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# Headline From In Highest Degree Highest Degree Major No. In Favorites Details
Educational Psychology
Taiwan Masters Degree Psychology 3661 Details
Major in psychology, but also have certificate in education
professional Chinese language teacher in Hsin Chu
Singapore Hsinchu City 新竹市 Masters Degree Education 2799 Details
Photo Hi, I am Stacy, a professional mandarin tutor with a Masters Degree in Education (University of Western Australia, TOP 5 in Australia) and postgraduate diploma (National Education Institute, Nan Yang Technology University, Singapore, TOP 15 in Asia) in Chinese language teaching as a second language. I have been teaching Chinese language lessons to English speaking students for more than 10 years. I have 5 years full-time experience as a high school Chinese language teacher under the Ministry of Education in Singapore, and 5 years experience working as a TV journalist with Chinese Media and a Marketing Communication Manager with the largest NGO in Singapore. In year 2013, I started my own business teaching mandarin as a private tutor in Hsinchu city, Taiwan. Due to my international background, I am not only a native Chinese speaker, but also familiar with different usages of mandarin in Taiwan, Mainland China and South East Asia. I am experienced in classroom teaching and also 1 on 1 tutoring. Besides daily survival Chinese, I am also working with executives from science park on business Chinese and academic scholars on cultural related discussions. As a professionally trained teacher, I have the ability to develop my own teaching resources using the latest news, video clips and even signs or posters on street. My students’ levels are various from elementary to advanced, they are engineers, business executives, English teachers, scholars and international students etc. If you are looking for a real customized Chinese class that suits your needs, please email me to get a reasonable quote, I would be excited to meet and discuss your study plan.
Mandarin teaching
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Other 3384 Details
Hi there, I have passion to share learning Mandarin, although I do not have teaching experience. Contact me if you are interested!
Learning Chinese online from a native speaker
Taiwan Miaoli County 苗栗縣 Bachelors Degree Law 4369 Details
My name is Sandy. I was born and raised in Taiwan (R.O.C). I majored in law in Chinese Culture University and I graduated on June 3rd, 2017. Chinese is my mother tongue and English is my second language. I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic person who is eager to challenge myself each single day.
Tailored Mandarin lessons
Taiwan Hualien County 花蓮縣 Masters Degree Linguistics 4370 Details
Photo I became an English teacher 19 years ago and am experienced in teaching high school students. After receiving Mandarin teaching course in Tzi Chi University for months, I have been tutoring Mandarin Chinese via Skype for over 1 year. In this year, I have done tailor-made lesson planning and came up with 4 language skill, integrated course for my German student. I used fluent English in interpreting patterns with certain grammar points when needed. I also designed extra learning activities for outside-of-class use for my student to enhance and retain the core lesson concepts, including reading aloud recording and Youtube video watching. When tutoring Mandarin Chinese, I apply most up-to-date language learning approaches in my lessons based on my own strong experience in practices & theories of teaching English, such as student-centered, communicative approach, multimodality and multiple intelligences. Expected learning happens only when learners are motivated with their own purposes and at their individual paces. Let me guide you through the mastering the insights and fun of authentic Mandarin.
Easy Chinese
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree Business 4367 Details
I have IMCPI-Associate Professor and Pearson Assured-Lecturer licenses. I have two years of teaching experience in Shanghai.Now I teach Chinese in Taiwan. Mostly one-on-one private courses. There are also group classes and children classes. In addition to dialogue and grammar. I will give you a lot of Chinese cultural stories. I can teach you: -Pinyin /phonetic -simplified /traditional -life dialogue /business dialogue -HSK exam skills -Chinese culture /Taiwanese idioms I think: Learning Chinese is a pleasure Learning Chinese is a trend Learning Chinese is a fashion But learning Chinese should not be a torture! Trust me. Learning Chinese is an engaging thing trust yourself. Began to say that Chinese has not far away from you
Learn Chinese and Taiwan Cultural with me!
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Finance 4366 Details
My name is Jason Lee. I used to live in Seattle, WA, USA. for almost ten years. After I had graduated from Seattle University and I came back five years ago, but I keep using English on a daily base for work and life, so my English skill has been still pretty well. If you want someone to teach you about Taiwan cultural or Chinese, I will be your guy since I know how hard it is to learn Chinese which is one of the most difficult languages to learn for foreigners(been there done that). Anyway, hit me up with my email and let see where it goes! I am a very nice guy so don't worry. I am Looking forward to hearing from you.
