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Serious Tutor
USA Masters Degree Education English 3 Taipei City 台北市 472 Details
If you or your child are serious about learning English I'm the tutor you want. My time is filling up. If you do schedule time with me I'm committed to reaching your goals and will create all material for classes. I'm trained to place students at their level and create curriculum for individual ...
FuN & LiFe EnGLiSh
Taiwan Bachelors Degree English English, Indonesian 3 Taipei City 台北市 471 Details
I have a great personality and would like to share my language experiences with you. Been teaching in cram schol (junior high and senior high) and giving private tutoring. Also, I was invited to interpret in World Trade Exhibitions. Call me and we can arrange a meet-up ^_^
US English
USA Bachelors Degree Business English 3 Taipei City 台北市 468 Details
With my experience, I GUARANTEE I can help you improve you English QUICKLY!I come from California and have many ways to help you improve your PRONUNCIATION, READING COMPREHENSION, & CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH!LOW HOURLY RATES!ANY TIME!我會說國語.
A native speaker who speaks Mandarin
Taiwan Bachelors Degree English English None Tainan City 台南市 465 Details
My name is Ben. I'm an undergraduate student now in Chung-Shin University.(中興大學) I'm a native speaker in Mandarin and I major in English in the foreign language department. I would like to get a job for teaching Mandarin in English. Though I have few experiences, maybe we can have a try ...
Tien Mu/Shilin area Tutor
Australia Bachelors Degree Electrical Engineering English 5 Taipei City 台北市 463 Details
I have been living in Taiwan for three years and have been tutoring for over 5 years. I am patient, reliable and well organized. I have tutored children of all ages as well as adults. Anything from reading and writing to conversations and editing I can help. I can come to you or you can come to ...
Peru Bachelors Degree Education English, Spanish 5 Taipei City 台北市 462 Details
Spanish tutor available,
Summer Tutor Available
USA Bachelors Degree English English 3 Taichung City 台中市 457 Details
Hello. Over the course of a nine-year teaching career here in Tawian, I have tutored for perhaps a total of three years. I have tutored in a wide variety of subjects, mostly over summer and winter breaks. I can only add that I am a concerned and engaged tutor. My students' success is my fir ...
NES Tutor
Canada Bachelors Degree Computer Science English 1 New Taipei City 新北市 455 Details
Hello, I am a 30 year old Canadian male. I am a native English speaker, currently teaching minimal hours in a Buxiban in Taipei County. Please contact me if you need an English tutor. Thank you.
USA Bachelors Degree Political Science English Less than One Tainan City 台南市 459 Details
I am an American from Seattle (Go Mariners) who is teaching at a school in Tainan this summer. I am hoping to tutor once or twice a week in the late afternoons for some supplemental income to pay for law school, which I will be attending in the fall
Germany Masters Degree Education English, German 3 Taichung City 台中市 452 Details
Hi. I am a qualified English teacher from Germany. I taught 2 years in Highschool and I have 1 year teaching experience with elementary school kids here in Taiwan. I love teaching kids but also enjoy teaching energetic adults. I can teach German as well as English.
English Tutor
USA Bachelors Degree Other English 5 Taipei City 台北市 450 Details
Hi, My name is Robert.
Mature American Woman
USA Masters Degree Psychology English 1 Taipei City 台北市 448 Details
I have been in Taiwan for 1.5 years. I have experience with all age levels. I prefer to work with adults, either students or business professionals. I am looking for students available mon-Fri during the DAY ONLY, no nights available at this time.
Mature American Woman
USA Masters Degree Psychology English 1 Taipei City 台北市 449 Details
I have been in Taiwan for 1.5 years. I have experience with all age levels. I prefer to work with adults, either students or business professionals. I am looking for students available mon-Fri during the DAY ONLY, no nights available at this time.
Students headed abroad: 60 days to better English!
USA Bachelors Degree English English 6 Taipei City 台北市 441 Details
I am an experienced, energetic American teacher. I teach doctors, business leaders, Ph.D. students. My students love me because I am kind and funny. I can quickly and effectively make your real-world English better. Call me today!
Professional Teacher
USA Bachelors Degree Nursing English 5 New Taipei City 新北市 442 Details
Contact me if you want a professional who cares about improving your english ability.
Looking for an experienced conversation teacher?
