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AVATAR: Discover Pandora
Taipei City 台北市

AVATAR: Discover Pandora is a new, interactive ......
2017 Coldplay - A HEAD OF DREAMS TOUR
Taoyuan City 桃園市

Taiwan Hot Spring & Fine-Cuisine Carnival
Taiwan - Island - Wide ! 全台灣

The gradual arrival of winter formally announce......
2016 Digital Art Creation Competition Program - WU Chang-Jung: Ringtones
Taichung City 台中市

Ringtones uses game-like images and rhythm to d......
Origami Universe : an exhibition of art and innovation through folding
Tainan City 台南市

Have you ever heard of a microscope that can ma......

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Taiwan Kaohsiung City 高雄市 Masters Degree Computer Science 3992 Details
Photo I have one year in teaching USA missionary in Chinese in church. I am a easy-going person. I have the following certificates (Chinese cuisine, Western, Chinese dim sum, West Point baking, beverages and cocktails), Chinese cooking meat or fish Class C, Class C beverage, brewing, and I also have some basic computer hardware and software, so I also made computer license (Grade B Grade C +practical application of software hardware web design decoration +Class C), Piano grade 5 level.
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