Learning Chinese on Skype!
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree Mass Communications 4359 Details
Hi~I am a Chinese native speaker, hope I can help u learning Chinese! :)
Finding a Friendly Tutor?
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Masters Degree Other 4361 Details
Photo I have been language exchanging for 3 months and have strongly enthusiasm in teaching Chinese. Now learning Chinese teaching lesson near 師大. You will not only receive my help but also my Chinese teacher's help if being my student.
Chinese tutor
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Education 4360 Details
Hi there!I'm Yong -easy going and patient -well experienced 1-1 tutor -customized class -qualified teacher certificate -also good at Taiwanese -major in Education and Psychology feel free to contact me :)
chinese mandarin teaching
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree German 4363 Details
Photo hello, I'm Mimi, I am looking for someone who wants to learn Chinese mandarin and would like to improve their skills. I am a fresh graduate this month and would like to take a few classes this month. I am very patient and my pronounces of Chinese phrases or words are excellent! please write me an email and we can discuss about your needs. I will prepare some conversational phrases or sentences to help you, feel free to contact me! And good luck on your Mandarin studying! Give me a chance and you won't regret it!
Free tutor
China China Masters Degree Economics 4355 Details
Hello, My name is Audrey. I'm a full-time employee in Beijing, China. I had my master degree in the University of Sydney in Australia. Also, I'm an amateurish chorist when I was in the uni. I'd like to offer some free help for those who want to learn some conversational mandarin, or try to visit China in a short time. If I have time, I may help you with education things.
Practice Chinese in café
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 2-Year College Degree Mandarin 4356 Details
Photo I'm Taipei born and bred. I love to make new friends and help others improve Chinese conversation and reading ability. I've started my tutor career since I was 17. From then on, I've got 2 years experience of being a tutor. I've taught native speakers, I've taught the locals, I've taught American-Born Chinese. If you want someone to have a coffee with, to practice speaking Chinese and know more about Chinese history & culture, it's my pleasure to be your Chinese tutor.
Small Chinese group class/private class
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Other 4351 Details
I have been teaching Chinese as a second language for 4 years. I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher. I have taught students at various levels from beginner to advanced. I currently a Mandarin teacher at a university and available taking more students. I believe learning a new language is for communication. Language exchange is a good way to practice, but you might have some trouble when it comes to grammar, usage of words. And how to improve your Chinese from talking. During my classes, students find that they get a lot of chance to speak Chinese. I use the real-life material, topics, tasks to get you speak as much as you can.
I can teach u Chinese!
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Bachelors Degree English 4354 Details
Hi there, my name is Ainsley. I just finished taking a Chinese teacher training in Nation Kaohsiung Normal University in May. I got some experience teaching Chinese. Although I am a university student now, I still have a lot of interesting way to teach u! If u want to learn Chinese, don't be shy! Please contact me!
Mandarin Chinese tutor
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree Finance 4358 Details
I have several teaching experience, and I have a lot of patience.
Chinese native
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Agricultural 4357 Details
Hi~I am a Taiwanese. I like travel and dance. I am learning Tap recently. I wold like to practice Mandarin and share the information about Taiwan with you!
FUN learning Chinese in Tainan!
Taiwan Tainan City 台南市 Bachelors Degree German 4353 Details
Hi there, this is Nelly who lives in Tainan and I'm a native Mandarin speaker. I took teaching Chinese as a second language in the college and Taipei language institute in Taipei. I also went to USA as a Chinese TA in an elementary school where I've learned variety ways of teaching and enhance teaching experience. I also taught my foreign friends Chinese when we hanged out and taught Chinese through language exchange partners as well. As studied German at the university, I completely understand how it is to learn a foreign language and know that learning a foreign languages should be interesting and fun. Memory vocabularies might be a tough path tho. I'd like to teach you not just Chinese but also our culture while we experience the fun between teaching and learning in Tainan :) BTW, I speak fluent English and German, so there should not be language barrier. And I can also teach Pinyin if you are interested. Looking forward to your message :D Cheers, Nelly
Chinese native
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Other 4352 Details
Hi~I am a Taiwanese. I like travel and dance. I am learning Tap recently. I wold like to practice Mandarin and share the information about Taiwan with you!
