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GEOS welcomes you!

到期日: 2018-09-13

國家: Taiwan
全職或兼職: 兼職
兼職時段: 部分上午、下午、晚上
兼職時間: Monday through Saturday
全職時間: 部分上午、下午、晚上
何時開始上班: Now
學歷要求: 大學
廣告內容: Currently, we are interviewing part-time teachers for:
Tienmu (Afternoon and evening part time)
Zhongxiao Fuxing (Some part-time hours)
Company TOEIC and business classes

Benefits of working with GEOS:
-Teach 70% adult, conversation-style
-Low class size (Always under 10 students, often much less)
-Continued teacher training
-Great workplace communication among staff and mgmt.
-Legal, reliable and reputable operations
-Curriculum and textbooks
-Transfer to an overseas branch available to distinguished teachers
-ARC and health insurance for qualified teachers

GEOS welcomes resumes from teachers seeking part-time work in Taipei, Taiwan. We are always seeking professional teachers to fill the positions that arise.

Flexible scheduling is available:

1) Mon. to Fri. Afternoons & Evenings, between noon and 9:30 p.m.
2) Sat. Mornings & Afternoons, between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Potential teachers must have a Bachelor’s Degree and be native English speakers. If you are a dedicated and positive teacher and are looking for a school that provides stable monthly income and a friendly working environment, then send us a resume. Teachers who demonstrate exceptional performance have further career opportunities in our overseas schools around the world.

Please send only your resume/CV with picture. Any further documents will be requested later. Also, tell us your "spirit animal" in the subject line of your reply so we know you aren’t a robot.

Reply by Email to:

[email protected]
教學對象: 成人與各年齡層在學生
每班平均人數: Under
求才單位名稱: GEOS Language Academy, Taiwan
連絡人: GEOS
電話或傳真: 02-8773-6700
郵遞區號: 106
縣/市: Taipei City 台北市
市/鄉/鎮: Taipei
詳細地址(中、英文): 5F-1, 212 Zhongxiao East Rd. Section 4, Taipei City 台北市忠孝東路四段212號5樓-1
刊登者編號: 28352
School's Personal 電子信箱: screenEmailBotton
求才單位網址: http://www.geos.com.tw

到期日: 2018-09-13

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