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Learning Chinese
台灣 碩士 電腦 日文,其他外語 1 年 Kaohsiung City 高雄市 4576 Details
I'm a reliable teacher! Feel free to contact me, I am a humorous teacher.
Native English Speaker for Professional Conversation
美國 大學 經濟學 英文 1 年 台北市 5419 Details
Native speaking English tutor looking to help professionals and students improve their speaking, presentation and interview skills. I graduated from West Point in 2012 and have served as a US Army officer for the past 5 years. Recently returned to Taiwan to improve my Mandarin before returnin ...
Great Tutor
英國 大學 其它類主修 英文 7 年 台北市 5420 Details
Photo About me: My name is Terry, and I'm originally from London in the United Kingdom. After I attended school in Oxford, I came to Taiwan in 2010. I have taught in some of the major chain schools in Taipei, but now I work as a private tutor only. As each student is unique, I tailor all my material ...
Native English speaker will work to help you improve
美國 碩士 亞洲研究 英文 1 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5421 Details
I'm an American graduate student with previous teaching experience at the University level in the US. As a graduate student, I have spent many years working on my writing/editing ability. I will use the skills I have learned through years of experience, along with my native speaking fluency to ...
German Teaching English or Chinese
德國 大學 中文/華語 英文,其他外語,德文 1 年 台北市 5424 Details
Photo I am a German advanced in Chinese and native-like in English. I have been tutoring Chinese Studies freshmen for one semester and have been writing my bachelor's thesis about the Chinese writing system and how to use it to teach efficiently. I would be willing to teach & tutor for both Chinese AN ...
Master's-educated Professional English Tutor
美國 碩士 政治學 英文,西班牙文 1 年 台北市 5428 Details
Master's degree-educated and TEFL-certified professional English teacher available for English tutoring. I am a native English speaker from the USA with over 5 years of experience in education. I can provide services including but not limited to: improving business English, improving Englis ...
加拿大 大學 財務 英文 10 年以上 Tainan City 台南市 5425 Details
I am a passionate teacher as I teach not just for money. I have been in Taiwan for 11-5 years so I am culturally sensitive and understand the common English mistakes the students make. I am always well-prepared and easy going!! Give me a free try!
Conversational Tutor Available!
台灣,美國 大學 行銷學 英文 5 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5430 Details
Photo Hello Everyone my name is Ben! I believe that consersational English is the fastest and best way in order to improve one's English ability. Thus I am wholeheartedly willing to offer 1 on one tutoring services to any one interested! Basically I'll let you be in charge(for a bit) pick the topic, o ...
English tutor -I'd Love to Help!
美國 大學 大眾傳播 英文 4 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5427 Details
Photo I am from San Francisco, California, and have lived in Taiwan for over two years. I am fun, patient, and persistent. I want to help you strengthen your listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities. I have been tutoring children and adults for over 4 years (2 in Taiwan).
Full-Time Tutor USA
美國 大學 教育學 英文 5 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5429 Details
Photo I believe that communication is successful when meaning is understood. Language does not have to be perfect. The most important thing about learning is making mistakes. No one should be afraid to make mistakes because they are learning opportunities. Learning is like holding a mirror to ourselve ...
Canadian English Tutor
加拿大 大學 經濟學 英文 1年以下 台北市 5415 Details
Hi I'm Eric from Vancouver, Canada. I was born and raised in Canada and am a fluent native speaker of English. I am interested in helping people learn how to read, write, and understand English better. I can help you with conversation skills, pronunciation, school work, or business English. ...
Another Taipei English Tutor
澳洲 大學 英文 英文 1 年 台北市 5416 Details
Photo Hi. I have over a year's experience tutoring English. I majored in English Literature, and as a result am well suited to tutoring how to write in an academic style. I am, of course, also able to tutor the standard elements of English -reading, writing, listening and speaking.
English Tutor from USA
美國 大學 其它類主修 英文 1 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5411 Details
Photo I am a passionate English language tutor and will design lessons with your language goals in mind.
NY tutor
美國 大學 其它類主修 英文 1年以下 台北市 5413 Details
Photo Hello! I am a native English speaker from the USA! I lived and grew up in NY for my entire life, and moved to Taiwan this last November. I would be happy to help tutor and teach all aspects of the English language!
Licensed Teacher in Hualien
美國 碩士 教育學 英文 5 年 花蓮縣 5410 Details
Photo Hello. I have been a full time teacher in elementary thru high school for 6 years in Taiwan. I am comfortable being an English tutor for just about any category of learning (speaking, writing, reading, etc.). I am comfortable with students third grade and higher and am licensed from California S ...