Teaching Chinese and Taiwanese
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Bachelors Degree English 4348 Details
I am an experienced classroom practitioner with excellent teaching and behavioral management skills. I have taught a wide range of students in diverse settings, and I am strongly committed to ensuring that all students fulfill their academic potentials. In 2014 I went to Spain and taught Chinese there. I am proud to say my student passes YCT with an excellent score.
Chinese tutor in Chiayi
Taiwan Chiayi County 嘉義縣 Bachelors Degree English 4350 Details
Photo I have experience of teaching a seventh grade student Chinese for one year . I also have language exchanging with two International students for one year. I learned Vietnamese and Indonesian from them , and I teach them Chinese.
Experienced Mandarin teacher with different internationalities students
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Bachelors Degree Sociology 4346 Details
Photo Hello everyday, I am Sylvia. I was trained to teach Mandarin while I was in university. I am aiming to get my Chinese teaching certificate this year in July. I have taught 2 Japanese and 1 French in college, at the same time I have been teaching kids math, English, and other subjects since I was 18. My main job is to run an online cycling shop, I am fluent in English and can speak English without difficulties. Now I live in Kaohsiung, I have a job from Mon~Fri, you are welcome to ask some questions whatever they are, I will be happy to help you.
Certified Mandarin Chinese tutor
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Masters Degree Management 4349 Details
I am a certified Mandarin Chinese teacher and I live in Shalu district (near Providence University and Tunghai University), Taichung. If you would like to learn Mandarin Chinese, you are welcome to contact with me via email.
Certified Mandarin teacher in Taichung CIty
Taiwan Taichung City 台中市 Masters Degree Marketing 4343 Details
Photo I've been tutoring English to Taiwanese students of various age since my college days. I've also taught English in a highly competitive private high school in Taipei. Thus, I have rich experience teaching a second language to learners with different purposes, from academic to conversational. For the past 5 years, I have been working abroad and found it interesting to teach my mother tongue to foreigners. Now I am back in my hometown Taichung. I would like to tutor someone from differen part of the world living here.
Chinese Tutor Available
Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Bachelors Degree Other 4342 Details
Photo Hi there, my name is Ali. I just finished taking a Chinese teacher training in Wenzao University in May. I got some experience teaching Chinese and I find that both the student and I enjoy the tutoring class a lot. I am a person with lots of patience and passion. For me, the key to really enjoy a different culture in a different country is to learn their language. I would love to not only help you with Chinese learning but show you this amazing city. If you are interested in Chinese learning and want to experience more about Kaohsiung city, please contact me.
Teaching Chinese
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Japanese 4340 Details
Hi!! This is Sherry, a native speaker from Taipei, Taiwan. I'm now a junior from university major in Japanese. I've took some course about teaching Chinese using foreign language. Got no teaching experience but I really liked to try teaching as a tutor in order to increase my experience in teaching. Please feel free to contact. Thank you:))
Tuto of Chinese
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree English 4341 Details
Photo I taught Mandarin Chinese in Hartwick College in the U.S. from August last year to May this year. it was a great year, and I enjoyed teaching Mandarin. During the first semester, the focus of my class was speaking and listening. During the second semester, I shifted the focus to writing Chinese characters. Hope I could teach Mandarin again!
experienced Chinese teacher
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Education 4338 Details
I am Celine, I am an experienced Chinese teacher, I have more than two years full time teaching experience, and also have a bachelor degree in teaching Chinese as a second language. now am working as a tutor. If you want to find a tutor to improve your Chinese, please feel free to contact me through my email. thank you ! (:
Mandarin teaching
Taiwan New Taipei City 新北市 Bachelors Degree Linguistics 4339 Details
Photo Hi! This is Chia-Hsin Liao. I’m a native Chinese speaker from Taiwan. Currently a graduate student from Fu Jen, majoring in teaching Chinese as a second language. Would like to expand my teaching experience. Send me a message, give me a try!
Taiwan Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 4335 Details
Hello everyone! I'm Tina who's a professional mandarine teacher. Have been teaching Chinese as a second language for over 4 years. I have experience in teaching Chinese as a second language to primary, middle, high school, college and language center's students in USA, Philippine and Taiwan. Available to teach in all level of mandarine. Please feel free to contact me.

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