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Hello, My Name is Paul Smith
Taipei City 台北市

From his company’s modest beginnings in Notting......
The Art of the Brick
Taipei City 台北市

THE ART OF THE BRICK is a global touring exhibi......
Taipei City 台北市

In a small German town after World War I, young......
Salsa Sunday's ! Bachata & Salsa Dance
Taipei City 台北市

Don't miss the opportunity to listen to great b......

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Experienced Chinese Tutor
Singapore Taipei City 台北市 Bachelors Degree Mandarin 4241 Details
Photo Hi! I am a versatile tutor who hopes to work with learners who are keen to learn Chinese and want to improve on your oral, listening and reading skills. I have four years of experience teaching in mainstream schools in Singapore and has also obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Education in Singapore under the National Institute of Education. I am in Taiwan for my masters program in linguistics and have always loved to interact and help learners who need the exposure!
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