Tealit 教學工作 - Immediate Start - Join Our Team @ Tree House!
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Immediate Start - Join Our Team @ Tree House!

到期日: 2019-05-28

國家: Taiwan
全職或兼職: 全兼職皆可
全職時間: 部分上午、下午、晚上
何時開始上班: Now
學歷要求: 大學
廣告內容: At Tree House Academy, life is a journey. Tree House is looking for hardworking, enthusiastic and team-oriented teachers who are serious about education. We are now recruiting for fall semester 2017. Kindergarten placements starting August 2017. Elementary placements September 2017. Teaching at Tree House hosts many benefits and opportunities: ● ARC, National Health and Labour Insurance sponsorship ● Great and organized curriculum ● Small class sizes (maximum 10 students) ● Great teaching schedule ● Same classes for an entire year ● Your own classroom ● Opportunity to grow with the company ● Paid public holidays! Paid Annual Leave! Requirements for full time teaching positions: 1. Passport holder from a Native English Speaking country (AU/NZ/USA/CAN/UK/SA/IRE) 2. Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution 3. Experience working with children 4. 3 years’ full-time classroom teaching experience preferred (Tutoring, short-term internships, assistant teaching roles, etc. do not qualify.) 2017 positions: ● Elementary: G5, G4 (1:30pm – 8:30pm Mon -Fri) Salary: $60,000 -$70,000. For more information, or to get started, please send your resume.
教學對象: 成人與各年齡層在學生
每班平均人數: 10
求才單位名稱: Tree House Academy
連絡人: Alex
電話或傳真: 02-2378-2200
郵遞區號: 106
縣/市: Taipei City 台北市
市/鄉/鎮: Da An District 大安區
詳細地址(中、英文): No. 19, Lane 11, Lei-Li Rd樂利路11巷19號
刊登者編號: 28040
School's Personal 電子信箱: screenEmailBotton
求才單位網址: http://www.treehouse.com.tw

到期日: 2019-05-28

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