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Seeking for English/Japanese language exchange partner in Taichung
33 Details
Photo Hello, my name is Kevin, currently living and working in Taichung, a fabulous city. My employer is a foreign sports good company, I speak English on the daily basis, I'm good at professional communication, however, I'd like to progress myself to be more fluent. I can teach you Chinese or Taiwanese dialect. I'm a sports enthusiasm, I love running, hiking and cycling, we can practice and do the language exchange together if you want ;D LINE ID is : kevinyu831
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Seeking language exchange partners
22 04/22/14 Details
Photo Hello, my name is Nerissa :) I am a university student and a native Chinese speaker.I plan to go abroad(USA or UK) to study department of Fashion design next year.I speak intermediate English only but want to speak fluently, so now I really need someone to be my partner and practice my English speaking. For sure, at the same time I can help you for Chinese conversation, we could choose some interesting subjects or current trends for a change.Even more, I'm also glad to show you around in Taiwan lol. If interested please add me on LINE: migopoca or email:migopoca@hotmail.com Th ank you:)
Language Exchange Language Exchange
language exchange
30 04/21/14 Details
Photo Hi there, this is shelly from new taipei city. Im looking for language exchange partner in englsih or japanese. My english is ok and my japanese is good. Feel free to contact or add me on skype or line if you are really want to improve your Mandarin skill. skype:shelly0312.tw Line:sh elly.shelly (please tell me you are from tealit after you add me, thanks)
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Look for German /English LE
04/21/14 Details
Photo Hi there, I've learned German for a while in Hamburg, but I don't speak fluent German unfortunately. It will be great to have a language exchange partner to improve my speaking. If you are native German speaker learning Chinese, I'm glad to help you with it in return. I also look for a native English speaker as LE partner to keep my English. I like travelling and have been to many cities. If you also like to travel, we can share experiences in different countries. Cheers, Kate
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Looking for Language exchange
22 04/21/14 Details
Photo My name is Jack and I am 22 years old and have been living in Taipei now for 8 months! Although my Chinese is still very little so I'm looking to improve on that. I am an English teacher so I am willing to help anybody improve their English skills also. We can meet in person -my line id is jackdanieljames or my email is jdmj@live.com so we can talk on there first! Thanks :)
Language Exchange Language Exchange
I would like to take this opportunity to learn English and make friends foreign friends
25 04/20/14 Details
Photo Hi, my name is Heaven. 25 years old. I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. My English is not very good. So, I want to find someone to help me. On the other hand, I want to know foreign friends. If you want to learn Chinese and I do my best! So, if you are interested in exchange, contact me my E-mail: o97826@yahoo.com LINE:o97826 and please attach a photo to me.
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Seeking for English exchange partner
24 04/20/14 Details
Photo hey there!My name is Abbie and I am native Chinese speaker.I am looking for a sincere language exchange partner to improve my English speaking skill at the same time i can also help your Chinese for sure.we can practice through Skype or meet up at coffee shop.We could choose casual topics or serious issue for a change.I am little bit shy but once you get to know me i'll be out-going. lol! anyway, if you are interested, please contact me by email:cucu0108@outlook.com or line:dddin0108
Language Exchange Language Exchange
language exchange
24 04/20/14 Details
Photo My name is patrick , age24 and I work in taipei, I have big interest to learning English, Spanish, and uthai, if you want to learn chinese Language and travel , I will be the best partner of you My line ID:pko6115
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Looking for language exchange partner
18-40 04/19/14 Details
Photo Hi everyone, my name is Joe, for my job, I really want to improve my English speaking and grammar. If you want to practice your Chinese speaking, I will do my best to help you and also hope you can teach me. If you are interested, let me know and send me a message please. (my E-mail address is joepark.yu@gmail.com) Thank you.
Language Exchange Language Exchange
Looking for Partner
04/18/14 Details
Photo Hi Everyone, My name is Dylan. I’m a Taiwanese. Live in Taipei. I look for English language exchange partner. I want to practice and improve my English. I can help to practice your mandarin. I like eating food, watching movie and outdoor activity. We could use casual way to learn language. If you have interesting, please send mail: jen6981@livemail.tw or Add my Line: jen6981.

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