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# Headline Nationality Gender Highest Educational Level Achieved Highest Educational Level Major Languages You Can Edit or Proofread No. Date In Favorites Details
South Africa Male Ph.D. Biology English, Italian 31 02/04/08 Details
I have been editing and proofreading materials from Academia, Industry and the Commerical Sector for many years. My speciality is in product catalogues, travel, marketing literature and web site text. I am also skilled in general proofreading and editing and can proof read and edit theses and ac ...
Experienced Proofreader
Australia Female 2-Year College Degree Business English 28 02/02/08 Details
I have just moved to Taipei County. I have over 7 years experience proofreading and editing documents, I have an excellent grasp of English grammar, punctuation and spelling.
UT Austin, B.A. English, 5 Years in Taiwan
USA Male Bachelors Degree English English, Mandarin 29 02/03/08 Details
I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2002 with a B.A. degree in English. I have been a teacher with Hess for the past five years, and am currently the manager of foreign teachers in my area. I have done proofreading and editing work for the Hess Educational Department for export ...
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree English English 26 01/28/08 Details
My name is Andrew, I am a 29 year-old English Literature graduate with over 7 years of editing experience. I write for the China Post and have been published in various other Taiwan based publications. I have excellent proof-reading skills, and a real passion for the English Language. So if y ...
Be creative!
Canada, Taiwan Female Bachelors Degree Social Work English 17 01/12/08 Details
I have attained a Bachelors Degree majoring in Family Studies. I was a part-time tutor for four years when I was attending university. During those four years, most of students were in high school. My interests were focused on speaking, writing, and reading comprehensions. I taught mostly gramm ...
English Native Speaker
United Kingdom Male Bachelors Degree Other English, Spanish 21 01/22/08 Details
I recently graduated from the university of Leeds with a first in chinese and spanish, I have a literary background and studied english literature in High School.
Tech. Eng.
USA Male Bachelors Degree Other English 22 01/23/08 Details
I am a well qualified and experienced technical proofreader/editor/writer. My degree is in Biomedical Engineering, and most of my experience is in electronics, so I am fluent in the English of most areas of science/technology. Please request an information package.
Native English speaker. Excellent writing skills as well as excellent work ethics.
USA Female Senior High School English English 23 01/24/08 Details
My name is Ping. I grew up in the United States and I am currently attending Duke University, which is one of the top ten universities in the United States. English has always been one of my strongest subjects in school. I took college level English literature and composition in high school and ...
Native Speaker with Practical Experience
USA Male Bachelors Degree Psychology English, German 14 01/04/08 Details
Greetings. I am a 30 year old male from the US. Until I relocated to Taiwan, I worked in a Fortune 500 company. During this time, I gained a lot of experience proofreading and editing legal documents and other business material for professionalism and accuracy. I can help you too.
English editor available
United Kingdom Male Masters Degree History English 20 01/15/08 Details
I have proofreading experience, a firm grasp of English grammar and a keen eye for details such as spelling mistakes. I offer a high quality service with a quick turnaround time. Get in touch!
Well-rounded, experienced adult seeking science-related editing/proofreading work
USA Male Bachelors Degree Biology English, German 18 01/13/08 Details
I am a botany major working as an English teacher until my Mandarin is sufficient to facilitate teaching basic biology in Taiwan schools. I have research experience in Life Sciences, and a well-developed vocabulary of biology terminology. Whether it's botanical or zoological research, I have the ...
Proofreader/Editor Available-Experienced and Qualified
USA Male Masters Degree English English 16 01/10/08 Details
I am qualified and experienced at all levels of proofreading. Minimal turnaround time. I am capable of ESL Materials, Home Work Help, Email Compose /Reply, Restaurant /Menu, Resumes, University Applications, Reccomendation Letter, Research Proposal, Scholarship Essay, Master & Ph.D. Thesis, Jour ...
American English Proofreading
USA Male Senior High School German English 15 01/09/08 Details
I am a 35-year old native speaker of American English. I worked for a multinational computer corporation for several years, during which time I dealt extensively with consumer-and business-oriented correspondence and the editing and revision of textual content I offer to proofread and edit y ...
Reliable English Editor Available
USA Male Bachelors Degree International Relations English 12 12/29/07 Details
Hi, my name is Brian. I am currently studying for my Master's degree in Taiwan. As I work on my thesis this year I have ample time for side projects. If you are writing academic papers, research proposals, or related documents in Social Science fields and would like proofreading by a Native Engl ...
Tech. Edit
USA Male Bachelors Degree Other English 10 12/28/07 Details
My degree is in Biomedical Engineering, so I am comfortable in all areas of technology: Electronics, chemistry, biology, environmental, computer, phisics, etc. Experience: technical writing (>7 years) and teaching (>6 years). My writing has included: Operators Manuals, Test Plans, Maintenance, T ...
Professional Editor
Canada Female Bachelors Degree Journalism 9 12/25/07 Details
I am a native speaker who is published in Canada. I graduated from a top journalism school and am available to write freelance, edit a wide range of documents, and assist you with any other writing and speaking needs. Published writing samples are available in online newspapers from Canada.
I'm a thorough, competent editor
Canada Male Bachelors Degree History English 8 12/25/07 Details
Hi. I've been in Taiwan for over 5 years and have held many positions both in management, as a teacher, and editor. I have written several of my own English textbooks, including basic to advanced levels. I'm a very competent writer and a thorough editor. I can definitely help you achieve your go ...
Experience and Quality
USA Male Bachelors Degree Business English 7 12/24/07 Details
Proofreading and help with the entire writing process is available.
Need Editing or Proofreading?
USA Male Masters Degree English English 6 12/23/07 Details
Professional Editorial Services -don't settle for a less experienced editor who may not do the job you deserve. Prices are about 150nt per page. (1000 words = 600nt)

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