Neihu/Nangang English Tutor
美國 商學碩士 商學 英文 5 年 台北市 5409 Details
Hello! I'm an American, English native speaker, available to tutor individuals or small groups in the Neihu /Nangang area. I have an MBA and a business background, and am familiar with Taiwan's history and political situation. I'm available to teach students or adults.
Looking for students who want to learn English !
台灣 大學 英文 英文 1年以下 台北市 5405 Details
I majored in English when I was in college and studied in America for one year as an exchange student. I've taught children in English institution for six months.
台灣,美國 二年制專科 其它類主修 英文 2 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5404 Details
I am a native English speaker from California who is also fluent in Chinese. I have been in Taiwan for over 3 years and throughout this time I have been employed in a broad range of work. From managing multiple businesses to tutoring and teaching both children and adults alike. I have learned an ...
English and Swedish Tutoring
瑞典 大學 經濟學 英文,其他外語 2 年 台北市 5402 Details
Photo I am a Swedish citizen who speaks English at a native level. I have studied and worked in the United States and the United Kingdom respectively. The past 5 years I have been working as a translator, mainly translating business and legal documents. As of March I am living in Taipei and studying ...
US Citizen
英國,美國 大學 電腦 英文 5 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5395 Details
I have over 5 years tutoring experience, both in the USA and abroad, with various age groups, including very young (preschool and kindergarten), elementary school, high school, and adults. I've tutored private students for ESL, GEPT, SAT, GRE, and ACT preparation, and others (please see the list ...
Experience Native Teacher with a Masters Degree
美國 碩士 教育學 英文,其他外語 10 年以上 New Taipei City 新北市 5382 Details
Photo I was born in Taiwan and moved to the US when I was 3 years old. I lived in the US for 33 years. There I obtained my undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology. Afterward I further continue my studies and obtained my masters degree in Education. I have taught in primary schools, colleges, ...
Experienced Test Prep Tutor
加拿大 大學 經濟學 英文 10 年以上 台北市 5388 Details
SAT/ACTs are around the corner. Get me as your tutor and you can efficiently get the results you want. I have over 10 years teaching experience. Email me soon as my schedule is getting filled up quickly!
English tutor
英國 大學 英文 英文 10 年以上 台北市 5400 Details
Photo I have been teaching for over 15 years, and I always work hard to help my students succeed. I also write English textbooks and travel articles about Taiwan.
500nt / Hour!! Available Monday-Friday Mornings
加拿大 大學 教育學 英文 10 年以上 台北市 5384 Details
Photo Hi, I’m from Canada and have taught/tutored in Taiwan for 16+ years. Taught all ages/levels including Taiwan Government classes (Chungwa Post Co. Ltd. / Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau /China Trust Bank) and company groups. I'm also a Resident of Taiwan holding my APRC Permanent Resid ...
Native Speaking Tutor
美國 大學 其它類主修 英文,西班牙文 1年以下 台灣 5397 Details
Photo Young, energetic, and creative English tutoring looking to make you the best possible speaker. I can teach speaking, reading, writing, and listening. I work hard to make you speak like a native.
Experienced International School Teacher
美國 碩士 教育學 英文 10 年 台北市 5386 Details
Photo I am an international educator certified in the areas of biology and special education. I have taught and tutored English, General Science, Biology, and university entrance examinations. I have extensive experience in working with students of all levels of learning ability, including those with ...
Fun, caring and patient tutor available for children and adults
加拿大 大學 教育學 英文,西班牙文,法文 5 年 新竹市 5394 Details
Hello! I am a BC (Canada) certified teacher, with a languages degree and graduate certificate in English as an Additional Language and Modern Languages education. I have experience teaching languages to children of all ages, teenagers and adults. Young children enjoy play-based learning with me ...
Cheap English Language tutor with 2 years of experience
新加坡 大學 其它類主修 英文,馬來文 2 年 New Taipei City 新北市 5391 Details
I have experience in tutoring 3 boys of around the age of 10 to 12. I have a practise based teaching method where I get my students to engage themselves in more exercises such as reading and conversation for practical usage of English. I can also help students understand English assignments/exer ...
Native English Speaker from UK
英國 大學 其它類主修 英文 2 年 台北市 5392 Details
Photo I am a creative teacher, with experience in teaching a variety of ages ranging from 6-16 years old. I always try to think of new, fun ways to enhance learning. I am approachable, and easy to get along with, while making sure you will learn to the best of your ability.
american tutor for keelung/taipei area
美國 大學 視覺設計 英文,西班牙文 4 年 基隆市 5383 Details
HI i am adam , i am a 31 years old american from chicago illinois , i taught in schools in usa and also in china to kids and adults of all ages , i tutored groups of students as well as one on one tutoring lessons, i have great patience and i always do my very best to make sure my students reall ...

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