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09/15/17 English 英文
Looking for a Native speak for English converstaion improvement
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 15 成人 2735 Details
Hi, We are a group of 15 people looking to improve our English conversation. Time : Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm to 7:00pm Qualification : British or American with a Bachelor's degree and teaching experience is required. Theme of the class : Pronunciation Improvement, English conversation fluency Improvement, English Public Speaking /Presentation , Common mistake of non-native speaker. Teach Material : Articles from Business Week, CNN news, Reader’s digest , etc. Location : Kanghan District, Kaohsiung. We could have someone to pick up and drop back you to the train station after the class. Hour rate : NTD 800 to NTD 1000 If you're interested in this offer, pls send me your CV and we can discuss to setup the time for a trial lesson.
09/14/17 English 英文
Seeking Business English tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 成人 2740 Details
Seeking English tutors to improve oral ability and pronunciation. Interested in tutors with marketing background.
09/14/17 Mathematics 數學
IB Maths HL
Taipei City 台北市 1 高中 2739 Details
We are looking for a experienced tutor for IB Maths HL for our son(17). The tutor should be able to come to our house or conduct the lesson within the area where we live(Beitou). Language of instruction needs to be English. Please send me an email with some relevant information about you, your educational backround, tutor experience, time and place of availability, how much you charge per lesson and whatever you think is important to know about you. Thank you.
09/09/17 English 英文
Looking for Female English Tutor for a 4th grader boy
Taipei City 台北市 1 小學 2736 Details
Hello, I am looking for a native-speaking, female English tutor for my 4th-grader: a beginner who knows basic phonics/letter sounds, and some basic conversation skills. Besides, 1) We live in Beitou area, Taipei. 2) There will only be my two kids and I at home when you tutor. 3)The class time will be on Friday 1:00-2:30 pm. If you are interested in teaching a young beginner at our home, please email me your resume to Katherine6251@yahoo.com and your hourly rate. Thank you.
09/06/17 English 英文
Need help in essays
Kaohsiung City 高雄市 1 高中 2734 Details
I am looking for a English tutor to help my 17 year old who currently studies at an international school complete his essay homework with the rich content, right structure and correct English. You must have experience in business writings.
09/04/17 English 英文
Qualified English tutor(lady)
Taipei City 台北市 1 國中 2733 Details
Hi, I am looking for a tutor for my kid (15 years old /9th grade) for 1 hour English class on Wednesday evening (18:00-19:00) . British or American with a Bachelor's degree and teaching experience is required. We hope a professional and talented teacher could help her keep good English learning. Especially in grammar, writing, reading and GEPT tests . The class is the long term (at least more 6 month), if you are short stay in Taiwan or planning to leave , please do not contact us. My home is in Taipei City (Neihu) with MRT Jiannan Rd. Station nearby. If anyone is interested in this work, please contact us via mail, thanks a lot .
09/01/17 English 英文
Tutoring for my 14-year-old Child
Taipei City 台北市 1 國中 2731 Details
To Whom It May Concern; I would like to have an English Native Speaker tutor for my 14 year old child. It will be required one day a week, 90 minutes a day. The class time can be one of the followings; details will refer to our final discussion. 01) Friday Evening; 02) Saturday Afternoon or Evening. The Tutor should have a Bachelor degree who can provide classes at least 12 months and UN-FLUENT Chinese speaking is preferable. If the offer is fitted, I am glad to offer NTD800 per 90 minute as the salary. Class will be held at my home which is 5 minutes walking distance from ZhongXiao-FuXing SOGO MRT station (Da AN Distric). Whoever is interested in my Ad, please send resume attach with photo and contact number, thanks in advance. With Best Regards, James T.C. Chen
09/01/17 English 英文
Looking for a female English tutor for a six years old boy in Xindian dist., New Taipei City.
New Taipei City 新北市 1 學齡前 2732 Details
Looking for a female English tutor for a six year old child in Xindian dist., New Taipei City..
08/29/17 English 英文
ATTRACTIVE Pay, TWD 1000-1200/Per hour !
Taipei City 台北市 5 成人 2730 Details
Photo Alphalog Freight System Corp. currently needs a professional part-time English teacher and lists our requirements as below: EDUCATION : Bachelor degree WORKING TIME: 1 or 2 times per week ; 1 hour training each time (12:30 to 1:30PM) Salary : TWD 1000-1200/Per hour EXPERIENCE: 1. At least 2 years working experience 2. At least 2 years English teaching experience Course approach for alphalog : Intermediate class Any business English topics or any other interesting topics can be used as our teaching materials. Our corresponding mails with oversea partners can be discussed /corrected in class. Advanced class: The articles from BBC and New York Times would be our favorite reference sources which are used primarily for in-class discussion in order to improve our oral /reading fluency. Both Course Objectives for Alphalog : 1. Improve our oral fluency, particularly our ability to express opinions, agree and disagree with others 2. Expand our active range of language 3. Improve the accuracy of our spoken English and our ability to identify error patterns in our speech 4. Improve our reading skills
08/28/17 English 英文
I am looking for a steady and long-term tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 學齡前 2728 Details
The student is my 3-year-old who attended an English-based Kindergarten in Japan for a few months and I would like to find a tutor to have conversation and tell stories in English.
08/28/17 English 英文
looking for an English tutor
Taipei City 台北市 2 高中以下各年齡層 2727 Details
I am looking for an English tutor for my kids (one 5years old and one 13years old.) British or American with a Bachelor's degree is required. The class will be set up for 1.5 hours for story(one hour)/magazine(0.5hour) reading. I will offer ntd1000 for 1.5hour and pay right after each class. If you're interested in this offer, pls send me your CV and we can discuss to setup the time for a trial lesson.
08/25/17 English 英文
Seeking English Tutor
Hsinchu City 新竹市 2 學齡前 2726 Details
Hi, We are looking for an English Teacher who is fun and patient with young children. Encourage them to speak English teaching them vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Native English speaker is the only requirement.
08/24/17 English 英文
english tutor
Tainan City 台南市 1 成人 2724 Details
I’m looking for a native speaking tutor to practice life English conversation for 1 – 2 hours on every Tuesday and Wednesday. If you are interested , please contact with me. Thank you!
08/22/17 English 英文
Looking for English tutor for 5 and 3 year old children
Taipei City 台北市 1 or 2 學齡前 2720 Details
I'd like to find female english tutor to teach my daughter and son who are 5 and 3 year old. It's better to have teaching experience with children. I hope to have class one or twice on weekdays。(p.m.)
08/22/17 English 英文
TUTOR English
New Taipei City 新北市 1 高中 2719 Details
I am looking for an English teacher tutor my son's English, he is 15 year old child. Hope can practice his speaking and writing , through the class of 1.5 hours my place (near new taipei qingshui High School) each week. If you are available at MON or WED night, Please contact me

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