USA Bachelors Degree Other English 4 Kaohsiung City 高雄市 439 Details
Hello! I am currently in Kaohsiung City and available for tutoring jobs. My specialties are conversation, grammer, and writing, but I can help you in almost any area. I have just returned from the States and currently have an open schedule, but it does fill up quickly because I am a great teache ...
Great Tutor Available
United Kingdom Bachelors Degree Business English 3 New Taipei City 新北市 438 Details
I have tutored for three years. I have helped students with basic English all the way to advanced. I have helped students improve their Business English, too. If you're looking to improve any part of your English ability, get in touch.
English Tutor Available
USA MBA Marketing English 3 Tainan City 台南市 437 Details
I have 2 years teaching Koreans and one year teaching Taiwanese.
English/Italian tutor
Canada Masters Degree Asian Studies English, Italian 5 Taipei City 台北市 435 Details
I am certified, highly motivated, experienced and versatile. I have taught English and Italian to all ages, in both formal and informal settings, and have used a wide variety of teaching materials: grade school/university student tutoring, business English, casual/conversational English/Italia ...
English Tutor
United Kingdom Bachelors Degree Mandarin English 2 New Taipei City 新北市 431 Details
I am an English student from London studying in Taiwan over the summer and offering English language tutorial. I have experience with one-on-one teaching pf English to Chinese students and am flexible with availability and learning requirements. Please email for number.
Business and Legal
USA Bachelors Degree Law English 6 China 433 Details
I have a business, law and management background. I am only interested in tutoring adults.
Harvard-educated English /French /SAT /GMAT tutor
Canada Bachelors Degree Political Science English, Spanish, French 3 Taipei City 台北市 430 Details
您好! I'm a Canadian graduate of Harvard University. I speak Chinese fairly well and continue to study it at Taida. I have experience tutoring in English or French (I am fully bilingual and biliterate, coaching students for tests like the SAT and GMAT, and helping students apply to univers ...
Need help with your English?
USA 2-Year College Degree Business English 2 Taipei City 台北市 427 Details
Hello! My name is Heather Tucker. I am from southern California, USA. I have 2 years experience with teaching young children, but have the ability for all age ranges. If you are looking for a native speaking English tutor, please email me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you!
Professional Tutor with MA TESL available
USA Masters Degree Education English 10+ Taipei City 台北市 428 Details
Photo I have been teaching and tutoring English to adult students for six years in the United States and seven years in Taipei. I am a native speaker of standard American English, with a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Second Language (diploma verifiable). When tutoring, I am like a coa ...
French Tutor
France Masters Degree Management English, French 2 Taipei City 台北市 429 Details
Hi/Bonjour. Have been living in TW for almost 4 years now. Willing to stay and have my life here ! Have been teaching adults and kids in the past for more than 2 years now. Using Mandarin and French at the beginning depending on the level. Welcome to ask more information and details. A bientot !
Harvard-Trained Professional English Tutor
USA Masters Degree Philosophy English 4 Taipei City 台北市 301 Details
I am highly qualified to tutor you on different aspect of English: academic writing, business memos, graduate school applications, negotiations, etc. I am a native speaker of English with degrees from Harvard and Cornell and four years of both college teaching and professional corporate experien ...
Business English Specialist
Masters Degree Medicine English 7 New Taipei City 新北市 422 Details
I have been teaching English in Taiwan for almost eight years. I was a Social Studies teacher in my own country, the U.S. I have a background in business and degrees in politics and health sciences. I have taught Business English at the university level. At the present time most of my work is in ...
English tutor available in June
USA Bachelors Degree Journalism English 1 Taipei City 台北市 261 Details
I'm in Taipei and have an open evening schedule. I speak almost no Mandarin. I have 4 years +experience in teaching children, ages 4-14. I'd be willing to discuss what needs to be on the curriculum, for the lessons, and then add my opinion, depending on the desired goals.
Spanish Tutor
Peru Bachelors Degree Management Spanish 3 Taichung City 台中市 423 Details
Hello there. I am a native Spanish Speaker from Peru and I'm looking for a Spanish teaching Job. I have plenty of experience teaching Spanish to children and adults at all levels. I taught Students from AST who were going to take the Spanish SAT2 and I will start preparing some new students duri ...
Experienced Tutor for Engish or German
USA Bachelors Degree German English, German 1 Taipei City 台北市 420 Details
I am University Student studying Chinese in the morning. So I have afternoons and evenings open. I have experience teaching English for ages 6-adults. My university degrees are in German and Finance. So I can help with business English as well. I am willing to discuss what you need and let you k ...

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