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Seeking for English/Japanese language exchange partner in Taichung
33 Details
Photo Hello, my name is Kevin, currently living and working in Taichung, a fabulous city. My employer is a foreign sports good company, I speak English on the daily basis, I'm good at professional communication, however, I'd like to progress myself to be more fluent. I can teach you Chinese or Taiwanese dialect. I'm a sports enthusiasm, I love running, hiking and cycling, we can practice and do the language exchange together if you want ;D LINE ID is : kevinyu831
Language Exchange
04/17/14 Details
Photo Hi~My name is Shan.I am 23year old.I really want to practice my English ability.Please language exchange with me.I can teach you Chinese~~~Thanks for your help. I live in Taipei. Line ID: hsuan0429
Language Exchange Casual Date
Seeking friend to meet for face-to-face language exchange
04/17/14 Details
Photo I am seeking a like-minded friend to meet for language exchange in person-not online :) I am sometimes available on weekday afternoons.
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Looking For Language Partner
28 04/17/14 Details
Photo Hey guys, I went to working holiday in Australia last year and really enjoyed it. Now I back to work and hope can continue practice my English speaking and skill for work and keep remember. I'm not really social guy but I'm easy going; hope can find someone who want to practice Chinese speaking, too and we can do it once or twice a week, even more if you want to. I'm also happy to show you around in Taiwan; I hope we can not just LE partner, more like friends. Free feel to ask any question to me and send me mail if you're interested, too. Cheers.
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Looking for language exchange partner
27 04/17/14 Details
Photo Hi, I'm looking for someone to practice English with me. If you want to practice Chinese I think we can help each other. Please feel free to contact me and here's my line id: gavotte777. Thanks!
Language Exchange Language Exchange
On the search for a new LE partner in Taipei
22 04/16/14 Details
Photo Hey everyone, I'm a native german speaker and already 7 month in Taiwan, sadly I leave Taiwan in July already. But anyway, I'm searching for an LE parter to help improve my Chinese and to make new friends. I don't have much classes so I do have quite a lot free time to spear. I'm also teach german on may university, also my english is pretty fluent since I lived in the US for quite some time. If you want to improve your german or english, feel free to contact me. =)
Language Exchange Language Exchange
live in Yilan
22 04/15/14 Details
Photo Hello ! i prefer a native English or Japanese speaker who is live in Yilan , so we can practice each other language well ! i am a college student . i like to play guitar (finger style)and appreciate about art! Line:treemanner
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Language exchange partner
28 04/15/14 Details
Photo Hello, my name is Claus, living and working in Taipei now.I am native Chinese speaker.I am looking for a language exchange partner to improve my English speaking skill.If you want to practice your Chinese.We can help each other.please feel free to contact me.E-MAIL: sunv38511@yahoo.com.tw
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Best Language Partner in the WORLD!!
25 04/14/14 Details
Photo Hey, I am looking for a language partner to help me with my Chinese. I speak intermediate Chinese already but want to speak fluently. I am from America so I can help you with your English. How we can study: We can choose a fun topic like movies, shopping, cooking and then discuss this topic in Chinese and English. If interested please add me on LINE: Steele2345
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Language Exchange -Taipei
31 04/13/14 Details
Photo Hi, my name is James, I am from the UK and am in Taipei to study Mandarin. I am looking for language exchange friends to hang out with and improve my Chinese level. I live near Guting MTR station, and enjoy hiking, going out, sports, movies, coffee, and so on.

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