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Tailored Mandarin lessons
Taiwan Hualien County 花蓮縣 Masters Degree Linguistics 4370 Details
I became an English teacher 19 years ago and am experienced in teaching high school students. After receiving Mandarin teaching course in Tzi Chi University for months, I have been tutoring Mandarin Chinese via Skype for over 1 year. In this year, I have done tailor-made lesson planning and came up with 4 language skill, integrated course for my German student. I used fluent English in interpreting patterns with certain grammar points when needed. I also designed extra learning activities for outside-of-class use for my student to enhance and retain the core lesson concepts, including reading aloud recording and Youtube video watching. When tutoring Mandarin Chinese, I apply most up-to-date language learning approaches in my lessons based on my own strong experience in practices & theories of teaching English, such as student-centered, communicative approach, multimodality and multiple intelligences. Expected learning happens only when learners are motivated with their own purposes and at their individual paces. Let me guide you through the mastering the insights and fun of authentic Mandarin.
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