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# Posted Skill Headline Where Number of Students Age Level No. In Favorites Details
01/12/17 English 英文
Seeking a English tutor.
Hsinchu City 新竹市 3-4 Very Young 2646 Details
I am seeking for a teacher that teaching 4-8 years old kids. Teaching time will be daily evening or weekend.
12/29/16 English 英文
Seeking an English tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Elementary School 2645 Details
I am seeking an English tutor who is a native English speaker for my grade 2 child.
12/28/16 English 英文
Seeking a English tutor.
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 2643 Details
I’m an office worker. I want to find a English tutor to help me improving my English ability. Because I have a chance of interview for a new job next July, hope my listening & speaking abilities can be improved in this duration before the interview.
12/26/16 English 英文
Seeking a tutor in YuLan
Yilan County 宜蘭縣 1 Elementary School 2640 Details
I am looking for an English Tutor for my child, who is a 6 grade Elementary School student in Dongshan Township. The time and cost is flexible. Please contact me for details.
12/26/16 English 英文
Seeking a English tutor for my 11-year old
New Taipei City 新北市 1 Elementary School 2639 Details
We are looking for a tutor who is native English speaker to improve my child's English and help to pass Cambridge English test. I hope the tutor can lead to speaking more and also enhance writing skill. If you are a patient tutor who have good teaching skill and have confidence to get along with an active student, please contact me as soon as possible. Preferred Time : every Saturday morning 10:00-12:30. We would like to offer $400/per hour.
12/22/16 English 英文
Looking for Professional Business English teachers for Adult learners. (1on 1 basis)
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 2638 Details
Looking for 1 on 1 tutor with working experience. For example: To help improve communication skills in business meetings, conference calls, and presentation. Time: Mon-Fri evenings, Sat/Sun (whole day) Pay: NT$600. Location: Taipei City(Near by MRT: ZhongXiao Fuxing Station) If you are interested, please message me or email resume and your picture to: irisc.yun@gmail.com Thanks!
12/21/16 English 英文
Looking for an experienced English tutor
Taoyuan City 桃園市 1 University 2635 Details
Hello there, it is my pleasure to meet you all. My name is Stanley and I am currently a graduate student studying at NCCU. I am looking for a native English tutor for enhancing my English proficiency, speaking and writing especially. Therefore, please give me a mail whenever you get a chance if you are interested in, and I look forward to hearing from you and really appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks!
12/21/16 Biology 生物學
Campbell Biology Tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Very Young 2636 Details
I am looking for tutors for a Campbell Biology tutor.
12/13/16 English 英文
tutor for kindergarten child
Taipei City 台北市 1 Very Young 2632 Details
looking for a native speaker to teach a 3.5 year old child english, primarily conversation and phonics. must be experienced with young kids and able to conduct classes in a a fun and inspiring way.
12/09/16 English 英文
Private tutor needed for my 3.5 year-old twin boys
Taoyuan City 桃園市 2 Very Young 2631 Details
I am looking to hire a tutor to work with my 3-year-old twins on kindergarten readiness. Need help with sight words, writing, math, talking etc. They have been to preschool in the States for a short period. We are looking for a flexible tutor. 90 mins per session. Still determining whether we would like 2 times in the afternoon or morning on the weekdays. Please feel free to send me your flexible schedule and we may be able to work with it as well. They're lovely children, eager to learn. Experience with young children is a plus. The location is near Sogo Zhongli District, on Jiuhe 6th St., aka the burger street. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot.
11/30/16 English 英文
seeking an English tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Elementary School 2630 Details
I am seeking an English tutor who is a native English speaker for my grade 1 child
11/30/16 English 英文
Looking for an experienced tutor
Taipei City 台北市 1 Adult 2629 Details
I'm Jason and I'm looking for an experienced English teacher to enhance my English writing and also improve my oral speaking/pronunciation. My level can do communications with foreigners in most occasions, only can't do this well in the noisy enviorment/bad signal phone calls. My native language is Mandarin.
11/18/16 English 英文
US East Coast Boarding School Application Process and Proof Reading Tutoring
Taipei City 台北市 1 Junior High School 2623 Details
We are an American family based in Taipei. Our child (13) will be applying for 9th grade boarding school entrance for Fall 2017 admission. We are applying to possibly 5-8 schools. We seek an experienced tutor in: 1> Assisting student to brainstorm and edit/proofread essays 2> Strengthening ready, writing works and preparing for SSAT (The student has done 10 weeks of tutor classes already) 3> The student is a native speaker but not to her grade level in reading and writing due to the fact the child was in Chinese school until 5th grade. The child is a current 8th grader and a straight A student at TAS. 4> The intensive period will be staring 12/1/2016 to mid January of 2017 when all the application materials are due. 5> We have all the study materials for SSAT. We have a list of books to read and general directions for writing essays. Hours will be Wed 4-5 pm Saturday 10am-12noon Enhanced days during winter break 12/17-12/23, 12/26-12/31 (possible 3-4 hours daily) We seek a tutor who preferably has experienced in working with US boarding school applications, SSAT prep and also a focus on critical writing and reading. Best personality and teaching style should be interactive and strong in grammar, diction, writing experience through somewhat "discussion style Harkness method" teaching. We do not seek a disciplinarian or a test prep expert with no depth and breadth of English literature and writing. We seek someone who is organized and can track the student's progress and devise quickly a study plan with parents. Again: the tutoring has two parts: Part I: Assisting student in applying to US boarding schools, especially in composition of essays, editing/proofing. ***Note: the student will prepare and all materials/content for essay writing. We are not looking for any ghost writer but someone who can help the student. This enhanced period of supervision will end early January 2017. Part 2: On-going weekly reading and writing assignments continuing until end of May 2017.
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