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Taiwan Vietnam Bachelors Degree English 4258 Details
Hi, this is Tracy. I'm currently staying in Vietnam, so at the moment I can only do online tutoring for those who are based in Taiwan. I will be available to give face-to-face class after the first of June, by then I will be back in Taipei. I have plenty of teaching experiences, mostly to adults, focus mainly on daily conversation, pronunciation and listening. Currently I have two private classes in Saigon, teaching Chinese to Vietnamese people. You'll find me easy to get along with, always positive and encouraging. I make my own teaching materials, and I customize the class based on your demands. Local slangs, idioms and phrases, up-to-date daily languages, everything you can think of to make you fit in with the locals just fine! Language and culture come hand in hand. You will find it enjoyable to be able to use the language and at the same time to be immersed in Chinese culture.
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