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Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
NTNU language exchange
27 11/21/14 Details
Photo Hi everybody . This is Ivan. I am a second-year master's degree. Like coffee shop, movie, and art exhibitions. I am looking for a English-Chinese language exchange partner near NTU or NTNU. I'd like to improve my english speaking and writing skill. I will be happy to help you learn Chinese and tell you about Taiwan costumes and cultures-include Taiwanese Opera. It would be great if you have a Line account or Skype. My line ID is ivanhans. Or you can email me on Email:zxcmnbv77@yahoo.com.tw We shall have some fun! I hope to meet with you soon! =)
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Chinese vs. English Exchange
35 11/16/14 Details
Photo Hi there, this is Kino, Chinese native speaker from Taipei. I’m the HR recruiter with 10+year working experience in the multinational company. I’ve ever delivered the career talk, “Career Planning in Taiwan” in NTUT. Looking for the native English LE partners in Taipei city and will teach you Mandarin Chinese in return. Will invite you to dine/hang out with my colleagues. Feel free to drop me a line by kinotang168@gmail.com LINE ID: kinotang168
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
looking for language exchange
22 11/16/14 Details
Photo Hi, I just graduated from college this year and I want to keep practicing English. I hope to find a partner can help me improve my English .If you also want to learn Mandarin, we can practice together! I'm glade to make new friends.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Looking for a language exchange partner!!
35 11/15/14 Details
Photo Hello, I'm looking for a language exhange partner to improve my English. I live in Taichung. If interested, please add me as a friend by my Line ID:aaronthebest12345
Language Exchange;語言交換
Language Exchange
Language Exchange
24 11/13/14 Details
Photo Hi, this is Alex from Taiwan. I like drawing, taking photograph, watching TV series. I'm looking for language exchange partner to practice English and make new friends.I can help you Mandarin .I also use FB, Skepe and line, if you have these we can use this, it will be more convenient.Feel free to add me or email me. :) SKYPE ID : alexhongttu Line ID : alexhongttu Email : alexst10202@hotmail.com
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
Hi I'm Terri, a Chinese emcee~
32 11/13/14 Details
Photo Hi, I am a Chinese emcee and a host of weddings and many different gatherings. My Mandarin is very good and can speak with a clear newsreporting accent. I like to improve my English and teach you Mandarin in return.If you want to learn beautiful accent in Mandarin , send an email to tingann2003@gmail.com. Looking forward to meeting u soon.
Language Exchange;語言交換
Language Exchange
Language Exchange
24 11/12/14 Details
Photo Hello I'm from taiwan who has energetic and friendly. also was worker. Looking for English and Spanish exchange. Cuz I get plan to study in abroad. Part of reason is I love traveling other country without tourist guide. So I need improve myself. And wanna make some friends from different country for culture exchange too .^^ this is my LINE ID joanne61514 joanne61514@hotma il.com thsi is my email
Language Exchange;語言交換
Language Exchange
Language Exchange
35 11/11/14 Details
Photo Hi everyone, my name is Ming-Lun Feng and live in Tainan city. I'm preparing IELTS now, so I'm looking for language exchange. I glad to teach you Chinese in return, we can help each other for leaning Mandarin and English. If you interest in me please send an email to me, the address is epsontomoko@yahoo.com.tw
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
English /Mandarin
36 11/10/14 Details
Photo hi -I will be working in Taiwan from the end of November and I really want to start speaking Mandarin. I can help you improve your English too. I speak with a clear 'BBC' British accent, and if you like I can help you to learn this pronunciation. I'm friendly and I enjoy chatting with people. Looking forward to meeting you.
Language Exchange;語言交換 Language Exchange
language exchange partner
29 11/10/14 Details
Photo I am looking for English, spanish, and french language exchange partner who want to learning Chinese, please email me umkc0526@gmail.com or Line id: lisayang696. (Please attach your photo), Thank you

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