Degree Accounting English 3 Taichung City 台中市 351 Details
Hi my name is Dilini and very new to Taiwan. . I have worked Australia's popular kindergarten service named ABC Learning centres for number of years and have excellent experience with kindergarten to elementary school children. I also worked as a tax accountant and workplace trainer at Accountin ...

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